Posted by: granny1947 | October 21, 2011

Granny is playing the waiting game

Hello All.

All photos this week have been grey.
Blame the weather.
Suits my mood.

A Wendy update.
The lung,liver and brain cancer did not come from the breast.
Apparently, the lung cancer is the aggressive little flucker.
She is having a biopsy on the lung as we speak.
We should know,later today, where we go from here.
I believe there IS treatment that can be done to the lungs.

She had to be at the hospital at seven thirty this morning.
To be on the safe side we left home at six.
Wow the traffic is a joy at that time of the morning.
There was hardly any.
We were at the hospital at a quarter to seven and I was back at work at ten past seven.
Mex will fetch her later.
He has been a star.

Granddaughter is coming for the weekend.
This will be great.
She loves to cook so she can help with the cooking etc.
Mex has been warned.
We are having a girlie weekend.
Salt rubs and manicures.
And chick flicks.
With a bit of shopping thrown in for luck.
The shopping bit does NOT excite me!
Come to think of it…neither does the chick flick.

What is the best way to cook fillet steak?
Any foodies out there.
Wendy bought some for us the other day.
I never buy fillet.
Too damn expensive.
Do you put it in the oven?
Fry it?
Help an old lady out here.
Don’t want to spoil it.

I am piling on the weight.
Why oh why can’t I be one of those people who lose weight when stressed?

Am I the only one who finds the photos of Gadaffi disturbing?
Somehow they reinforce my belief that a lot of us are still savages at heart.

On that note I shall end.


  1. Add a little aromat and garlic and lightly fry until done how you like it.

    Enjoy your girlie weekend. See if Mex will have a manicure πŸ™‚

    • Hmmmmmmm Tilly…Mex and a manicure…I can’t picture it!

  2. Salt rubs? I hope you’re not paying for this. I am getting salt rubbed into my wounds daily for free. Oh, wait, yours is a good thing, mine is not. Bah.
    I hope things work out for Wendy.
    And this whole cooking/chick flick thing frightens me.
    Of course, I made my husband take me to see Friday the 13th on Valentine’s Day one year so I apparently am a warped individual.
    Have fun! And if you see that meat supply guy, tell him I want to take a ride in that truck!

    • You will have to google the guy Morgue….his humour is a bit TOO black…even for me!

  3. Thinking of Wendy, Gran. I’ll leave the steak to the foodies… Depends on whethe it is slices (thickness) or whether it is the whole fillet…

    • It was both Adee….I sliced it into quite thick slices…yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Filet mignon is typically either baked in the oven or grilled; you can sear it in a fry pan briefly to seal in the juices, but then it’s usually finished in the oven. Take a look on and put filet mignon into the search bar there – you can find tons of tested recipes there (tested by REAL people!) – your granddaughter might have fun looking through all the yummy stuff! The ratings show you which recipes are generally better liked.

    Still praying for Wendy. That poor woman is going through so much.

    I love, love, love girls’ nights/weekends! DD and I have them at home sometimes, and when we include one of our good friends, we go to a tea room (that’s more of a big deal in the US, there aren’t too many) or some other such girlie thing. Have fun!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi RD…yes…I think she is taking a lot of strain…really feel for her!

  5. Sounds like you have a nice weekend to look forward to! Enjoy.

    Yes, the Cadaffi ‘thing’ is rather disturbing. When I saw it it reminded me of the book we read at school; the group of boys who get stranded on an island and eventually hunt and kill each other like animals… I was much younger back then. I wonder how I would feel reading it again now…

    • Hi Yada…never read that bood but I know about it…pretty gruesome.

      • Why on earth do they make impressionable teenagers read that book?! I think they are capable of coming up with enough trouble on their own. When I was in school I just refused to read it.

      • I am with you Linda…when I heard what it was about I never read it either.

  6. I have tried to be stressed..I have even tried to worry so that I could lose weight like others do, but then I forget to the stress goes too.
    Oh well I shall just go on being a happy contented person who has a weight problem.
    At my age that is not really such a big deal!

    my prayers are with Wendy.. tell her that we are all thinking and praying for her

    • Thanks P……the only time I ever lost weight from stress was when my husband died…so….I can’t be that stressed~!

  7. Enjoy your girlie weekend . . . and your granddaughter’s visit.

    Before we swore off meat, we used the grill for filets, using this marinade:

    • Too late NR…I fried it in butter and garlic….it melted in the mouth!

    • It’s hard to go wrong with butter and garlic. πŸ˜€

      • Hehehe NR…that is what I did and it was perfect.

  8. If your stressed, you are comfort eating that is one of the side effects, don’t put to much on πŸ™‚

    • Hi Harry….I know….will start to eat lots of salads from Monday.

  9. Hope all goes well for your friend. It’s so nice that you are able to share this time with her. I love chick flicks! A good one is:Return to Me, with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny. Rent it if you can. Have a wonderful weekend Granny!

    • Thanks Kathy…have made a note…I think we are going to try and get “the secret” out.

  10. Have a great weekend Granny, have a girly moment for me πŸ™‚ I am going to chop wood and stack it…gah…

    • Oy Princess….rather you than me!

  11. I have tried to avoid looking at pics of that stupid arrogant bastard. He is ugly dead or alive.

    The last time I decided to cook a fillet I ruined it. I can’t even remember how I cooked it. Sorry, not a cook. You have to watch the movie Bridesmaids but there is mature bits in it. But otherwise really funny! It’s not all girly girl.

    • I am pleased to say it came out well…fried in garlic butter!

  12. Forget the salads.They don’t fill you up and you end up eating more of other things.Just eat more protein-eggs,meat,fish etc and lots of veges.No bread!
    I also find the Gadaffi pictures disturbing but I suppose if there were no pics the conspiracy theorists wouldn’t believe he was dead.

    • Hi bb!!!!
      Thanks so much for popping over.
      Must really visit LD one of these days.

  13. Yah, Granny, I found the photos of Gaddafi disturbing, as well.

    Wendy must be finding all this terribly difficult. I’ll be wrapping her in lots of deep blue light to give her some comfort.

    I’m glad you are being supported, too, Granny!

    • Thanks Souldipper…I can feel it….I am doing great.

  14. Hi Granny. I found the photos of Gaddafi very disturbing but what I found more so were the shots of people celebrating his death. I know he was an evil man, but should we celebrate when somebody dies? Wouldn’t it have been better all round if he had stood trial for what he has done?
    Warm thoughts, sunshine and rainbows coming to Wendy from this side of the planet. πŸ™‚

  15. fillet strifried for SECONDS is wonderful. seared brown outside, pink and juicy inside. with onions and mushrooms already strifried.
    yum yum yum

  16. Hello, Granny. Sorry to have been missing. I can hardly keep up with Postaday. Prayers for Wendy. I, too, am a nervous eater which lately isn’t a good thing. You know, I have no problem with “us” killing the bad guys … I do have a problem with us reveling in it, just like the bad guys would. Take care of yourself.

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