Posted by: granny1947 | November 8, 2011

Granny breaks a promise.

Hello All.

Yes, I feel very,very bad.
It was a stunning day yesterday.
When I got home I promised Jasmine an extra long walk on the beach this morning.
I was tired.
We were going out for supper at six.
Time was short.
Oh alright…I was feeling lazy.

I got up at 5:30am.
Even though I had a rotten night.
My intentions were good.
The weather wasn’t.
Hell, that dog can make me feel so guilty.
She has that reproachful look down pat.
I must try to copy it.

I am on coffee number four.
I had a bad night.
I’ve mentioned that already.
It was a VERY bad night.
Worth mentioning twice.
Actually, it isn’t worth mentioning at all.
Damn I am getting more and more like Facebook.
One of these days I will be telling you about my bowel movements.
Better I post another picture.

Tomorrow we have a huge audit starting.
An international crowd.
I know,I know.
When you build something that goes into aircraft people tend to get quite passionate.
I believe we are expecting a guy from America and a woman from India.
Hopefully, I will understand their accents.
The French sound very sexy but I have no cooking clue what they are asking me.
My staff have our store looking spick and span.
Except for MY desk.
That looks like a war zone.

I have signed my will.
At last.
Mex went out and bought the forms.
Weeks ago.
Wendy filled in all the details of the lucky few who are going to inherit my vast fortune.
The two of them have been nagging me.
Hmmmmmmmmm…I wonder why?
Think I shall do all the cooking from now on.

Some of my numerous offspring are going to be upset.
That worried me.
For about three seconds.
Then I remembered I won’t be here.

We have new next door neighbours.
A young couple with a two year old.
The have dreadlocks.
Not the kid.
Well, not yet.
The locks turned Mex off immediately.
I like them.
Not the dreadlocks but the couple.
Dreadlocks always worry me.
I don’t understand them.
The perfect venue for livestock.
And,Β  for crying in a bucket, the hair is DEAD.
I could be wrong but it certainly looks dead.
Is the hair dead?

Damn I am sleepy.



  1. One of the young couples whom live not too far from here has dreadlocks.
    I asked my friend Suzy’ How does he wash his hair”
    She replied ” He doesn’t wash his hair”
    “What never” I asked
    ” It seems that if you leave your hair long enough, it will self clean. Once it gets past the nasty smelly greasy will then become clean”

    Seems weird to me

    • No Patrecia…I just can’t believe that…euwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. I just did some extensive research (ie,two second Google search) on dreads and while not washing them is called the “neglect” method, it is strongly encouraged for the dreads to be washed regularly. Apparently it is the same technique used in cleaning a sponge,where you dab soap in and pat it until it is all out…
    Ok, that is just too much work, I’d buy a dread wig.
    Buy Jasmine a treadmill and put a beach scene on the TV. Then the guilt looks will be replaced with the standard dog trying to catch a bird on the TV screen frustration. πŸ™‚

    • You come up with some ideas Morgue…not all workable…how would she do her sniffing,squatting bit??????

  3. I do like dreadlocks and the ones I like look clean, Gran, eg that guy in 7de Laan and he’s also in some adverts for beer.

    • I feel so dumb Adee…have never watched 7de Laan…now I will have to have a look…whaen is it on?

      • It’s Voyo, the ‘wors’ guys πŸ™‚

      • He has dreadlocks????

  4. Granny, you’re funny even when you’re tired! If they don’t wash those dreads, I sure hope the winds blow AWAY from your house…. πŸ˜‰

    • Maybe that is why my green pepper has red spider RD!!!

  5. If you start updating us on bathroom rituals and BM’s . . . I’m leaving.

    I’m serious. πŸ˜†

    Just saying . . .

    • It will never happen NR.
      Mind you….this morning…………… πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve wondered about dreads as well – why some look healthy and others look, as you say, dead. It would take hours to clean those dreads!

    When a Jamaican friend stayed with me, she had rows of very attractive, tiny braids. I learned that she has to apply oil to her scalp – or else it will dry out too much. That kept her braids glistening. I don’t know how often she washes the braids, but she told me the drying takes forever. She’d laugh at me blow drying my hair for about one minute!

    I have a new appreciation for all the work her hair demands~!

    • Hi Souldipper…the guy next door is a big surfer….there must be so much salt in those things…anything alive would be pickled!

  7. OK, Morgue answered you on the dreads. Don’t worry about MEX, he’ll mellow as soon as the wind blows in the direction of your house. In fact, he’ll become extremely chilled and laid back.
    Am I in your will??? xxx

    • Hehehe Cindy…don’t think I have anything you would like!

  8. Saw the most beautiful woman on the Gautrain the other day, except she had dreads and I wondered what a normal man would think of that – I certainly could not handle that at all! Yuck!

    • I know Chris…I just don’t understand it either…nothing like nice clean shiny hair.

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