Posted by: granny1947 | October 4, 2011

Granny’s Tuesday Trip

Hello All.

So…this is how I spent my lunchbreak today.
Sitting in the sun.

Watching while my car was cleaned.
She was so dirty it took them nearly an hour and a half.
They vacuumed up a sandpit and three small dogs.
I swear I heard the car whimper with delight.
Or maybe that was me.

I got a little bored so I wandered across the road.
And took this shot.

Isn’t that colour stunning?
If I wasn’t such an upstanding citizen I would have picked some for home.

It was low tide on the beach last evening.
No exciting waves.
Just a lovely spring evening.

The car is now so clean I think Jasmine will have to run behind the car to the beach tonight!

Jasmine gave me a scare on Saturday night.
Mex pointed out a lump on her face.
I felt it.
Big and rock hard.
I thought “shyte”.
Visions of massive vet bills.
The next morning it had gone.
Then I remembered I had given her a huge bone from the roast pork.
She must have had a piece of bone in her cheek.
Damn dog thinks she is a squirrel.

Talking of dogs.
Cindy sent me this today.
I don’t know how to do a pingback.
I am sure she won’t mind.
It SO appealed to my sense of humour.
Hope the language does not offend.

OK…before I get into any more trouble I shall leave you.


  1. You have a cute car, Kathy

  2. Your posts make my day! Love, Me

  3. Why don’t you get a cover for your back seat?
    I am still laughing about that picture, it looks so much like Lulubelle that I did a double-take, she is such a scaredy-cat … bwahahaha! xxx

  4. LOL That’s a *hysterical* photo!!! I love it! We have a waterproof cover for the back seat of our car, so when we take Daisy somewhere and she gets in with dirty or muddy feet, it doesn’t affect our car seats at all. It’s thick and specifically made to protect the seats from dog messes. We just wipe or shake any dirt or mud off the cover. It hooks over the headrests in the back and covers the entire seat and back. Cost less than $10 US but is worth much more to us, since our car’s interior is light grey!

    Beautiful flowers!

  5. Thanks for the laugh! makes me think of Dasch running into the sea the first time, got caught by a wave, then returned surfing on top of a wave, never to go close to the sea again 😉

    • Hi My Love…great to see you you…when re you coming down our way?

  6. No offence taken,
    what a wonderful picture of your car and I loved that little ole doggy

    • Hi P. I just loved the pic…had to share it!

  7. Granny the best thing to do is leave the dog at home when you go out, then your car will be nice and clean 😆

    Where is the blogroll ??

    • Hi Harry…due to emetgency the blogroll is going to have to wait.

      • I fully understand granny, i hope your friend gets sorted out.

      • Thanks Harry…will get back into stride soon.

  8. I don’t even know where to start. What a fantastic post. Loved the flowers and the f*cking fish. 😀

    • Hehehe NR…knew we had something in common!

  9. I too had my car at the valets a couple of weeks ago. They cleaned the inside and cut and polished the exterior so it looked like new. then Lotte and I went to the beach! What else is there to say.
    Oh and I love the dog photo. Lotte wont even go into the water, she hates it so she wont get touched by that fish. 🙂

    • Hi Judith…Jasmine would have a heart attack if anything strange touched her!

  10. Priceless cartoon! I can identify. A snake touched me once and I still will not go in the lake. Yes, a safe little garter snake, but who cares.

    I also choked on my hummus when you talked about Jasmine and her bone. I could see you madly poking around this lump and Jasmine sitting there saying, “You’re not gettin’ my bone!”

    • Hi Souldipper…yep…she was not giving up a thing!

  11. Loved the photo of the dog!

  12. granny-I can always count on you making me laugh-this was hilarious !! Poor Jasmine-whatever it was– scared the “pee pee” out of her!! The picture of the water is beautiful-clear as ice !! “Beautiful” – Love the cute little yellow bug !! cute little car for driving on the beach. 🙂

    • Hi Penny….never drive the car ON the beach but I do love it!

  13. LOL Thats funny. I would say the same thing. Such a cute little yellow car, how cheerful.

  14. Your car is just right for you, cute Granny. Those flowers are gorgeous. I never pluck flowers , but I’ve uprooted saplings from public gardens , sometimes much to the embarassment of my kids. I know…I know..

    That cartoon brought an instant smile. Thanks for sharing:-)

    • Hello Nadira….the voice is back in full swing!!!

  15. I hope you’ce got back your voice.

  16. Sorry to have been away so long … things have been busy. Good to see you’re still making trouble and posting questionable language. Love the picture!!

    • Hi Bud…great to see you again…I have missed you.

  17. LOL, that dog is so funny,..and that car is so YOU!!!, and those flowers, and colors, yes, are so vibrantly stunning…Oh, and tell that old scots irish pensioner I added him to my blogroll, as partitioned, and I ain’t heard from him on my site since… Old Naked, Butt Scratching, middle of the night, blog writing…hey, where’s my pants…I feel a breeze in here…
    Bless You

    • Hehehe Paul….the car is me….outrageous!

  18. We are so privileged to have our cars washed like that in South Africa. In the States it is a non-existent luxury. You have to wash your own car, or they have the drive through, machine washing bays. I don’t like that – don’t prefer it. It is times like that when I miss South Africa. That, and when you have to put petrol in your own car. They’ve also not got meters on their tire pressure points. You have to drive around with a little device in the cubbyhole. The little things, I tell ya.

    The spring pics are simply beautiful. With my transitioning between SA and the States I haven’t seen a Spring in two years; it is my favorite season!

    HaHa That dog got one HELL of a fright! 😀

    • Hi Yada…thank heavens for the car wash….my car would be permanently filthy.

  19. Too funny! the poor dog.

    Did you find that your car ran better after you had it cleaned? I swear mine always does!

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