Posted by: granny1947 | November 16, 2011

Granny’s windy Wednesday

Hello All.

Actually, it wasn’t windy at six this morning,but this is Cape Town.
The weather changes every hour.
We will just have to get used to the wind.
It,normally, blows from now until January.
I don’t mind the wind too much.
Tell myself it is blowing away all the shyte in the air.

I had to say goodbye to Wendy this morning.
I left for work with a lump in my throat.
I think she had one too.
Which is crazy.
She will be back in ten days.

There is something so special about a good girlfriend.
It is a relationship you just cannot have with a man.
Woman understand each other.
Make allowances.
Do not judge….well not out loud.
They will stand up for you even when you are being a complete idiot.
I love my friends.

I got a bit carried away with the camera this morning.
Took about 25 shots.
Don’t panic.
I won’t post them all.
It was just that there was a bit of everything I love.
Clouds and reflections….my absolute favourite.

I said a few words to the swimmer this morning.
She is no spring chicken.
With the figure of a teenager.
Is that what cold water does for you?
I would try it but that will be instant heart attack material.
And what would I do with my camera while I was gasping for breath?
And my car keys?
And my cellphone.
Not that I am expecting a call at that time of the morning.
But I might just break a leg.
Not that I have ever broken a bone in 65 years.

Damn..who am I going to have coffee with in the morning?

I sense I am beginning to ramble.
And the dribblingpensioner can’t keep up.
Blame it on all the wonderful fresh air.
The six in the morning fresh air.
Better than wine.
Sort of.


  1. You know, Gran, you take the most wonderful pics. You have a really good eye! I have started a little folder with my favourites. If I want to use, say, one or two to illustrate my blog would you mind?

    I get what you’re saying about good girlfriends; you can share much more than with a male cos they understand the female mind, lol!

    And, lastly, you live in the most beautiful surroundings in the whole world.

    • No problem Adee…of course you may use them…thank you for the compliment.
      And yes, I do live in the most incredible place.
      I can’t tell you how much I am going to miss it next year!

      • What’s next year? and when next year?

      • Well Adee…next year I turn 65….official retirement age….then I am off to PE to look after my parents and,hopefully,find a part-time job to stop me starving!

  2. It was so windy here the other day we were under a wind advisory. Needless to say, my experiment with given Eleven (my outside cat friend) a cardboard box didn’t work out. So I put my pet taxi out there for her. If the wind had lifted that thing off the ground, then I wouldn’t be writing this because me, Spooky, and this tin box of a trailer would have been relocated.
    Oh, Eleven says meow. I just took her some milk, and apparently,I have made lots of new friends who won’t let me talk to them, but will happily indulge in the water and food I put outside for her. Something tells me I am going to land myself in *that* situation again, where the landlord tells me I have to stop feeding the strays because it encourages them,blah blah blah.
    I suppose as far as character weaknesses go, a fondness for feeding strays is not the death knoll?
    Behave yourself! Mwuhhhh.

    • Good Afternoon Morgue….behave myself? Give me one good reason!!!

      • You’re right, tis better to just smile and make them wonder what you are up to while you plot your misbehavior. 😉

      • I am plotting as we speak.
        I could go home and get drunk but I don’t do drunk.
        I could go home and ravish Mex but the look on his face would give me the giggles.
        Actually, the more I think about it the more I realise I need to get a life.
        A more exciting one!

  3. Love your pics! Sad about Wendy leaving. Glad she is back in ONLY 10 days. Enjoy your day! Love, Me

    • Hi Rebecca…I am glad you put your link…I was wondering who you were for a moment!

  4. Lovely pictures can never have too many..I assume that Jasmine was with you..

    It is wonderful that you two friends care so much for each other

    • Hehehe Patrecia…of COURSE she was with me…couldn’t believe her luck at going in the morning.

  5. Beautiful photos – what a calm looking sea!

    You’re so right about girlfriends – good ones, that is. They’re irreplaceable. Men just can’t understand or communicate with us the way our best gal-pals can. I always find there’s nothing like a good “Girls Night Out” to revive the spirit.

    It’s always hard with a dear friend leaves us, even if it is for only 10 days. I’m glad to hear she’ll be coming back again soon.

    I’d love to join you for coffee….if only the flight wasn’t 15 hours long from here! 😉

    • Oh come on RD… a devil…come on over!

  6. I declare these are you best beach photos yet! Love the top one with the reflection of the clouds in the water! Top stuff!!

    • thank you so much Dave….the perfect time of the morning for photos!

  7. Wow! This post packed a lot of punch! Hope the 10 days fly by for you both.

    • Thanks NR….I am sure they will…she phoned this evening…her three dogs were over the moon at her return!

  8. Beautiful pics.

    • Thanks Linda…there will be more of the same later.

  9. I can highly recommend working part time in a hair salon, it is great. When I saw ‘windy’ in your title, I thought you were going to give us a recipe for beans. Love the pics, as always, and love you FOREVER ❤

    • Morning Cindy…hopefully,I will find something somewhere.
      Love you too girl.

  10. Those are beautiful photos. Would love to have coffee there.

    • Hi There Tammy…thank you for the visit…does not look as though you blog????

  11. Those photos are really something, Granny. The first one with the light catching just the top of the houses – and the clouds reflected in the SAND! The sand! Top drawer.

    The adjustment of a friend’s departure. Difficult. Big hug to you. And Tom.

    • Oops – it’s the second photo with that glorious morning light dancing over rooftops.

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