Posted by: granny1947 | November 2, 2011

Granny and the Goose.

Hello All.

So…it is confirmed.
The blue thingies are Goose Barnacles.
The white stuff they are feeding on remains a mystery.
Probably, never to be solved.

E.mails between the lady from the aquarium and me have been going back and forth.
Her name is Renee and she sounds like a honey.
Guess what!
She is going to put my picture up on their website.
Not MY picture.
The picture of the barnacle.

She wrote the following to me.
I asked her permission to share it with you.

The sea is a place of curious wonders and what we know about this amazingly complex ecosystem, scratches but the surface (excuse the pun). While we struggle on land and worry about tomorrow, life beneath the waves go on as it had for thousands of years. Or so we thought. What we have now realized is that what we do on land, influences the world below and mostly, the influence is negative. When we encounter strange and wonderful creature from a land we cannot for a moment fully comprehend, we should be shaken by the shoulders, slapped across the face and dunked in frigid waters, to wake up our souls and our sense of oneness with the one another, the ocean, our planet and our universe.

Too few people have this experience though and too many go through life oblivious to what we have and what we are in line to lose – quickly.
Now that I’ve gotten all philosophical I wish you a wonderful day and lots of amazing beach walks with your demanding dog – I have one too!

 Isn’t that amazing?
We can all learn something from her.

In other, more mundane, news.
I brought some leftover Chinese food from home.
Someone should have warned me.
Damn chillies.
Mind you…I should have known.
I ate all mine so there were no leftovers.
There is a moral in there but I am not going to go into it.

Warning….vegetarians do NOT read the next paragraph.

I am making tripe and onions for supper.
One of Wendy’s favourites.
Actually, even a lot of meat eaters are probably going euuuwwwwwwwww.
Wendy’s second dose of radiation appeared to go well too.
Unless she is not being honest with us.
But she seems fine.

Mark took Jasmine for a walk up the mountain before I got home.
She was exhausted.
So was Mark.
I have to get to the beach today.
I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms.

The new cellphone and I have come to an uneasy truce.
I can now tell it who to call without looking for numbers.
I find that so cool.
Just now I am going outside to test the camera.
Will let you know how that works.

Now…that four letter word.
Get your minds out of the gutter.



  1. I posted your pic of them barnacles of yours on another “ocean” Facebook page and a comment was left saying it is their own nifty floating device 🙂 Cute! Thanks for clearing up our mystery!

    *drops a case of Merlot behind Granny’s calendar*

    • #off … drops off!

    • Gee Justme…I must go and look tonight….and tell the lady from the Aquarium….how interesting…what is it made of?

      • Here is a link, sadly the kind lady has not replied again 😦

      • Just scroll down on the page until you see your photo 🙂

        *wonders why she is getting different profile pics*

      • I will have to check it out from home…we can’t do FB from work…wait…I have a fancy phone…wait again…I don’t know how.
        I also wondered why you have two pics???

  2. Goose Barnacles??? Well, live and learn! So glad Wendy is weathering the radiation well. God bless you, Gran.

    • Thank you so much Adee.

  3. Oh Granny, I love you. You really make my day.

    • Awwwwww…that is so sweet Tilly…thank you.

  4. What an amazing email! she is truly in tune with nature!

    • Hi Pip….exactly what I thought…brilliant.

  5. I used to work during the summer holidays in my grandfather’s tripe factory (they were Tripe Purveyors nogal!) and I can remember the smell to this day *shudder*
    Glad that Wendy is weathering the treatments.

    • Hi Sue…So…you don’t eat tripe then?
      I got a 95 scrabble last night…thought of your 125.

  6. Hey,if it turns out that fancy phone of yours does dishes, can you send it my way?

    • I’ll send it when it has finished with the vacuuming Morgue!

  7. Congratulations on your photo being posted on the aquarium website.
    ( I think they should post you photo too. 😉 )
    I never heard of goose barnacles. That’s pretty neat. That woman’s passion for the ocean is awesome.

    • Isn’t it just EC…she is obviously in the right line of work.

  8. Oooo – can I come for supper – love tripe and onions!!!

    • Sure MissChris…we are having it with a side serving of barnacles…I believe they are edible!

    • I’ll bring the wine!!!!

      • Bring lots!!!!

    • Eeeeeeeeek! Comment went to the wrong place AND I get ANOTHER pic! LOL

      • Stop it now Chantelle…you are confusing this old girl!!!

  9. Wow that woman from the aquarium is positively poetic! She’d make a great writer. I’m so glad the mystery is solved….partially….though I’ll always wonder about those white things….

    I think tripe is an acquired taste, mostly acquired when parents force their kiddies to eat it throughout childhood, kinda like veggies. I eat most meats, but I have to cast an “ewww” vote on tripe too. And liver. lol

    I’m glad Wendy’s treatments are going well so far. Our prayers must be working! 🙂

    • Hi RD….I don’t mind the taste of tripe but after a while the texture gets to me.
      And,yes, I agree about her writing.

  10. I thought that was a wonderful letter from the aquarium she a blogger, she writes so elequently..

    As for tripe, well some likes it and some don’t..I am a don’t but I am sure tghat you all thorughly enjoyed eating it.

    No doubt about it ALL prayers are always answered, but not always in the way we would like. However with all the prayers being said for Wendy..He is sure to sit up and take notice… there is nothing stronger than prayer

  11. Hi Patrecia…I haven’t cooked it yet…I am still at work…leave in fifteen minutes.
    I am sure all the prayers and positive vibes are helping Wendy.

  12. Yay for them showing your picture! Cool 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever had tripe before… don’t know it looks like. I’d have to Google it…

    • it looks pretty disgusting Yada!

  13. I watched a program last night, or part of a program, on TV last night (unusually for me, but I had to turn up some trousers so I thought I may as well see what was on TV at the same time) and in the program they described how tripe is prepared to make it edible. Rather put me off. Part of the process entails scrubbing and bleaching to get rid of the grass stains. But they didn’t say what sort of bleach. Can you taste bleach when you eat it? I have to admit I have never tried it. Nor eels. 🙂

    • PS I agree the aquarium woman is positively poetic

    • Oh good grief Pseu…I really didn’t need that bit of sure they don’t use bleach here…I HOPE they don’t.

  14. Glad that the mystery is solved AND she’s going to use your picture. Cool!

    • Hi NR…yes…am very chuffed!

  15. So your pic of the goose barnacles is going on the aquarium’s website – congrats to you! Renee certainly knows her stuff and is definitely in tune with nature.
    Glad to hear Wendy is feeling a bit better.
    I remember my in-laws eating tripe and onions regularly (they always got what was called ‘honey-combe’ tripe as opposed to ‘flat’ tripe. Don’t know why, something to do with texture. It looked disgusting and I couldn’t bring myself to try it. Enjoy yours!

    • Not even one little taste Barb?
      It doesn’t taste too bad but the texture is a bit offputting.

  16. The photo from the little camera? Exquisite!
    The email from Renee? Soul on!
    Mark and Jasmine? Energizing!
    What you are eating for dinner? Stop blaming Wendy!

    • Hehehe Souldipper…I have to blame someone!!!

  17. True friendship = cooking tripe for said friend!
    Your beach photo’s are definitely soothing to the soul.

  18. Hi Wolf…always great to see you!

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