Posted by: granny1947 | November 6, 2011

Granny’s Sunday School

Hello All.

Yes, yes it is me.
And no, I haven’t undergone a lifestyle change.
I am NOT subjecting impressionable young people to my bizarre outlook on life.

I AM looking at thingies on the beach with fresh eyes.
OK…maybe not fresh eyes.
And now you are going to see them too.

I have no idea what that is.
Probably something pretty common.
I think it looks like a small foetus.
But I am weird.

This one is a piece of jelly fish.
We get a lot of pieces of Jellyfish.
Haven’t seen one this colour before.

Lesson over.

Wendy’s birthday went well.
She was over the moon with her massage.
Came home feeling lovely and relaxed.
Will probably go for another next week.

The braai was great.
Until I choked on a piece of steak.
Managed to get to the bathroom.
Where I eventually got it up.
And scary.
Don’t say I don’t share with you lot.

The beach was great yesterday.
Today promises to be even better.
I think.
Am still trying to work up the enthusiasm to go down.
Jasmine watching my every move like a hawk.
I lay down at twelve for a nap.
It turned into a two hour sleep.
Am still trying to wake up.
And am waiting for the crease marks to disappear!

Hope you are all having a great day/evening.



  1. Well Granny, you had me worried when you were talking about “thingies” on the beach before I scrolled down to see the pics. We often discover many “thingies” when we inadvertantly stumble across a nudist area..I think I prefer your thingies at least they are worth a photo!.

    • Hehehe Piglet….I think I would get into trouble taking pics of your thingies!

  2. I’m just getting ready for my nap *smiles sweetly and virtuously*

    • Play first Sidey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glad you survived the steak . . . and had time for a face creasing nap!

    • Thanks NR…one would think I would have learned to chew my food properly by now!

  4. Not sure what that fetus looking thing is but it reminds me of a slug and even being the macabre ghoul that I am, I do not do slugs, worms, or maggots. Ewww.
    The beach is gorgeous, though. Color me green with envy πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Morgue…I think it is probably a slug…I wonder if one gets sea slugs?

  5. Excellent pics an brilliant poem? !!!! πŸ™‚

    • thanks Xandi…but not poetry!

      • haha, thanks, but I thougt it’s a poem, because of its verses…. πŸ˜€

      • Hi Again Xandi….you are not the first to make that mistake.
        It is just the strange way I write. πŸ™‚

  6. You are so funny!
    It is probably some kind of fish thingy.It looks as though it has lots of bubble things..are you going to make further investigations so that we can complete our education?
    Sorry about the lump of meat that nearly choked you, maybe it needed more chewing! You really do impart all the gory details..

    Happy that the Birthday girl enjoyed her massage and that you all had a great time.

    Blessing to you all

    • Hi Patrecia…I don’t think I can trouble the lovely Oceanarium lady every time I don’t know something…there is so much I don’t know!!!!

      • I think she’d love it if you offered her another mystery. And then we’d get to hear her lyrical response….

      • Hi Pseu…I am trying to convince her to blog….her e-mails are delightful.

  7. Just got caught up on your last week’s worth of blogs — am very glad your friend had a great birthday — the massage sounds like a wonderful gift — haven’t had one of those in a long, long, time. Glad to learn the mystery of the blue barnacles — but that new thingy has me puzzled. Some kind of sea cucumber? that got broken off and swept ashore? The choking episode — I know what that’s like — happened to me once but it was a pill that got lodged in my throat — scared the bejeezus out of me. Here’s hoping you have a great week of walks with Jasmine on the beach.

    • Hi Kathy…I have NEVER had a massage…unless you count the salt rub I had in my first post!!!

  8. New eyes help us have a new perspective. We desperately need that at times. The pictures are beautiful. You’re right about the jelly fish. I’ve only always seen blue coloured ones. The red is beautiful, although I rather see it as something pretty than a piece of a jelly fish πŸ™‚ Glad the party was such a success, except for choking of course πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Yada….we often get little round ones with pink in them but I haven’t seen this one before.
      the choking was self inflicted!

  9. granny you are certainly finding some funny beasties on your beach! That top jellylike wormy thing is rather strange…..wonder if it is a type of sea cucumber or whatever….very weird. Going to have to ask your new friend at the aquarium πŸ™‚ Because now we all need to know too! I have never seen a jelly fish with red in it like that. Its rather beautiful! So glad Wendy enjoyed her gift and had a good birthday. And very glad the choking was sorted. Its happened to me too and its a dreadful feeling….panicky delux! Luv you girl xxx

    • Hi Colleen…guess the funny thingies were always there…I am only noticing them now!
      Love you too girl.

  10. PS The goose barnacles are washing up on Fish Hoek beach as well now xx

    • Also attached to white stuff Col?

      • Exactly the same! I wonder why they are washing up? And I wonder if they are all dead?? Poor things xx

      • Hi Colleen…the ones I saw were very much alive.

  11. Gorgeous shot of the waves!!

    • Thanks Dave….why did I have to approve you again?

  12. Hello Gran.

    • Hello Rob…what a gorgeous day we had today!!!!

  13. The beach must be a source of endless enjoyment and wonder, right?
    Great share, Granny!

    • I LOVE the beach Hook….it is never the same!

  14. What you describe as a foetus might possibly be a sea slug.
    Glad Wendy enjoyed her massage and being pampered!

    • Hi Barb…yes…the concensus seems to point to a slug….sounds gross…looked quite pretty.

  15. Ok first off Granny you do not run to the bathroom when choking! Someone just died like that. It was on the news. Can’t remember where. It was a teenager eating pizza. They joked and ran to the bathroom. Died. Friends check until it was too late!!!!

    Really cool pics.

    • Hi Linda…good advice.
      Mex did come after me to find out if I was ok .
      Don’t know if he would have known what to do if I wasn’t!

  16. It is terrifying to choke, so glad you didn’t die. Glad also that Wendy enjoyed the massage. Missing you xxx

    • Morning Cindy…yes…am glad I didn’t die too!
      Love you lots.

  17. TMI, Granny; TMI!

    • Hey Tilly….remember…this is me…what is TMI????

  18. I’m glad Wendy’s birthday went well and she enjoyed her gift! A massage is a great idea.

    Keep posting pics of those weird beach thingies, they’re so interesting!

    • Hi RD…I will definitely be watching the beach more closely…imagine what I have missed in five years.

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