Posted by: granny1947 | October 10, 2011

Granny and are you sure it isn’t Sunday?

Hello All.
I feel like it SHOULD still be Sunday.
I need a nap.

The photo above wouldn’t win any awards but I like it.
And it is MY post.
The mist was pouring in from the sea.
An Egyptian Goose.
A one legged Egyptian Goose. πŸ™‚
A ghostly goose.

Where was I?
Oh yes the news I got while I was away.
My minister died of a heart attack last month.
He was a big part of my life.
And a very small part of my life.
Does that make any sense?

He baptised me in the days of the ark.
He dedicated my kids.
Well, three of them.
No,actually, he did the fourth one too.
But later.

He baptised my first husband.
He married me to my second husband.
He did the funeral service for my second husband.
He married me to husband number three.
I think he dedicated a couple of my grandkids.

So…he featured in my life quite a bit.
On the other hand, in the last ten years we have spoken once.
So,lately, he didn’t feature.

I have fond memories of him.
He was a keen fisherman.
He would often fish off the rocks near our house.
I recall often having to go down to tell him it was times to do youth at the church.
He would say “one more throw”
Eventually, he would toss me the keys and ask me to open up for the kids.

When I phoned him to tell him I was going to marry again he asked me if it was going to formal or informal.
I said informal.
He arrived in jeans and sneakers.
We discussed what we needed and then he said “you know how to do this, if I am late,start without me”

He was lousy at social chitchat.
Unless it was cars,sport or fishing.
However, once he was on the pulpit he could talk up a storm.
I loved his sermons.
They were never boring.

He was different.
He and his wife named their daughter after one of their Persian cats!
You just have to admire someone like that.
I have forgotten her name.
Am sure it wasn’t Kitty.

Picture break……

More of Wendy’s garden.
As promised.

Back to Gerald.
That’s his name.
I am not sad he has passed on.
I am sure he was ready.
If not, he wasted his career.

I am a little put out.
Should I ever decide to remarry who do I call?????

In conclusion.
I bought some pills at the health shop just now.
They are made from Barley and Alfalfa and other wonderful organic stuff.
Oh yes…seaweed.
Supposed to be VERY good for you.
They are green and look like supplements for cows.
I am repeating stagnant pool water!



  1. Sorry to hear about your minister. Sounds as if he lived a pretty full life and was a nice guy.

    • He was very down to earth Maire….my kind of guy!

  2. I like the ghostly goose.

  3. I’m sorry your minister died. If you choose to remarry, I shall become ordained and perform the ceremony for you. Spooky can be flower girl and Jasmine can be ring bearer;)

    • Hi Morgue…aren’t friends just wonderful?
      You can relax,though,marriage is not part of my plans!!!!

  4. I love the first pic! It is full of mystery – yes like a ghostly feel… like a small fisherman’s village with the ghost of an ax murderer that drowned there two hundred years ago, and no one knows if it’s the truth or just a legend. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Sorry to hear about your pastor 😦

    I hope the rest of the week is full of good news and beautiful pictures!

    • Hey Yada…is this a new blog?

      • No, granny, this is one of two that I write. CreativeLee is serious life changing stuff, and Yada is chit-chat over a cup of coffee with friends πŸ™‚ I forgot to change the name… didn’t notice that default… Good of you to have noticed πŸ™‚

      • Hi Yada…can’t take the credit for being observant…I had to approve you!

  5. Lovely pictures today.

    Sorry about your minister but you are right about him.

    • Hi Tilly….yep…not too sad about him…sure he is doing great!

  6. Love the ghostly goose . . . and the garden.

    Glad you have fond memories of your minister to hang on to. πŸ™‚

    • Hi NR…thank you…yes…he was a character…love people like that.

  7. Some nice memories of someone who figured often in your life. You summed him up quite nicely, I think it was the bit about naming his child after his cat that really got me.
    Oh, and, I LOVE the picture of the one-legged goose.

    • Hi Kathy…wish I could remember the name…it was quite unusual!

  8. surely three goes is enough for any woman?

    • Hi Pseu…but I am not just ANY woman!!!
      Hehehe….no marriage plans for this Granny!

      • πŸ™‚

  9. Sounds like the kind of pastor I would appreciate, too. I’ve had a few who I was able to see in all their humanity and it sure makes it easy to love them. He must have done marvelous jobs in all those situations since you didn’t have to go and talk to him! πŸ˜€ My current fav – local & retired is coveting his time as he writes all his historical text books. I told him to note the pages with sex in them so I didn’t have to waste time! He and I fell into hysterics frequently when we worked together!

    • Hi Souldipper….he also sounds like my kind of guy…so….did he mark them for you?

  10. Love the picture of the fog…sorry about your minister though. And I agree with Pseu, why would you marry a fourth time…I can’t even make myself go there twice πŸ™‚


  11. Your minister sounds like he was a gem of a person and I’m sure heaven has welcomed him home with open arms.

    • He was more like a rough diamond EC!!!!

  12. Gran, I must tell you this is your best post (in my humble opinion) EVER! Loved it – the humour, and the pathos(?). Love you!

    • Thanks so much Adee…high praise from you.
      Love you too girl…now get better!

  13. So nice that you have a connection with your minister that goes so far back. Sounds like he was a nice solid guy.

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