Posted by: granny1947 | November 11, 2011

Granny plays tour guide

Hello All.

I was just about to start this post when I received an e-mail from a friend of mine.
I feel ill.
Do I post it now?
Or carry on with a light hearted post?
Nope…I think I share BOTH with you.
Good and evil.
Let’s get the evil out of the way first.

Going out of the hospital building for a smoke, I found myself near a Somali couple. A woman attending to a man swathed in bandages all over his head and arms and chest. The wounds appeared really awful, and being the person that I am, I was curious, so asked them what had happened. The man had a street stall from which he traded in various small goods – sweets, cigarettes and so on. Three nights ago, he was attacked as he was packing up his things – by a group of young black men (bear in mind, Jeri and Peggy, that Somalis are also black). They hit him in the head with an axe and gouged out one eye. But that did not kill him – obviously – so they wrapped his hands heavily in plastic shopping bags, which they then set alight, causing unbelievable damage as the melted plastic clung to the burning tissue making it virtually impossible to put out the fire. The man’s hands (I would imagine – as I obviously couldn’t see the wounds through the

bandages) are now rendered completely useless and such deep burns never really heal up properly again. The pain must be unbearable. I cannot believe that human beings can do such things. I could not talk to them for long, as my shame at being a South African was just too much for me. As I am sitting here now, I can barely hold back my revulsion and the tears just flow. Oh my beloved country, what are we allowing ourselves to become!
Β I feel ill.

And now…so do I.

OK…back to yesterday.
The tour happened.
We were meant to leave at two o’clock but,eventually, only set off at 4:15.
First stop was my beach.
The American pulled out his Nikon camera with a huge lens.
I looked through it.
I swear I could see people sitting in the lounges.
Across the bay.
I went green.
I have never been one to covet material things.
But I WANTED that camera.
Until this morning.
He forgot to change the settings when he put the big lens on.
His pictures were nearly all duds.
I would ALWAYS be doing something like that.
Then the evil side of me took over.
I put the shots I had taken onto my memory stick.
Gave them to him to put on his laptop.

We drove around the far south until we reached the stalls at Cape Point.

Annie browsed for about twenty minutes.
She never bought anything.
I was relieved.
That stuff is not South African.
The people selling it are not South Africans.
It is wildly overpriced.
And mostly junk!

A few kms on and we met the baboons.
Same place where we saw them with the Frenchman.
They were better behaved.
I only took one picture.
Mike took a couple but his camera uses so many pixel thingies I can’t put it on my blog.

You can’t even see his face but I love the mountains in the background.

On the way back we decided to go for fish and chips in the Kalk Bay harbour.
You all know one of my favourite places.
It is such a dive.
Full of local colour.
And you keep your handbag securely on your lap.
If you are a woman.
Their portions are huge.
And delicious.

Note the plastic table cloth.
And plastic knives and forks.
Fancy it isn’t !

I could show you more pics but I think this is enough for today.

After supper we had a slight moment of panic when we realised that none of us knew which hotel they were at.
Using a bit of logic I went in the general direction of the wine farms and they recognised the gateway.
I got home just before eight.
A day with a difference.
Good for the soul.

Catch you all tomorrow.



  1. I never cease to be disgusted by the atrocities human beings perpetrate against each other,it’s enough to make you want to curl up into a ball and just sob. I feel for that poor gentleman.
    But as awful as that is, there’s also beauty in life, ie; my Spooky and the baboons. Yes, I can only see him from behind, but I can just tell that I would want to hug him. He might bite my face off, but love hurts, right? πŸ˜‰

    • Hehehe Morgue…yes…he could do you some serious damage….if cornered.

  2. Man’s inhumanity to man. It disgusts me. It seems to be happening more and more all over the world – people seeing each other as targets of opportunity. Opportunity to express their hatred, opportunity to take what they want, opportunity to degrade and destroy. It sickens me. I’m in tears as I write this, and my stomach is literally sick.

    See, this is why I prefer the company of dogs. At least you know where they stand, and their loyalty is true and deep.

    I need to take a deep breath now. I’m glad your tour went well. Sometimes it’s surprising how the best “real” food can be in the worst places. I’m glad they got to experience your world.

    I used to have a Nikon and it was fun when I did nature photography; now I prefer the simplicity of a point-and-shoot digital. There’s no going back for me.

    Have a good weekend, Granny.

    • Hi RD….I am sorry I made you cry…I did too!

