Posted by: granny1947 | September 23, 2011

Granny’s this and that Friday

Hello All.

As you can see the Huskie brigade were back last evening.
Or is that Husky?
Yes, I think Husky looks better.
I wanted to ask them about their dogs but they were going at such a lick,I gave up on that idea.
Once again I checked out the dogs.
They looked happy.

I received this in my spam mail,yesterday.

I’ll be reviewing backside in many nights for most a lot more revisions.

I am getting a headache trying to figure it out.
Without my mind descending into the gutter.
Any ideas?

I was tagged by Elaine to do a list of Fours.
I have tried to copy it but it isn’t working.
Anyway, here goes.

Four places I go.

1. Work
What can I say….I don’t have a life.

Four crushes I have:

I reckon when you reach 65 you kinda outgrow crushes.
I don’t have to say Mex.
He doesn’t read my blog.
He can’t even switch the computer on.

Four smells that I love:

1.Newly cut grass.
4.Food…any kind of food I haven’t had to cook(even curry)

Four favourite TV shows:

1.Days of our lives.
2.The Bold and the beautiful.
3.all my children.
4.The Oprah Winfrey show.
If you believe any of the above, then you will believe anything!

Four Favourite Movies.
Oh good grief.

1)What Women want.
2.As good as it gets.
3.Pretty Woman.
4.There must be more but they escape me….that is NOT the name of a movie.

Four Recommendations:

1. Never give recommendations…if they go wrong you will be blamed.
I rest my case.

The next one is to choose four people you would like to do this quiz.
That means you have to put in links.
I am lazy.
I am going to skip this one.
Sue me.

Have a great weekend.



  1. You are food for my soul, Granny! xxxx

    • Awww Madmom…what a lovely thing to say…hope I don’t give you indigestion!

  2. I’m with you on the lists — I hate getting those things — it always seems like you’re put on the spot and then I compare my answers to everyone else’s and find mine lacking somehow. So, I go away from them feeling somehow inadequate. anyway. . .

    have a great weekend!

    Huskies on a beach — love it!

    • Hi Klrs…cindy is brilliant at doing these things…such a quick mind.

      • My first thought is that I would do the list even if you didn’t tag me 😉 Sorry about the flu, do you have a husky voice?

      • I always have a husky voice…smoking does that to one.

  3. Haha I KNEW you weren’t a soapie! (I think half those shows are off the air now anyway LOL) I SO agree with your recommendations comment, especially when it comes to restaurants. You can go to a restaurant 50 times and each time it’ll be perfectly wonderful, then you recommend it to a friend and it has its first bad night. Go figure.

    Have a great weekend Granny!

    • Are they really off the air now RD?
      Mex will be devastated!

  4. Thank goodness for that! I would be petrified if I had one of those to do. I don’t do films, or watch TV very much I don’t do much of anything except read posts on my computer
    A good one Granny. Have a great week end

    love Patrecia

    • Me neither Patrecia…can’t remember the last movie I saw.
      You have a great weekend too,love.

  5. Giggle-giggle! Hope you enjoy your weekend, granny!

    • Thanks Yada…think I am getting the flu…might spend the weekend in bed…that doesn’t sound too bad,though!

  6. So often there is nothing I have to say in response to these made-up generic questions. well done for some of those answers 😉

    • Hi Sidey…am coming down with the flu…can’t believe it!

      • it’s a new flu called spring flu, designed to make you wish it was the middle of winter so being in bed is just what the weather ordered

  7. Enjoyed this post muchly, Granny.

    I felt a twinge of dismay as I read through your favorite TV shows . . . thinking, Really? Granny? Certainly not?

    I smiled at your punchline . . . as I do at most of your punchlines.

    Now . . . mush!

    • I am mortally offended NR….you doubted me…even for a moment!

  8. Your fours were fun! Thanks for joining in. I’m impressed that you thought of them so quickly – I had to take a while to think of mine and really search my brains for some of them!
    I can’t work out what your spam mail might mean – after hauling my brain out of the gutter. Maybe someone’s looking for extra English evening classes!

  9. Funny.

  10. Phew, thank gawd I don’t have to re-organize my whole concept of Granny! The TV shows…you are such a crack-up, Granny. I hope that expression means “fun and full of beans” over there, too! Thanks for not sending that quiz my way.

    • Hi Souldipper….please don’t change your concept.
      What IS your concept?

  11. Not Husky, Husky!

    I love your crazy spam message. I’m genuinely intrigued: where do they come from, how do they generate? SOMEone has to type the words, surely? What the hell is spam & how does it happen? I want to know!

    Work, beach, work, beach. Sounds pretty balanced to me 🙂

    Aah, Granny. You always make me smile. Noeleen

    (you’re not actually working at 65, are you??)

    • Hi Noeleen…I am indeed still working fulltime. I turn 65 in April….sigh.

  12. I am an expert Spam translator:

    I’ll be reviewing backside in many nights for most a lot more revisions.

    You have a gorgeous bottom; I like looking at it.

    • I didn’t know you cared Tilly!!!!

  13. What can I say, I love huskies and you can show pics of them every day!

  14. granny you can always add a little smile to my day, your posts always brings a little humor to my life. 🙂 Huskies are the most beautiful of their lot !!

    • I am so glad Penny…I like to make people smile.

  15. Those Huskies sledding down the beach is crazy cool. You ought to capture it on video and post it on Youtube. It’s sure to be a big hit.
    I like your lists, you gave me a good chuckle. Thanks so much.

    • Hi EC…I am going to take a picture of my tomato plant and post it…I need your advice.

  16. I granted you the “Versatile Blogger Award”

    Have Fun

  17. You have won!!!

  18. PS – I forgot to say ‘Congratulations’!

  19. my 4 favourite tv shows
    star trek
    Doc martin

    and turning the tv off

    • Hi Sidey…when Mex is away the TV does not even go on…when he is here it is never off…his security blanket.

  20. Oh, you bad bad girl you… Speaking of spam, I keep getting a call from some teenage girls with an Illinois phone number, and all they say is: Do you have a large supply of food”? I wouldn’t say I keep a LARGE amount on hand, but, apparently more than some folks with nothing better to do than spam folks, and make prank calls without the slightest hint of a punch line, have brains.
    God Bless You
    Now, go watch Oprah…heh

    • Hehehe Paul…I actually watched Dr.Phil today….I really MUST get back to work.

  21. […] seen on Granny’s blog, my list of […]

  22. nearly chocked on your TV choice – are they still on?

    • I have no idea Tandy…I watch so little TV…would have to ask Mex!

  23. I watch, cooking shows, pawn stars, American pickers, and Antique Roadshow… ( Not Religiously Though) that’s about it… except for setting in for the occasional movie, which,,,have been not really worth settling in for lately.

    • Hehehe Paul…Pawn stars…we don’t get that here. 🙂

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