Posted by: granny1947 | September 28, 2011

Granny goes Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Hello All.

The above picture was taken by someone at work,last weekend.
At about the same time today, there was a shark attack at Fishhoek beach.
I believe a guy has had his leg chomped off.
This is the beach  where my DIL takes my granddaughter.
Despite many a dire warning from me.
I have forwarded the photo on to her.(can you guys see the fin behind the boat?)

I cannot relate to anyone swimming in water occupied by great white sharks.
Or great white anythings…..
Those things can be almost the size of that boat.
I had,vaguely, considered taking that boat to Simonstown one day.
I have had a change of heart.
I can think of better ways of going.
In my sleep like my grandfather.
Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car.
Sorry…one of my favourite jokes.
I have a dark side.

Talking about idiots.
I took the next shot on my home last evening.

See the black speck just below the back wave?
Another moron.
Do these people have no fear?
Or does that just come with age?

Which leads me to something else.
I have mentioned before that we have a huge Virgin Active Gym next door to us here.
Their branch in a nearby suburb has closed for renovations and this one has been exceptionally busy.
So much so that parking has become a problem.
They appear to have rented an open piece of ground a hundred yards down the road.
For the overflow.
They are running a golfcart up and down the road.
Ferrying people from their cars.
100 yards!!!!
These are people going to gym.
Just how unfit are they for heavens sake?

And in closing a photo I rather like.
It was hazy.

The sea was boiling.
I love to watch it.
From a safe distance.

Now…back to work



  1. I don’t understand the people who have to park so close to the gym where they are going to work out anyway. We have had sharks that come in pretty close to shore in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why I don’t go out too far. I’d rather walk on the beach. Which I will in 10 days. Yay!

    • That sounds great Maire…how long are you going for?

  2. We’ve had sharks on our public beaches this summer too, and that’s unheard of here. What’s going on?! Are they suddenly seeing beaches as their own personal butcher shops? (Ick. Sorry for that one.)

    We also see idiots surfing just before a hurricane rolls in. When the tropical storm portion is upon us, anywhere along the coast, there they are. Always at least one dies, yet no one learns. Go figure. These are the people who are helping to elect our politicians….hmmmmm, I think we may have a link here…. 😉

    That’s funny about people being shuttled to the gym only 100 yards away! I guess they don’t want to exert more energy than they need to LOL.

    You sound like you’re feeling better today!

    • Hi RD…I was up coughing at three this morning but feel much better now. Just as well as I am taking Mex out for supper tonight…it is his birthday on Friday but we are going today….I have friends coming around for supper on Friday.
      About the sharks…there have been quite a few sightings here too…apparently the beach had been closed so he really asked for it.
      He has lost one leg above the knee and part of the other foot.

  3. That’s why I only paddle in the sea here.

    • Me too Sue…me too!

  4. Surely there are notices up about there being sharks in the area? If people still go in the water then I am afraid they deserve what they get.

    People take such risks with their lives and life is so fragile..once it’s gone , it’s gone…there’s no coming back..

    as for the gym, they should be ashamed , not only the persons providing the transport but also the silly idiots who ride 100 yards up the road.

    See ya tomorrow granny..lots of love

    • Hi Patrecia…yes…apparently the beach had been closed…he is an

  5. I’ve always wondered about such daredevilry. Is it for that one moment of glory or just a challenge to themselves..what for…if you’re likely to lose your life..or is that high all that they want from life ? We , Granny , will never understand. So let’s just stick to safely walking along the beach and clicking photos. preponed Mex’s birthday treat ‘cos it was getting in the way of your get -together with your friends? he must be a really accomodating guy. Or you just bulldoze him around?

    • Hi Nadira…no,no,no…the dinner tonight is in his honour!!!!

  6. Well, we all DIE . . . but how many of us really LIVE?

    * When we aren’t willing to risk anything . . . we risk everything.

    * Boats are safe in harbor, but that’s not what boats are for. ~ Michael Lillie

    • Happy Birthday to Mex! Enjoy your supper.

    • Hi NR…that is great….I love it.

  7. that first picture… amazing.

    • Thanks Pseu….now I will have to go back and look…can’t remember which ones I put up!

  8. Granny, South Africa is amazing. You show me how safety seems scarce! If it isn’t baboons or snakes, it’s water life that threatens in a number of ways. Then there’s the politicians… 🙂 When I think of my time there, I must have been a very lucky “Mrs. Magoo”!

    I guess those finicky safari guides and tour guides earned their money well!! 😀

    • Hi Souldipper…you forgot Mad grannies…the most dangerous species of the lot.

  9. I think I may take up THAT type of swimming with sharks. I bet it would leave me more spleen than my present method of swimming with sharks, ie, visiting my family! I was missing you so I thought I’d put in my snarky two cents worth. Mwuuuuh!

    • Hey you…great to see you here…have missed you too…must pop over and see if you have posted…I don’t seem to be getting all my notifications anymore.

  10. Some people have no sense – swimming where sharks are and going out into strong waves/surf. Standing on the shore and taking photos is the right thing to do! Excellent photos again Granny.

    • Thanks Elaine and I agree with you one hundred percent.

  11. I’ll stick to Glencairn beach, thanks!

    • I’ll just stay on land Cindy!

  12. And he was warned, and the siren had gone off and the shark warning no swimming flags were up!
    So two over sixty people further risked their lives to save him who would not listen!
    Beautiful pics!! Love the last one

    • I know MissCrhis….I guess it is that “it only happens to other people” syndrome.

  13. They say it’s when you can’t see the fin that you should worry…

    • Hi Tilly….if i saw a fin I would worry…no doubt about that!

  14. I so love the sea as well, and these are awesome photos.
    Bless You

    • Thanks so much Paul….I am so in awe of the power of the sea.

  15. Exercise is good for you! I would, however, rather exercise outside instead of inside if I can manage it.

    • Hmmmmmmmm Yada…my idea of exercise is a stroll on the beach!

      • And a great idea that is! 🙂

  16. A five year old was bitten on the leg by a shark at our beach. No one ever thinks of sharks there but they are. I will stay on land.

    • Hi Linda…we have great whites here…they don’t just bite…they take the whole leg…like you…I will stay on the land.

  17. They showed that shark attack on the news here.

    • Hi Elaine….the more I read about that attack the more I am convinced the guy was an idiot.

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