  3. Geeez, talk about mixed emotions. Gosh, even I suddenly feel ashamed to be called South African. How horrific and sad! It’s almost hard to flip over to being lighthearted about the visitor. Pity about his pics. Hopefully he remembers the settings and you get to see some amazing pics through his lens. Then again, having the equipment does not mean you know what to do with it πŸ˜‰ Some people just have lots of money. It does however sound like you’re giving your visitors a good taste of “local is lekker” πŸ™‚

    • I know Yada….however….thankfully, we are not all savages!

  4. There are no words that can describe how I feel about the poor Somali is absolutely horrible..why are people getting so cruel to each other..I cannot believe that one person could do that to another.

    On British TV this week there were clips of a youth swinging a cat around by its tail,,really nasty! I know that it is not on the same level as that poor man but ..are people really getting that cruel and callous…

    You other half was lighter but after reading the first half it was difficult to forget..

    Great post but not nice subject…. God forgive them!

    • the sad thing Patrecia is there will be more fuss about the cat than the man.

  5. It breaks my heart to think of the pain and torture that man went through and is still going through. I hope they catch the criminals and punish them to the full extent of the law. My prayers are with that poor man and his family.

    I can’t imagine driving along and seeing a baboon. I would be so beyond excited to see such a magnificent critter sitting beside the road (and me safe in a vehicle of course.)

    You have great photos and heartfelt stories. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad with us. πŸ™‚

    • Hello EC….I should probably have split the two stories.
      I love baboons….until they come into my house.

  6. I’ll take a badly behaved baboon over those fucking assholes anyday. 😦

    • I agree Nancy….makes me feel so ill.

  7. You do this on purpose to make me homesick, hey? xxx

    • Hehehe Cindy….sorry love.

  8. Karma is a bitch, I hope they catch the bastards that hurt him…the rest of your post cheered me up though, I love your adventures πŸ™‚

    • They probably won’t Princess….that is the sad truth….jealousy is such a destructive thing.

  9. Awfulness of the email overshadows everything else. Terrible.

    • I know Pseu….but I felt I had to share.

  10. Poor man! Makes me ashamed of our country that things like this happen. Fish and Chips look divine!

    • Hi Adee…the fish and “fries” were great…they are still sitting on my hips!

  11. Oh my soul! Granny, this is not about being South African – this is about being human. We all share disgust that human beings – anywhere – carry such putrid attitudes toward a fellow human being.

    Horrifying that as we see the victory of dictators and rotten leaders topple, we also have to learn of one man, who simply wanted to make a living, having his hands burned by psychopaths.

    We are all connected and this gentleman’s pain is our pain to bear as well. We all have a responsibility to do anything – no matter how big or small – to let the world know this is not okay.

    I’m happy to tell you that this post of yours, dear Gran, was listed today under Word Press’s list of blogs to read about “Soul”.

    Thanks for the baboon photos. Even more important, what a great heart you are…re your gesture to let the “well-equipped” auditor take your photos home with him.

    • Hello Souldipper…apparently this is commonplace here…this “incident” didn’t even make the papers.

  12. My heart goes out to that poor man and his family. Man’s inhumanity to man seems to be getting worse; this was a despicable act, and I hope the culprits are caught and get what’s coming to them, but justice will be bitter sweet for the victim – he has to live with those terrible injuries for the rest of his life.

    Your tour seemed t go well granny, love the photos.

    • Hi Barb…I loved your post.

  13. I’m so sick of it all. All of the horrible things. People like that need to be shot. Shot on sight. Get rid of them all. They aren’t even people, they are demonic spirits walking around on the earth. Sometimes I wish I was the Terminater.

    • Hi Linda…..please will you send me your link…can’t get to it from the comment.
      Yes, a great pity we do not have the death penalty in this country.

  14. Dive? Shit, we callem Fish Houses here… and even the Baboons rejoiced, as their proper behavior exuded…cause you called them Chips, and NOT French Fires…Oh heck…I’m starting to sound like Gordo Rambo…Yikes!!!

    • Hehehe Paul…I forgot you guys call them fries!!!!

  15. Fries..Not Fires…ugh… Well, Who knows?
    Bless You

  16. One finds it hard to comprehend what insanity drives people to such utterly unspeakable behaviour. With such actions, they surely forfeit their right to life.

    You obviously make a great tour guide, even to the extent of facilitating the tracing of lost hotels!

    It is relatively easy to reduce pictures for blog posting. One of the simplest programmes, if you have it, is Microsoft Office Picture Manager which allows for resizing until one gets the ideal pixels (in the region of 600X400) simply by reducing the percentage. If you let me know what picture programmes come up on your computer from ‘Open With’ when you right-click on the icon for the pic, I can give you step-by-step resizing instructions fot the best option.

    • Thank you so much Col…I will come back to you.

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