Posted by: granny1947 | October 27, 2011

Granny goes to the birds.

Hello All.

So, last evening, Jasmine and I went down to our alternative walking spot.
The tide was very high and it was windy so the beach did not seem like an option.
Birds abounded.
If birds can abound.
I have a mental image of birds bouncing around.
Much like Jasmine does when she wants me to take her out.

For a moment I thought I had found an unusual bird.
It looked so big.
I zoomed in and took a shot.
Got home and discovered it was two gulls right next to each other.

I didn’t even see the Oyster Catcher on the right until I downloaded the shots.
While I am on the subject of birds let’s have a look at one more shot.

I have no idea what the white ones are.
I THINK the grey ones are Cormorants.
I have no idea if that is how you spell Cormorants.
I am sure Cindy will set me straight.

A random thought.
Pertinent to the title of this blog.
Sort of.
Why do people say “he is going to the dogs”?
I mean, what is bad about going to the dogs?
He is going to the Hyenas.
He is going to the Kimodo Dragon.
He is going to the humans.
These are all derogatory.
Just a thought.

On Saturday Wendy and I are going for a haircut.
She is going to have hers cut in preperation for radiation.
I am having mine cut in support.
She is worried I am going to look very hard.
Is this a bad thing?
There are a few people around here that I would like to scare the hell out of.
And all my kids.
And a few of my numerous grandkids.
This is going to be fun.

Now I had better do some work.
I can’t frighten my boss.
He SHAVES his head.

The other day I didn’t see my boss until late afternoon.
I asked him if we were avoiding each other.
He said “not by design”
I said….talk for yourself!


  1. I’ve never seen a white cormorant (BTW, they are also called ‘shags’). As far as I know ‘going to the dogs’ refers to someone who becomes a bum and starts betting on dog races. Good luck with the haircut, send a pic. xxx

    • Hi Cindy…the white ones aren’t the cormorants…the ones at the back are young ones…I think.

  2. Wendy is SO lucky to have such a dear friend as you, Kathy. Cutting your hair in support is such a kind-hearted thing to do….even if you are looking forward to scaring the **** out of people. 😉

    I don’t know what those birds are (they remind me of our seagulls a bit), but I love seeing the pictures of them!

    Just for the record, I’d much rather go to the dogs than to the humans.

    • I agree RD….dogs are the best!

  3. Your pics always move me, young lady. They send me away to a nice secluded getaway. You rock!

    • Young lady!!!!
      What do you want Hook?????

  4. My best friend shaved her head when her friend had to shave hers for treatment, she rocked that look, I told her she should keep it that way all the time. Mind you I have a thing for bald guys, so it could be just me and I am now transferring it to women…

    I need to get out more…

    • That is really a good friend Princess…I am NOT shaving my head.
      would scare myself!

  5. They do look like cormorants . . . and you spelled the name with finesse.

    I’m glad that it will be warm weather while you’re sporting your shorter locks! 😯

    • Hi NR…I am glad my hair grows quickly!!!

  6. It does look like a big bird!

    I think the say it’s a dog’s life is a good one!

    • Hi PIP…well, I wouldn’t mind being my dog. 🙂

  7. Granny, just when I think you’ve hit the top of my respect chart, you make another move! A big hug to both of you brave women!

    • No,no,no Souldipper…cutting my hair is NOT a big deal…I promise.

  8. You are a good woman Grannie. Love to you both. I know you will both be beautiful, hair, no hair, short hair whatever.

  9. Hi Linda….I am really hoping Wendy does not lose all her hair.
    They are radiating the whole head so she probably will.
    We shall go wig shopping.

  10. Good luck with the haircut – one advantage is it will take at least ten YEARS off your age!

    • You mean I am going to look like a teenager Adee?????

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