Posted by: granny1947 | October 25, 2011

Granny has some very little Tuesday thoughts.

Hello All.

If I am missing in action for a while it will be self inflicted.
A friend,at work,found a packet of sugar coated jelly sweets in her drawer.
They had been there for a few months.
I ate the lot.
I need a time machine.
So I can eat stuff.
Then go back in time and refuse them.
Best of both worlds.

I had a good laugh over the weekend.
My cellphone was on the arm of a chair.
Tom came in and lay on top of it.
I can be very evil.
I phoned it from the landline.
It was on vibrate and tone.
He didn’t leap up.
However, he was the epitomy of a puzzled pussy.
Wish I had thought to video it.

On Saturday night Jasmine went through to Wendy’s room.
Climbed on the bed next to her.
Don’t tell Mex.
Getting on beds is strictly verboten.
After a couple of minutes she got off and stood looking at Wendy.
Then stuck her nose under the duvet.
Wendy lifted the duvet and in she climbed.
She didn’t stay too long.
Knew she would be in BIG trouble if Mex had caught sight of her.

Talking about Mex and Wendy.
They were going to have breakfast at the mall this morning.
SOME people have to go to work.
Bet they don’t even bring Jasmine a doggy bag.
Or me.

Now I have to go off to a meeting.
Pretend to be mildly interested.
Be good you lot.


  1. Hope the sugary sweets help you get through the meeting. Tell MEX I think it’s very rude that he didn’t make a special breakfast delivery to you! xxx

  2. *desperately trying to hide this post from Annie, lest she gets ideas about beds*

  3. hehe my cats allow me to share their bed

    so glad my Jas is keeping Wendy company

  4. Oh how sweet of Jasmine to cuddle up with Wendy! I bet they both loved it. πŸ™‚

    That would have been such a funny video of Tom! I’m surprised he didn’t jump when the cell phone went off.

    Heehee I know what you mean about the candy. I always know I’ll regret it later, but that doesn’t stop me now. Hmmm, I have a hankering for chocolate…. πŸ˜‰

  5. Have a wonderful day, Granny.

    • tHANKS nr…IT WAS OK…i THINK.

  6. Tell Mex that Linda said this is the time to make an exception. Jasmine knows that Wendy is sick and she is doing a good thing for her. It’s so sweet I want to cry. So very very wonderful. I sleep with my dog, my daughter’s dog and my cat and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s a little dirt in the big scheme of things? Love is worth a lot more.

    • I agree Linda…if I lived alone Jasmine would sleep with me.

  7. Heehee! Poor Tom!
    Sounds like Mex and Wendy are having a good time.

    • Hi Elaine…think Mex is quite enjoying having someone to trawl the malls with.

  8. Aaw, isn’t that just sweet! I think animals have a born instinct to comfort with closeness. It’s amazing! I can just imagine that cat… that was very close! Surprizing indeed that he didn’t jump up. Laughter is so good for the soul πŸ™‚

    • Hi Yada…I think laughter beats a walk on the beach!

  9. Hehehehe…I love that Jasmine sneaks in some bed time…what a great girl πŸ™‚ My cat sleeps on my electronic stuff all the time, I thought it was just my cat…apparently not πŸ™‚ I never thought of calling though, hahahahah…good one!

    • You can only do it if your cat has an attitude Princess…otherwise you might just scare the hell out of it.

  10. I was looking for some humor, I sure chose the right blogging buddy to find this humor ! I am still giggling over the cellphone viberating ! I’m sure Tom got a buzz !!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Penny…are you back?

  11. I laughed right out loud at the candy bit! Thanks Granny. Jasmine sounds like a very kind and caring being. I hope she got the doggy bag.

    • Hi Klrs…Neither of us got a doggy bag.

  12. Dogs understand much more than we give them credit for. I could do wth those jelly beans – I’ve had such a sugar craving the last week or so. (Try to) enjoy the rest of the week, Gran…

    • Hi Adee…your body is telling you something…have some chocolate!

  13. I would have eaten the sweets also. I’m afraid I’m with Mex about animals on beds but I think this time it can be excused, Jasmine was obviously trying to comfort Wendy.

    • Hi Sue…I wonder if Jasmine is really that noble?????

  14. Hope you got through the meeting, crazy Granny. I’d so love to see you in real life. I think you’re a scream πŸ™‚

    • Good Morning Words…yes…people have been known to scream on meeting me!

    • Hi Again Words…for some reason I can’t put a comment on your post.
      I really enjoyed it,though.

  15. Anyone who would let a best friend’s dog into her bed has to be one of those souls I want in my life!

    • I agree Souldipper…fleas and all.

  16. No wonder that cat is smiling; you’re hilarious, Granny!

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