Posted by: granny1947 | October 28, 2011

Granny’s Frantic Friday

Hello All.
Actually, it isn’t a FRANTIC Friday.

It has been a n early start Friday.
Wendy had an appointment with a specialist nutrionist and one with the oncologist this morning.
Mex couldn’t run her through because the electricians are coming to look at the wiring at home.
We left nice and early so I could drop her off at another friend.
One who lives near the hospital.
And is such a good friend.
A really kind person.
The one I have mentioned before.
We went to school together.
Have known each other for more than 50 years.
Now I have got sidetracked.

When we were just around the corner from my friend’s place,Wendy’s phone rang.
The nutrionist.
To cancel the appointment.
She had an emergency.

Which got me thinking.
What sort of emergency does a nutritionist have?
I am having an unhealthy snack attack?
I need a cheese burger.
A slab of chocolate is calling my name.

Oh yes.
I need to clear up a misconception.
I mentioned I was going to have a haircut.
I am NOT having my head shaved.
I am not THAT good a friend.
Wendy would be furious if I did that.
Jasmine might not recognise me.
And bite me.

I see a new button has appeared on my page.
As if by magic.
It says “upgrade to Pro”
What does this mean?
I am scared to push the button.
I might suddenly find myself wearing short skirts.
And fishnet stockings.
Brandishing a whip.

Wendy and I have a busy day tomorrow.
Visit the bookshop.
The organic market.
And,if it is not raining, a fundraiser for my granddaughter’s school.
Where I will be expected to buy a necklace made by seven year olds.
I don’t mind buying the stuff.
However, I know she will be checking to see if I wear it.

Well, I have waffled enough.
You lot should get back to work.


  1. I am laughing….just had a vision of you in the short skirt and fishnets!! Take pics of the organic market sounds interesting.

  2. Morning Sue…will try to remember!
    You are laughing at me.

  3. I’ve been wondering about the ‘upgrade to Pro’ button too, but wondered if it upgraded me to a pro blogger – years of blogging experience at the touch of a button! I hadn’t considered your idea – I’m not sure if I’d look good in short skirt and fishnets – those days are long gone…

    • You have to have a warped mind to look at things the way I do,Elaine!

  4. Brandishing a whip? Ha ha ha, you made me laugh at 5 am, that makes you one funny lady! Mwuhhhhhh.

    • You laugh at five in the morning,Morgue?
      Hats off to you.
      I can barely breathe in and out at that time of the day!

  5. You alwaus make us laugh Granny even when there is serious stuff thrown in. It’s remarkable how you manage to skim over them and dwell on the humourous part. Lessons we can all learn from you.:-)

    • Hi Dreaming….uhm….maybe I am just shallow????

  6. The fishnet and short skirt nad me ready to run away.

    Hope your friday is peaceful and Jasmine just licks you when you get home

    • Now that is just plain rude Sidey!!!!

  7. Oh well at least you will get a haircut..and it gave ME food for thought…
    I have that button as well, maybe someone will be grave enough to press it to find out..if it costs money the answer is no…

    have a peaceful day my dear…..

  8. i meant Brave enough not grave enough… I never thought of pro as anything naughty I thought it was professional…if its naughty I might be tempted to look

  9. Couldn’t resist it..I pressed the pro button..and it costs $99 so I did not read any further

    • Ahhhh Thank You Patrecia…now I don’t have to bother.

  10. I realized you weren’t going to get your head shaved, but I figured you were probably getting it cut extra short in solidarity. πŸ™‚

    I believe “Pro” is the version of WordPress that offers more stuff and charges you for the pleasure. Not the same kind of “pleasure” you thought, though…. πŸ˜‰

    I remember going to those elementary school fundraisers. I always had to buy the jewelry and my daughter watched for me to wear it to. I always made sure I proclaimed to guests that I was wearing a beautiful “DD special” to clue them in that I hadn’t completely lost my mind; at the same time, DD beamed with pride. Whatever works. πŸ˜€

    Have a good weekend, Granny!

    • Hehehe RD…thank heavens the kid doesn’t live with me…will only have to wear the stuff if she comes to visit.

  11. Goodness, definitely don’t press that ‘pro’ button. lol

    I hope you have a pleasant weekend. πŸ™‚

    • Now that I know I will have to pay EC it will never happen!

  12. Gran, you have disappointed me re your haircut. Still, you have to live with it, not me! Good luck!

  13. Calming shots for a Frantic Friday!

    • Hi Hook…and I can’t get any “fresh” shots today…pouring with rain and freezing!

  14. You’re already a Pro Blogger . . . at making us smile at the lemons in our path. πŸ˜€

    • Awwwwwwwwww…thank you NR.

  15. You are so funny. Chocolate calls me far too often. Wish I had a nutritionist on call to help me that!

    • Hi Linda…me too….my jeans are feeling very snug this morning!

  16. Shaved or not, Granny, I’m not taking back what I said!

    Push the button. I bet it leads to that mysterious little dominatrix shop I accidentally found in Cape Town!

    • Oh my word…I didn’t even know we had a shop like that here….where is it?????

      • It was on Long Street – a bit down from Buiten. As you walk away from Buiten, it is on the left hand side of the street.

        It had delightful lingerie in the window which lured me in. Once the door was unlocked and I was in, the leathers, the manacles, etc were visibly hanging on walls and from the ceiling.

        I demurely turned to the gent and said, “Oh dear, I thought this was a lingerie shop.” He was not amused. I had a feeling that my accent and age kept me from being tongue-lashed!

  17. Have a great weekend Granny — hope you have a fun time. Know what I did with my granddaughter’s necklace? Hung it from my rearview mirror! When she asked why I wasn’t wearing it I told her because it looked so beautiful hanging where I could see it all the time. Which was true. She seemed satisfied by that.

    • Hi Klrs…it is raining…I have been saved….no fund raising today!

  18. Bwahahaha @pro, you crazy thing!

    • Hi Cindy…I made you laugh…good!

  19. I also had to chuckle when I had a vision of you in the short skirt and fishnets !! πŸ™‚ Love the first photo ! It is absolutely beautiful there ! Hope everything goes well with Wendy.

    • Thanks Penny…first treatment done and dusted.

  20. Nutritional emergency may be to do with a pump feed or something like that….

    I too wondered about a pro button…. has anyone tested it yet?

    • Hi Pseu…they ask for money…I’m not pressing it!

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