Posted by: granny1947 | November 17, 2011

Granny is mightily impressed


Hello All.

What is going on today?

First I battled to download my pic.
Now I can’t type below it!!!

Also, I didn’t type that line above in blue.
Or underline it.
My computer/Wordpress is possessed.

I know the pic looks exactly the same as yesterday.
But it isn’t.
Clouds are slightly different.
I can’t help it.
Same beach.
Same mountain.
Same time of the day.
I’ll try and get something different over the weekend.

I wonder what will happen if I try to download another photo.
Where is it going to put it?
Let’s see.



Oh that is just great….now I have two pics together and I STILL can’t get down below them.


I shall soldier on.
Why am I impressed?
My mother phoned me this morning.
No…that didn’t impress me.
She does that on a regular basis.
Told me that my stepdad was desperate.
She can be a bit of a drama queen.

He has had skin cancer and recently had an op on his nose.
As a result he can’t go out in the sun without protection.
He needed a nose guard.
I don’t know what he has done with his old one.
It’s not something that people would fancy stealing.
Well, not me anyway.

I got onto the phone to one of our local chain stores.
For the locals…it was Clicks.
I phoned the nearest branch I could find to them in Port Elizabetth.
A charming guy named Keith answered the phone.
They didn’t have any but he said he would try to source one for me.
Phoned me twice to keep me updated on his progress.
By now we were becoming quite chummy.
He found one and said it would be there tomorrow.
An hour later he phoned to tell me it had arrived.

I was so impressed I went onto the website I usually use to complain.
Put on a compliment.
Hope he gets promoted.
He deserves it.
We are so used to bad service we have come to expect it.

Now I am going to end.
I am not a happy granny with the layout of this post.
Hopefully,it corrects itself by tomorrow.


  1. He he,I was sitting here, trying to see your first pic and there was nothing there. And I started thinking well,maybe my mind finally cracking…Then I clicked your unintentional blue text and it took me to the picture.
    If you’re still having these issues tomorrow, I wouldn’t bother with tech support. Call an exorcist. 🙂

    • Hi Morgue…we have a tech support?
      Well I never.

  2. Oh Granny, I feel your pain. The WordPress/Internet/computer gremlins like to pop in and mess with our heads every once in a while. I swear they’re in that computer laughing at us fool humans getting frustrated, making faces, cussing….. 😉

    Anyway, your post came out fine on my computer. Typing above, below, and in between the pics (which are beautiful, I don’t care if they’re similar to others!).

    I’m impressed by the service you got from Keith too – I think that’s rare to find anywhere in the world today, except maybe in smaller towns where people actually care about each other.

    • Hi RD…why can you see everything ok and Morgue can’t???????
      And why is my font suddenly different??????

  3. I read that WP was making it “easier” for us to insert photos, etc., from our computers. Not so, eh?

  4. Sometimes all that matters is that something’s ‘there’! (not how, when, etc.) You are quite right about having come to expect bad service… Sounds like you had an awesome experience this time round! Yay!!

  5. Good service is somethiname out okg that should be the normal part of anybody’s job but unfortunately it is not always so….so to get good service and to compliment it is a wonderful reward…

    The pics c

  6. Good for Keith! I had excellent service from an FNB call center chicky, I have her name I must find out who I can send a nice letter about her.

  7. YAY for Keith. That is wonderful service indeed granny. And worthy of praise. I can see your blog post perfectly. Its lovely. Beautiful pics as usual. I need to get out to see one of the Kom sunsets soon. Haven’t done that in ages. Did you see that the whole of blogs is moving away from Letterdash and on to wordpress? Finally!! Love you xxx

  8. That is fantastic customer service. Maybe you should send a write up to the paper. Tell everyone that is how it should be done. Really it isn’t that difficult to be nice and help people. I was in a shop the other night and not one salesperson asked if I needed any help. There were about five of them. All teenagers gathered around the check out gabbing about things that we all did not want to hear and I would have been ashamed for anyone to hear. I don’t think teenagers should be left alone to mind a store that way. They don’t have enough sense.

  9. granny i can help you to save you taking to the drink.

    Put this code above and below any photo and it will stop any text going around the photo, if the want the photo at the top download it first and put the code below it.

    I am going to write the code because i don’t think it will download here

  10. it did not go i will email it to you

  11. Kaaaazam! A wonderful large version of the photo appears! See, Granny? It was the photo gods – they decided your shots needed a stronger display! 🙂

    A treat to read some positive words on good service – and that you let his peeps know!

  12. Granny I had terrible problems with wordpress yesterday and again this morning!

  13. Oh Granny, I love your thoughts and your pictures. Even if they sometimes attach themselves to words. I have to agree, WP has been possessed lately. I thought it was operator error – glad to hear it’s not just me. I have a photo blog and somehow it posted the same picture multiple times – as in multiple posts. It was a bit freaky, but thankfully the delete button worked. 🙂

  14. I used to love shopping in Clicks! Thanks for the nostalgia.

    Love that last photo.

  15. Your last picture is gorgeous. the first one is nice, too, but I really like the second one. About the compliment you left — isn’t it odd that we don’t do that more often? I know I think to do it when things go well, but I generally forget. I NEVER forget though when things have not gone the way I wanted them to. Maybe if we all made a conscious decision to compliment more service would improve? Just a thought.
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your encouragement this month. It’s greatly appreciated! Have a beautiful weekend.

  16. I agree with kirs09. I love the last picture. I must say I think, despite the hiccups which we should expect, I am finding WPress much much more user-friendly! Kudos to them!!! Especially with the photo’s. Have a lovely relaxing weekend, Gran. xxx

    • No Man Adee…how come yours is better and mine is worse????????????????

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