Posted by: granny1947 | November 1, 2011

Granny’s Tuesday Trifles

Hello All.

I cleaned out my bag this morning.
Not really on my job description.
Came across my little camera.
The small compact one.
The one that is so small and compact I forget I have it.
I downloaded the shots on it.
The above is one of them.
I am quite chuffed with the colour.
NOW…if I can just figure out how to delete the shots on the camera.
I might just use it again.

Mark(Wendy’s partner) arrived yesterday.
About five hours late.
His plane was delayed.
It always worries me when that happens.
I get to wondering if there is something wrong with the plane.
Something they are frantically try to repair.
With Superglue.

I have sorted the birthday present.
However, I can’t tell you.
Wendy sometimes reads my blog.
Am not going to spoil the surprise.

I sent the photo of the strange thingies to the Aquarium yesterday.
I know everyone says it is a goose barnacle.
One of their researchers e-mailed me back with a couple of questions.
I hope they come back to me today.
The Goose Barnacles look as if they have harder shells.

A new staff member started today.
In our configuration department.
It has always been an all female department.
I wonder what happens when you surround one male with so much Estrogen?
He could start lactating.
Perhaps  I should warn him.

One of our guys has just come back from a business trip to Italy.
They rounded a bend just in time to see a mudslide take out a couple of cars 500 yards ahead of them.
Five people were killed.
His guardian Angel was watching over him.

A dreadful thing has happened.
I have the holiday feeling.
And it is still six weeks to shutdown.
How am I going to stay motivated?

No…I must stop now.
My mind going all over the place.
I must be confusing you all.
I know I am!




  1. You didn’t realise that was Mermaid Jewllery!

    • NOW you tell me Sidey!!!!

  2. I’m really looking forward to the answer to the “beach mystery” LOL!

    We got that “holiday feeling” this weekend when we got that unseasonably early October snowfall. DD started singing Christmas carols!

    • Hi RD…I would have smacked her with a wet dishcloth!

  3. I hope the aquarium get back to you soon, I am very curious.

    • Me too cindy…wonder if it will be rude if I send them a gentle reminder?

      • no not rude, you have a lot of inquisitive friends that cannot wait 😉

      • Hello My Friend…If I don’t hear by the morning I shall drop them a little note.

  4. Lactating man? Ha ha ha. You did again, you made me laugh and it’s only 7:30 am. You have mad humor skills, Granny.

    • If I made you laugh Morgue…one job for the day is done!

  5. absolutely totally wonderfully confused but your post was great as usual.

    love p

    • Don’t worry P….confusion comes with age…I walk around constantly puzzled.

  6. I’m ALWAYS a bit confused anyway, Granny! Great post!

    • You are not old enough to be confused Hook!!!

  7. Love that photo! Glorious color.

    Hope the Aquarium can set our minds to rest about that vampiric looking creature from the deep.

    • Hi NR…I will definitely follow up with them tomorrow.

  8. Isn’t a goose barnacle the thing the Scots used to use as an escuse to eat meat on lent. Oh no – just came to me – thata a barnacle goose – what a goose I am…hehehehe

    • hehehe Jo….you are on a roll today!

  9. I prefer the thought that it is mermaid’s jewellery. Anyway will wait with baited breath for the scientific name but it won’t change it for me.
    Great post – a lactating man, a friend’s late arrival, a witness to a horrific accident, your post as always is full of interesting things.:)

    • Thanks Judith….and when I started the post I had no idea what I was going to write…amazing how one can just waffle along.

  10. Keep waffling on Granny, you are making us all have a great laugh! Love your posts – never know what’s coming next from you!
    A lactating man? What a picture – brings tears to the eyes!

    • I made you cry Barb?
      Oh Dear.

      • Tears of laughter granny!

  11. I can’t get over that man’s lucky escape in Italy. A minute earlier… It doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • I know Tilly….I went cold when he told me!

  12. Your mind did wonder through the whole post granny , i think you need another holiday 🙂

    • Hehehe Harry…couldn’t you keep up?

      • Its getting harder every day granny to keep up 😆

  13. Love that picture!!! And your wandering humor. Lactating and superglue!

    • Thanks Linda….yes…think I must get that camera out more often now…still haven’t figured out how to delete the shots on the camera.

  14. That is a very strange looking thing, for sure. Looks like a bunch of blue snails eating a lump of dough. Am very curious as to what you will find out.

    Lactating man – ha! ha! ha! if only it could be so!

    • Well, now we know what the blue things are but I would love to know what the white stuff is.
      Gee Klrs…lactating wouldn’t be too bad…giving birth would be revenge.

      • too true, too true!

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