Posted by: granny1947 | October 15, 2011

Granny and the two timing son of a bitch

Hello All.

Despite the title I am a happy Granny.
Hell, I even feel better.

Twenty minutes ago Tom walked in.
After being missing for more than a week.
No explanation.
No apology.
Demanded some treats.
Demanded some love.
Has now gone for a nap(he was a bit put off because the bed has been stripped in preperation for Wendy)

He hasn’t been living off the land.
He is too plump and groomed for that.
He has no ticks.
No…he has NOT been camping.
He has found some other sucker to order around.

I think this stayaway was revenge.
He came home once while I was away.
Saw I wasn’t here.
Thought…”I’ll show her”
The little shyte.
Hell, I love that damn cat.

I didn’t take Jasmine for a walk last evening.
The above pic is from the night before.
There is a blurry spot to the left of the photo.
I thought my eyes had gone wonky.
Then I noticed it was on all of the photos.
I have now cleaned the lens.

The weather is looking a bit suspect but I have promised Jasmine a nice long walk.
We shall go just now.
Then it is off to the shops to stock up with a few treats.
And,I guess, some staples.

THEN I have to tackle the floors.
What with having the flu.
Then losing my voice.
Then going away.
The floor is in dire need of a really good clean.
You can’t do housework when you have lost your voice.
I thought you all knew that!

I woke up in the middle of the night.
And visited a few posts.
The darn vitamins finally kicked in.
Still have a whole heap to pop into.
After the housework.
Save the good stuff for last.



  1. Hello from Canada. Excellent blog, will be back. Love, cat. http;//

    • Hello Cat from Canada….thank you for the visit!

  2. Oh another Canadian girl!!! FUN!! Hi Cat πŸ™‚ I am in BC…

    and Granny, your Tom is adorable, and I think maybe he has you wrapped around his little paw…glad you are a happy girl xoxox

    • Hi Princess…Yep…I am a happy girl…have just come back from the beach…Tom is sitting next to me purring…life is good!

  3. Oh yes, he definitely has you wrapped round his little paw – and you love it!
    Did you eventually tackle the floors?

    • Not yet Barb…haven’t been for a walk either…it is cold.
      Tom ate and had a nap.
      Gone again!!!

      • And now he is back!

  4. I thought at first it was Mex…as you intended, no doubt. Bad Granny πŸ™‚

    Glad Tom is safe and sound.

    I have stored away that vital information about the correlation between housework and laryngitis.


    • Hi Tilly.
      Also housework and bad moods.
      Housework and good moods.
      Housework and bad weather.
      See where I am going here!

  5. I am so happy and relieved to hear that Tom has is always a worry when they do not come home on time.
    Still no news of Kitty, it is now three weeks, so although I would love her to return and make my day..I have to accept that there is a good chance that we shall never see her again. It’s a shame because she was a cat with character and I miss her.
    Stumpy seems to be reformed , even for a while, he goes out in the day , but is always here at night.
    Bless you all, and feel better soon… Maybe Mex would do the floor!

    • Hi P….yes…I am so relieved….I had almost reconciled myself as to his demise…nearly kissed him this morning!

  6. Ya know, at least Tom came home after his act of rebellion was over. My old cat Pookie was so unhappy when we had to move in with my father ten years ago and she became an outdoor cat, she went to live with the affluent neighbors because they let her inside. They still had her last I knew. She always was an opportunistic bitch. πŸ™‚
    As the saying goes, dogs have masters, cats have staff. Your cat apparently gave you a week’s vacation. Now, back to work with the floors and catering to him,woman!

    • And how Morgue….he has been shouting the odds all day!

  7. Glad you’re finally back to your old self. Well, I didn’t mean “old.” I meant former. Glad Tom is back. I hope Wendy has a pleasant visit.

    • Hi Maire…I don’t think it is going to be a fun visit for Wendy…wish Monday was over so we know where we stand.

    • Hahahaha Pseu….Mex’s new mantra…he really hates Tom.

  8. Glad the kitty is back safe and sound. Wish Cin’s bunny had done the same 😦 Sounds like some good things are happening – exciting times! Enjoy a wonderful, peaceful weekend!

    • Thanks Liane…you too love.

  9. The same thing happened to our cat, someone was feeding her and she went missing more and more then one day she never came back.

    • Hi harry…if he does that I will be very annoyed…I have been his servant for about eight damn years.

      • Cats are not very loyal.

      • You’ve got that right Harry….still love the little bugger though.

  10. He’s a two-timing son-of-a-QUEEN! Makes a big difference, actually. πŸ™‚

    Maybe being ignored is the better option to being dug-up and woken-up several times a night for a love-up, which is what has BEEN-up since our return from overseas.

    • You are right Col…woke me up before six this morning for a treat…and it is SUNDAY!!!!

  11. Well, He is a TOM after all…lol
    Bless You

    • Good Morning Paul…why did I have to approve you again?

  12. that cat has you completely taped, and the other family as well probably πŸ˜‰

    only a cat……………….

  13. Way to go,Tom, you expert-energy-reader. You know when to clear out…when you are with someone who is not able to appreciate royalty when it’s purring right under his nose!

    Blessed ticklessness.

    • He is SO happy to be back Souldipper….now I would love to know where he has been!

  14. So glad to hear your cat is back. Now if we can just get Patrecia’s cat to come home!

    • Yes Linda…it is so sad when they just disappear like that…you live in hope they will suddenly reappear.

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