Posted by: granny1947 | October 31, 2011

Granny and “what the hell is that?”

Hello All.

And,yes, what the hell IS that?
At first I thought it was a whole lot of blue things feeding on the white thing in the centre.
Each of them has a large sucker thingy inserted into the white stuff.
Then I came across another.
In the same perfect grouping.
And another.
And another.
In five years of walking on the beach I have never seen anything like it.
The blue things seems to have a thin shell.
They are all alive.
What I thought,at first, were feathers looks like very fine tentacles.
Absolutely fascinating.

Well, the first radiation session is over.
Wendy says it went well.

We went for our haircuts.
I went first.
Had it cut very short.
Wendy came out and had hardly had anything cut off.
It must be very hard when you have had shoulder length hair for many years.
The hairdresser said she can come back and have more taken off.
Free of charge.

When I got home on Friday there was a beautifully wrapped parcel on my chair.
A gift from Wendy.
A stunning Nokia cellphone.
With touch screen.
Eight megapixel camera.
It speaks!
Tells you who is calling.
I have a feeling it might even cook dinner for me.

I am terrified of the thing.
It does not like me.
My nails are too long.
Yesterday it went off.
I pushed the green phone.
Granddaughter came through,hysterical with laughter.
It was an sms coming through.

It has two cameras.
One on the front so you can see who is phoning you.
One on the back for actually taking good shots.
I don’t know how to work either of them.

Hopefully, I shall make friends with the thing.

All the photos lately have been grey.
Because our weather has been grey.
And damp.
And cold.
I even had the heater on,in my car, this morning.
Is it really November tomorrow?

Friday is Wendy’s birthday.
Stress level climbs.
Have no idea what to buy her.



  1. Some thing really old fashioned to counter the really modern phone?

    • Hi Pseu…I am not really going to have a chance to go looking for much,but thanks for the idea.

  2. I think those are cuttlefish.
    Good luck with the phone, I’d be scared too.
    Get Wendy a pamper session with that woman near you, a massage. manicure etc. She really doesn’t want ‘stuff’ at the moment.

    • Nope…not cuttlefish…I don’t think.
      Brilliant suggestion.

  3. Something nice to make her FEEL really good – I think Cindy is right, Gran. My prayers are with you and Wendy. I have recently heard of three people who have been undergoing treatment and this last visit for tests came out clean. I think the success rate is going up. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Adee…a lot of horrible stuff to get through first,though.

  4. Wendy couldn’t be in a better place. Between you, Mex, and your hair stylist, she’s getting all the love and care anyone could hope for during such a difficult time. You really are the best, Granny.

    What a lovely thing for her to do. Sounds to me like you two are a perfect match. πŸ™‚

    I can’t imagine what that odd thing is, I thought the same as you, that it was a bunch of odd things feeding off another odd thing. There must be some kind of sea-related experts who know the answer. Weird that you’ve never seen one before, too. I wish there was a website where you could submit the photo and get an answer!

    Love to you and Wendy! xoxo

    • Hi RD…am waiting for a reply from the Oceanarium…sent them a pic yesterday.

  5. I am sure that someone on the web or on this site will be able to tell you what they are..but do not touch!

    What a wonderful friend to buy you a new phone..up to date technology for Granny..whoops!

    You will soon get used to it and then wonder why you feared it

    love to you all

    • Hi P….Granny and technology…scary!!!

  6. Go to Google Images. Type in “Goose Barnacle” scroll down to page 17!

    • PS: I did not discover that they were these. was given the barnacle clue on Facebook by a friend of yours actually!

      • Hi chantelle…I looked at the pics….am not sure…the shells on mine are almost see through…should know for sure today.

  7. What about some great hats?

    That is a weird thing. Please tell us if you find out.

    • Hi Tilly…you guys will be the first to know!

