Posted by: granny1947 | September 30, 2011

Granny and mute Friday

Hello All.

So…for the first time in my life…I can’t talk.
I think Mex is quite enjoying it.
I felt much better on Wednesday.
I took Mex out for supper.
My voice started to go a bit strange.
Stranger than normal.
Then I coughed all night.
Woke up and all I could manage was a pathetic little squeak.

I went to work.
My staff tried their best not to laugh.
My boss DID laugh but he was kind.
I went off to see sexy Doc at ten.
Who looked at my throat and said “ouch”
Which was strange.
I hadn’t done anything to him.
He prescribed antibiotics and booked me off until Monday.

Mex had gone out for the day with a friend.
I snuggled under the duvet with a book.
Read and slept.
Grandson popped by and picked up dogpoop and took Jasmine for a walk.
You have to love that boy.

Today I am hoping the granddaughter is coming.
I am supposed to be cooking a big roast dinner.
We have friends coming over to celebrate Mex’s birthday.
Oh hell…I hope I am not contagious.
Mex is sweating.
He is not a talker.
He will HAVE to talk.

Before I go.
OK Harry….I do see the html thing.
But now I have forgotten your directions.
Will have to go back and look.
I WILL do the Versatile blogger thingy this weekend.

Now I shall go back to bed.
Try not to feel guilty about not being at work.
It is working.
No guilt here.


  1. πŸ™‚
    Get better soon, Granny. Enjoy the time in bed too – a rare luxury.

    • Morning Madmom….have not been over to LD in yonks…are you still posting?

  2. Glad it hasn’t affected your typing.

    Is it Mex’s birthday today, 30th September?

    Feel better soon.

    • Morning Tilly….thank heavens for computers or I would be feeling very left out.
      Yep…it is indeed his birthday today.

      • Mine too! Tell him happy birthday from me xx

      • Happy,happy,happy Tilly!

      • And my mom’s birthday. What a special day!

        Feel better soon!

      • Wow…so many celebrations NR!!!

  3. Oh poor Granny, I am so sorry that you are poorly.
    I lost my voice ONCE when I was a child. I can remember going to the theatre with my Mother. I was ok when we started out from home but by the time we got to the theatre I was complete silence.
    Have no fear it will return!

    Happy Birthday Mex! 21 again eh?

    • Oh I hope not Patrecia…I don’t want a toyboy!

  4. Thanks Granny

  5. I hope you feel better fast, Granny! I was always told that you’re not contagious after you’re on antibiotics for 24 hours, hopefully that’s true. A big roast dinner, eh? Sounds yummmmmmmy – got an extra place at the table? πŸ˜‰

    • Hi RD…am putting a place down for you now…fly on over…might have to pop it in the microwave!

  6. PS- Happy birthday to Mex! Coincidentally, today is my husband’s birthday also, as well as one of my dearest friend’s. Pretty popular day! πŸ™‚

    • Happy birthday to your hubby too!

  7. Hope you get your voice back soon, Kathy.

    • Thanks Maire…I don’t feel too bad…except for no voice.

  8. Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, enjoy the rest. I’m sure it’s good for something πŸ™‚

    • Hi Yada…I am not feeling too bad…just speechless!!!

  9. Feel better! That should be an interesting dinner.

  10. Hope you’re feeling better by now xxx

    • Thanks Cindy…much,much better.

  11. take care of that voice box.

    • Thanks Pseu…it is much better…gruff and sexy…well that is my story!

  12. Hope you recorded your attempt to sing Happy Birthday. Did you sound like Louis Armstrong? πŸ˜€

    • Hehehe Souldipper…Louis would have been jealous!

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