Posted by: granny1947 | November 4, 2011

Granny and the Friday feeling

Hello All.

From a walk deprived Granny.
Yesterday, Mark took Jasmine to the top of the mountain behind us.
She had a wonderful time.
Was too exhausted to even greet me when I got home.
I was going to go early this morning.
It was pouring with rain.
So I went back to sleep.

Received the following in my spam box this morning:

FJ2BlO mnodxucbvmsg, [url=]dixbhgemchdm[/url], [link=]rxfywlcryuwn[/link],

How very profound.
I agree with every word they say.

The rain has now stopped.
Which is just as well.
It is Wendy’s birthday.
She is determined to have a braai(BBQ)
Which means I will have to tear myself away from my computer.
Sit on the verandah.
And smell like smoke.

Wendy is 52 today.
I remember her 40th.
She was my boss.
We were sharing her house.
She was dreading her birthday.
Wanted to stay in bed all day.
I left very early in the morning.
When she got to work there were huge forties everywhere.
From her car and into the building and into her office.
Then I threw a party for her that night.
She had a ball.
I believe in facing your fears.
It is amazing our friendship survived that day!

This afternoon she is going for a full body massage(my gift to her)
And a foot massage.
Mex is springing for the foot massage.
He asked for a discount.
She has tiny feet.

Wendy cooked supper last night.
An amazing Thai dish.
Covered in coriander.
She can stay.
Mark washed up.
He can stay too.
However,he leaves on Sunday.

Damn, I didn’t bring any food today.
I am starving.
I must dig in my bag.
I think there is an old apple in there somewhere.
Oh hell, I think there might be a pear too.
Don’t think I want to look now.
Panic over.
No rotten pear.
Just one old apple!

Oh yes…..
There was drama at the hospital yesterday.
Some guy went beserk and was screaming at his wife.
The police took him away.
She was there for radiation.
Some support she has.
Poor thing.

Wendy gave me a bottle of Patrick Holford anti-ageing tablets the other day.
She found out she can’t use them right now.
I have been using them for a week.
They aren’t working!

OK…I have talked enough rubbish for one day.
Have a great weekend.


  1. ………………..Wendy sounds as thoug.h she can actually face any.thing with friends like you πŸ˜‰

    • You are so kind Sidey…now play your turn!!!!

  2. I agree with Sidey, with you at her back Wendy can move mountains. xxx

    • Hi Cindy…..awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Granny, please organise my 50th birthday.

    • With the greatest of pleasure Tilly!!!!


    What a unique gift, a lovely massage, brilliant idea…well thought out there Granny m’dear..

    As for growing old..they have not yet made a pill that will stop ageing, and if someone did, they would be a millionaire overnight. Be like me a grow old gracefully….there is no getting away from it. It comes to us all sooner or later.

    Have a great day

    • Don’t worry Patrecia…I am not at all worried about the ageing process.

  5. It makes me so jealous that you post all these pretty pictures of the scenery surrounding you. Becca did a Google Earth search of my address and got a screenshot of one my rotund neighbors out drinking a beer beside his pick up truck. Yeah, that is why I rarely post pictures, that is my scenery.
    My kingdom for an otter or baboon!

    • Hmmmmmmmmm Morgue… DO know that baboons have very big teeth and some rather unpleasant habits?

      • Sounds like the locals,only they’re not as cute.

  6. Sounds like you are making some pretty awesome memories. That is great! Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

    • Yes Yada…I am grateful for this time together.

  7. Love the beach pic. So soothing and pretty. A full body and foot massage oh that would be amazing. Wendy will feel like a new person! What a wonderful gift. Tell her happy birthdy for me and give her hug.

    • Thanks Linda…I passed on your wishes…she says thank you.

  8. So you think foot masseurs should charge by the inch? Hmmm. I’ll never afford one

    • Hehehe pseu….you and my daughter!

  9. Hope Wendy enjoys her day . . . and that you follow her lead.

    • Hi NR…I think we both had a very good day…well I did …once I got home!

  10. Hey! That isn’t spam!! prczi rqnihkj is a good friend of mine πŸ™‚ . I think I’ll leave the massage by the inch stuff alone. Enjoy your weekend and flush the anti-aging pills.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Hi Bud…am only taking the darn things because they are going begging.
      Like chicken soup….it might not help but it can’t harm!

  11. Happy Birthday Wendy! May all your birthday wishes come true! πŸ™‚

  12. Love that you are still friends even after being so rotten on her 40th. Happy Birthday Wendy – and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please tell her.

    • Thank you Judith….I think she takes a lot of heart from all the positive comments.

  13. You are one lovable, devilish friend, Granny.

    Happy 52nd, Wendy. Don’t knaw on a smoked granny by mistake! I never know what to expect from those South African wines! Or their women!

    Mex is cool…anyone who treats a woman to a pedi has to be part saint in my books!

    • I survived Souldipper…no-one gnawed on me!!!

  14. Why is it Grannies always have HUGE purses filled with a seemingly-endless supply of whatever they might need?

    • Hi Hook…think you are confusing me with Mary poppins!!!!

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