Posted by: granny1947 | November 3, 2011

Granny’s Troublesome Thursday(and Wednesday night)

Hello All.

Another pic from the “little” camera.
Have just spotted a small rainbow in the lefthand bottom corner.
Wonder where that came from?

Mark(bless him) has been taking Jasmine walkies every afternoon.
Usually, I would be very grateful.
It IS nice to get home and be able to sink into a chair with a glass of vino.
However, I need the beach.
For the soul.
And the body.
Especially the body right now.
Says she looking down at her tummy sitting on her lap.

Murphy came home with me last night and has not left my side today.
I think he likes me.
I boiled the tripe for frigging hours.
Then I decided to put it in the microwave to soften it a bit more.
It boiled over.
I had to clean the whole oven.
I put it back on the stove.
Added more milk.
And went and sat down.
HUGE mistake.
Burnt milk.
In the pot and on the stove.
I then had to clean the stove.
I managed to rescue enough for supper.
And Jasmine had the burnt bits with her food this morning.

Today has been one thing after another.
Why can’t people fix things as soon as they make a mistake.
Don’t leave it for me to find.
Before I have had my first cup of coffee.
You WILL get a tongue lashing.
Then the management team had a meeting in the boardroom.
And I couldn’t get to my favourite coffee machine.
The day went downhill from there.

Now I am going to put on a picture.
One I took several years ago.
Friends from my previous forum will have seen it.
It was a simply magic morning for me.

I had watched the movie “Anaconda” the night before.
I looked up and saw these two heads swimming towards the beach.
Thought “holy cow…a sea snake”
Or words to that effect.
Then they came out of the water.
Jasmine walked up and gave them a sniff or two.
They must have been youngsters as they showed no fear.
They then went back into the water and swam along keeping pace with me as I walked.
What an experience.

Now I have a few things to finish before heading for home.



  1. *Goes back to read missed posts to find out who Mark is and where Granny got the tripe …*

    • Mark is Wendy’s partner.
      The tripe came from Pick and Pay!

  2. Oh I really hate it when Murphy takes up residence! He’s getting very irritating – doesn’t he know he’s supposed to strike once and move on?!

    Mark sounds like a terrific guy; Wendy is so lucky to have so many caring, thoughtful people around her.

    Yeah those people who don’t fix their mistakes are hoping you’ll NEVER find them. They never seem to learn….

    Have another glass of vino and a walk on the beach, that’ll shake ol’ Murphy off you! Love ya! 🙂

    • I didn’t get my walk…again….think I need to go down before work tomorrow!

  3. I have no clue what those things are. I think the sea snakes woulda been pretty cool, tho.

    • Otters my love, otters.

  4. The OTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    How lucky you were to see them.

    • I know Sidey…it was an awesome experience!

  5. I was very tempted to write ‘what a load of tripe’ but then I thought maybe it could get taken the wrong I did not write it….
    Sorry about your tripe, but thank you for those lovely pictures. I could not see a rainbow?

    love to all P

    • Hehehe Patrecia…and then you couldn’t help yourself!!!

  6. That’s a nice photo that you took with the phone. I had to laugh about the tripe, sorry!

    • No Sue…the photos are from the little camera I bought…I HAVE taken some on the phone but haven’t downloaded them yet…mainly because I don’t know how!!

  7. I am glad someone said those were otters. Thats what I thought but I have never seen any at the ocean. They are so cute. Now who is Murphy?

    • Hi Linda..yes…otters.
      Murphy is the guy who turns everything upside down…a real pain in the butt.

    • Linda…can’t connect to your blog???????

  8. You’ve inspired me . . . I’m off to the beach!

    I probably won’t see otters there. Maybe a dolphin. Definitely birds. 😀

    • We did see dolphins! Thanks, Granny!

    • Morning NR…I inspired someone…that is a first…you lucky fish…I LOVE dolphins.

  9. Otters! My totem! Love the smelly little buggars!

    I guess Granny’s law is: “Murphy was an optimist.”

    (Hope you haven’t heard that ad nauseum. It does crack me up!)

    • P.S. – Have you heard about Orbs? The fact you have coloured ones is very special, Granny!!

      • No Souldipper…what are orbs?
        Otters are smelly?
        Who knew!

  10. Can you not take Jasmine for another walk? I’m sure she’d love it.

  11. Love the otters! Who is Murphy? Wish Wendy happy birthday from me!

    • Hi Adee…I really must google Murphy’s law some day.

  12. This is a nice little getaway from my crazy days. Thanks, Granny!

    • Always a pleasure Hook.

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