Posted by: granny1947 | November 9, 2011

Wednesday and Granny is awake

Hello All.

Yes, I am indeed awake.
For a variety of reasons.
I slept extremely well last night.
I got caught in a downpour at lunchtime.
My boss does not take kindly to me sleeping on the job.

I got home last evening and made a huge supper.
Cauliflower and white sauce.
Roast potatoes.
And….roast rack of lamb.
Which I ate while I tried not to think of cute little things playing in a meadow.
That line looks as if it should have some punctuation somewhere.

I ate and went through to shower.
Read a couple of pages of my book.
Was asleep by eight thirty.
Someone did the dishes.
Think it was Mex.

Apparently he came through and showered.
Turned on the TV and watched the Good Wife.
I never heard a thing.
Does anyone watch that series?
I have watched it several times.
Several times I have  had no idea what is going on.
I can’t figure out who are the bad guys.
Guess that is one of those series that you have to see from the beginning.

Tonight is the one night I go out of my way to watch TV.
There is a black comedian on at 9:30pm.
He pulls everyone apart.
Especially our illustrious,dancing ,much wed and very fertile State president.
I love the guy.
The comedian.
NOT the President.

Have just popped outside.
It has cleared somewhat.
However,I don’t think we will be doing the beach just now.
You will probably get some more bird shots tomorrow.

Talking of the beach.
An update on the barnacle.
The lovely Oceanarium lady sent me an article on my find.
From now on I shall call her Renee.
Because that is her name.
They are actually Buoy Goose Barnacles.
The white stuff is secreted by them as flotation.
They are not,normally, found in our part of the world.
Isn’t that interesting?

Tomorrow I am taking the auditors on a quick lunchtime tour.
You know how I love doing that.
I hope we don’t meet any rude baboons.
Only kidding.
Of course I do.
I have only meet the American guy so far.
Seems very nice.
He has a German Shepherd cross Wolf pup.
A beautiful animal.
I know because he showed me a heap of photos on his laptop.
And two videos.
He has no kids.

Now I have a couple of things to do before I head over my mountain.
Be happy you lot.
That is an order!



  1. I’m surprised your State president doesn’t find a way to “silence” that comedian – he doesn’t sound like he’d have a sense of humor about the comedian’s jokes!

    We used to watch The Good Wife, but it changed this season and we stopped watching it. Just doesn’t seem to have the same electricity it did before. Oh well, all good things, as they say…. 😉

    YUM that sounds more like a big Sunday dinner – what a wonderful weeknight surprise Mex and your guests had!

    • Hi RD…I am sure our pres must hate him but it is called freedom of speech…something we might not have one of these days.
      Our pres IS suing a local cartoonist who always draws him with a shower over his head.
      This came when the pres admitted to having slept with an HIV positive woman but said he had a shower afterwards!!!!

    • Jokes aside, raisingdaisy, our president has been known to sue people who make fun of him …

      • I’d like to see him sue me Cin!!!

  2. I will trade you 1 rude person for 100 rude baboons. The baboons don’t know any better. :p

    • I am not so sure Morgue…very intelligent animals…they know just what they are doing!!!

  3. As if anyone would dare to disobey an order!!! Tra! la! la! Tra~ la la

    that is me being happy….. xxxxxxx

    • Hehehe Patrecia…is it working?

  4. I wish a comedian would pull our primeminister apart. He’s a muppet!

    • Hi PIP…better a muppet than a disgrace like ours.

  5. Glad you got a good night’s sleep . . . such a great way to start the day! Enjoy the tour.

    • Morning NR…hopefully the rain will leave before lunch…you will hear all about it later.

  6. Well! I am extremely happy to find out about the barnacles — Very cool, indeed. I wish we were getting rain here, the forecast is calling for: possibly freezing rain, and/or rain and snow mix. Oh the joys of winter in Alberta.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Morning Kathy…it was beautiful early this morning…raining just now…will probably change again in the next hour…Cape Town weather is very confusing.

  7. Be interesting to know where the barnacles are usually found? Drat, I always forget THAT program and hope I remember and manage to stay awake tonight. Loved it when I have watched. Your American sounds just like my kind of guy, Gran! I LOVE German Shepherd Dogs and it seems he does too!

    • Did you watch Adee?
      It wasn’t THAT funny last night.

  8. I’m so behind…but I’m hoping to find some baboon pics in the next edition! 😀

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