  8. I agree with Cin – buy her time – time for the things that says “you’re special” – like in Avatar, “I SEE you” – rather than ‘stuff’. I think your friendship, loving hospitality and companionship on this journey has meant everything to her – add pampering session to that – stack the love even higher πŸ™‚

    You’re right, at first it seems as if the blue “thingies” are eating the egg, but then it looks like it might be guarding it somehow… I might even Google it myself.

    Sounds like a cool phone, but (for me anyway) one to check the manual just so you at least know which ‘gimmicks’ to search for and discover. I’m not that good at finding it all by myself, especially if it is something that I didn’t even know existed. Then the manual give me subtle hints πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Yada…have downloaded the manual…131 pages…sigh

  9. Hello luv, doing a little catch up. Awesome photos. You have a lovely friend but then….you are an AWESOME friend yourself….got to be one to have one. We have been asking all over facebook and Chantelle discovered that these are goose barnacles…I see they are edible….eeeeeeuuuuwwwwwww….I have never seen these on our beaches. Love you and hugs to Wendy. I think that Cindy is on the right track for a gift. Praying for her and the chemo xx

    • Hi Colleen…yes…like cindy’s idea…have set the wheels in motion.

  10. I’ve seen clusters of those little critters clinging to bits of wood washed up. Very flimsy little shells. Don’t know what they’re called. What was the consistency of the white stuff, or didn’t you prod it to find out?

    Sound like a super Nokia, once you learn to drive it.

    • I was tempted to prod Col but decided against it…in case it leapt up and bit me!!!

  11. granny, they are a new form of life you have found which crawled from the sea, you will be famous.

    • Hmmmmm Harry…somehow I don’t think I want to be famous…unless it involves vast sums of money!

  12. Maybe an extremely beautiful soft scarf or two or three or some really soft hats. That way she will already have them if she will need them. And some beautiful earrings to go with them. Silver ones. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Linda…this has made me think…I don’t recall ever seeing Wendy wearing any jewellery.

  13. Gift? Anything that soothes physicality – offering comfort and relief that tells her body that it is still precious and loved.

    Each woman has her favourite type of nurturing – but during all of this, Wendy may surprise you with which type she’ll pick.

    What a dynamite gift Wendy gave you. You are going to really be dangerous now, Granny!

    I’m off to send you an email.

    • Hi Souldipper…wish I had checked my mail last night!!!

  14. Happy Birthday to Wendy! You’ll think of the perfect gift . . .

    Definitely don’t box up that stuff from the beach. That would be a terrible and smelly gift. πŸ˜€

    • Hi NR…now that never crossed my mind…it would be something different!

  15. All kind thoughts to Wendy at this time from one who has been there. Please tell her that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Love your blue thing but haven’t an idea what it is. And enjoy your new phone. My new i-phone has a great camera so now I don’t have to worry if I leave the camera behind (as I often do).

    • Hi Judith…thanks for the kind thoughts..will tell her.
      You are one up on me.
      You know how to use the camera!!!

  16. I wasn’t aware of any radiation therapy taking place in your life Granny. But, I do know… that YOU light up my life!!!…Hey wait…what the Hell is that? Oh, okay, it’s just me and everyone else you’ve touched cuddling to kiss your sweet cheek…Love ya.

    • Oh Paul…what a lovely thing to say…love ya too!

  17. Your new phone sounds wonderful what a lovely present. I agree with Cindy re the gift for Wendy.

  18. Hi Sue…am still marvelling at that wonderful scrabble score!!!

  19. Stay strong, Granny! Awesome mysterious pic, by the way. Good job!

  20. They look like something from outerspace!

  21. A birthday to buy for so near Christmas – THAT’S a hassle!

    I don’t know what those things are. They’re absolutely weird. I thought they were shells you had arranged at first.

    Oh Granny, entertaining as ever πŸ™‚

    • Hi Words…for a moment I couldn’t think what you were talking about…then I looked at the post you were commenting on….a bit behind the times. πŸ™‚

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