Granny and some firsts and lasts!

Hello All.

Yes, Jasmine and I had our first morning walk of the summer, today.
It was awesome.
As if to celebrate the momentous event ,I was greeted with the sight of a whale.
The whale is the black spot on the photo.
Heaven knows what it is still hanging around here for.
Maybe he wanted to say goodbye.
He made my day.
He will probably be my last whale sighting for the year.

The other first was Wendy.
She woke up really early this morning and read a whole lot of my posts.
And then she commented on yesterday’s post.
This is the first time she has ever commented.
Just as well.
I was so touched I shed a tear.
Or two.

She flies home tomorrow.
My animals are going to be devastated.
Especially Tom.
He comes through in the evening and yells at her to come to bed.
She will be back in ten days to start the chemo.
She is an inspiration to me.
She is so positive and is handling everything so well.
I am really proud of her.

I am crazy about the early morning light.
There were only a few people on the beach.
One woman having a swim.
She could have been a nutcase.
Or German.

Another woman running with her Husky.
I don’t think she spotted the whale.
Or the sunrise.
Or the sun catching the tops of the waves.
She had a lovely figure.
But at what cost.

Seeing that Wendy mentioned it in her comment….I can tell you her hair has finally decided to depart.
As she said in her comment she and Jasmine are in a race to see who can shed the most.
I think Wends is winning by a head…pun intended.
I have banned her from food preperation for a while.
I love her dearly but hair in my salad is pushing the envelope!!!
Awwwwww…you know I am teasing you my love….shed wherever the hell you like.
Jasmine does.

Now I have a meeting to go to.


A passing thought.
I slept like a top last night.
How do tops sleep?

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