Posted by: granny1947 | November 10, 2011

Granny goes splutter,coff,coff

Hello All.

Actually, I didn’t go splutter or cough.
But I DID do a bit of mental heaving.

I got back from my walk with Jasmine.
Mex met me at the door.
And,with a very stern face, said come outside and look.
Wendy was hovering in the background with big eyes.
Big eyes full of sympathy.

I got out onto the verandah and Mex says(in an accusing tone) “look at YOUR cat”!!!
There was Tom, under the table, tucking into a huge rat.
With gusto.

Mex…do something.
Mex…get rid of it.
Me….you have to be kidding.
Mex…throw it away.
Me….uhm…no….not going near it.

This intelligent conversation continued for about ten minutes.
At which point Wendy peeped out.
The rat had gone.
Tom had scoffed the whole thing.
Tail and all.
Now we know why he returned looking so plump after nine days in the bush.
My boy is a good hunter.

This morning I asked Wendy if Tom had slept with her last night.
She said yes.
But there were no hugs and kisses!

Hell….I do hope he regurgitates the damn thing far from home.




  1. Yuk, but I can’t say Tom is naughty, he is only doing what he is supposed to do, right? Thankfully neither you nor Mex got to take it off him before be scoffed it. Aaaargh! Hope he doesn’t regurgitate it on your kitchen floor – or worse – your bed!

    • Perish the thought Barb….
      When are you going to post again????

      • Been struggling with my next post because of its sensitive nature but I think I have nailed it now. You will see what I mean when I publish – soon, I promise!

      • Now I can’t wait Barb!!!

  2. Tom says…Snickerrrr…lol…and Mutley says:

    • Hehehe Paul…Tom was very pleased with himself…well….he had to be…no-one else was!

  3. I can honestly say in my 30 plus years of owning probably a hundred cats, I have never seen one devour a rat, tail and all. I have watched them bat a mouse around only to let it go when their ADHD kicked in. I have seen half eaten carcasses left strewn about. I have even had the proud hunters drop a rodent at my foot. But I gotta say, Granny, your Tom is impressive if he ate the tail and all. That cat is hardcore. He needs his own spread in some hunting magazine since he did all this without a gun. That is a real hunter. 😉

  4. That is what cats are for…to hunt out those things that we do not want in our houses..good old Tom, well done….

    Our Kitty was a good ratter but now that she is no longer with us we shall have to rely on the next door cats to kill the rats. I don’t think that Stumpy with his three legs would be quite up to the job

  5. Eww gross! I guess it’s better for Tom to get rid of that rat before it found its way into someone’s house, but EW! I was told that cats just play with and kill mice and rats, and that as long as they’re being fed by someone regularly, they don’t eat them. I guess that was totally wrong info!

    Wendy is very big-hearted – Tom would not have slept with me that night!

    • I promise you RD…Tom gets loads to eat!
      Wendy said to tell you he slept at the bottom of the bed!

  6. Eeeeuw! (yes! gag) Do they actually regurgitate it… nevermind… (puke)

    • Let me give you ALL the details Yada…no ….I am a sympathy puker.

  7. You can’t fight nature!

    • Hi Tilly….why did I have to approve you again?

  8. Our cat (RIP) and his brother (also RIP) always ate all they caught. Bats, mice, voles, a rabbit once, rats, occasionally….
    The one we recently lost used to eat everything but if it was a mammal, he didn’t like the gall bladder so -he’d carefully dissect it out and leave as a present. Too bitter to eat!

    • Oh my word Pseu…thank heavens he ate the whole thing!

  9. Cats must do what cats must do . . .
    But why must they do IT in our line of view?


  10. They do it for us. They want us to be proud that they did their job, keeping us safe from vermin. Good Kitty.

  11. Precisely why I don’t have a cat door! Duc has to eat his creatures outside, but usually on the ruddy doormat unless I can step in first! I keep a little shovel and broom outside for scooping up his bounty and putting it somewhere where I don’t have to see or hear his nauseating dining habits.

    It’s one of those times, Granny, when I think how good it would be to be married.

    It passes when I remember I’d probably still be moving carcasses myself!

    • Hi Again Souldipper….yes…you probably would have to do it….men have their uses….am trying to think of one.

  12. Urgh, yuck. 😦

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