Granny’s Monday Mutterings

Hello All.

I was going to start this post at lunchtime.
But work got in the way.
It has a habit of doing that.

What is that saying?
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
I almost went for a walk at six this morning.
The flesh was willing.
The spirit said “are you nuts?”
There wasn’t really enough time.
Tomorrow I think I must head down there at a quarter to six.
If the weather holds.
It is glorious today.

Enough of the birds.

One of my staff came to me at about ten this morning.
A guy of about forty.
Told me his body felt weak and his joints ached.
Hell, I feel like that all the time.
He went home.
He had better be coming down with something.

Mex was going to buy me the latest Terry Pratchett book today.
An early Xmas present.
He has Altzheimers.
Not Mex…Pratchett.
I hope he hasn’t written the same book again!

I picked up one of the clusters of Goose Barnacles on Saturday.
They were dead.
The nice oceanarium lady seemed keen to see the white stuff they were attached to.
I carried them to the car.
Put them in a plastic packet nicked from the poop box.
Let me clarify.
There is a box,on the way to the beach, offering bags in case your pooch is indiscrete.
I had to dump them this morning.
The odour around my desk was eye watering.
People were looking at me strangely.
Well,  more strangely than usual.

Tonight we are going out for pizza.
Yippee…no cooking.
No dishes.
Life is good.

One more picture.

Jasmine got out of the water and promptly rolled in something on the beach.
You can’t take that dog anywhere.
Strange smells are following me.
Which reminds me.
I have a salad.
I forgot.
Hmmmm….it is full of garlic.
If you can’t beat em…join em.

22 responses to “Granny’s Monday Mutterings”

  1. I think the oceanarium lady should join you on the beach for a glass of wine while she checks out those white things. It’ll make the smell more bearable for both of you. 😉

  2. I’ll tell you something: garlic sounds like a much better reason to be looked at funn(ier than usual) rather than those odd ocean specimens. (Pity it didn’t make it to analysis… 😦 Oh well… sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do…) Enjoy the pizza 🙂

  3. I hope the oceanarium lady gets back to you soon and lets you know what the goose barnacles are feeding on. They seem such a curious creature.

  4. I love reading your blog. Your mind goes off at various tangents as does mine. Thanks for sharing and do take the oceanarium lady to the beach with a glass of wine but not at 6.45 am.:)

  5. Well, I guess if your staff p*ss you off you can either breathe on them or threaten to hide one of those in their drawers *evil cackle*

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