Posted by: granny1947 | September 21, 2011

Granny …and is it really Wednesday?

Hello All.

I haven’t posted for a couple of days.
Did you notice?
First, I had nothing to say.
Then I was in such a bad mood I thought I should just shut up.

I couldn’t get onto my e-mail last night.
It kept asking me for a password.
A network password.
In desperation I phoned my service provider.
This is always a LAST resort.
The guy informed me I did not have an e-mail account.
I said…
Then where does all my mail come from?
Why do I pay every month?
He was adamant.
No e-mail account.
Gave me a number to phone today.
The same number I had just phoned him on.
That was when I realised I was dealing with a moron.

My granddaughter has been fiddling with her cellphone.
Connected it to my computer.
In my old brain I was convinced this had something to do with it.
Tonight I got her to connect her phone.
Then I disabled her connection to me.
I have mail.
Wish I had taken the moron’s name.
Would like to blow him a raspberry.

Today I changed WP to send notifications to my gmail account.
Now I will have to change it all again.
Maybe I should just leave it there.
I will give it some thought.

It has been a long day.
Jasmine woke me at 4:45.
On the upside I left early for work.
Stopped and took a couple of pictures for you.
Here is another.




Okey Dokey…the picture is not showing.
Have no idea why.
Maybe it will show when I publish.
And maybe not.

They announced,yesterday, that our public works department has found three billion rand in tender fraud.
Yep…three billion.
I have to write that in full.
Don’t know how many noughts to put in.
They are still digging.
There will be more to come.
What can I say.
Just ONE department.

Now I think I shall head for bed.
Oh hell…7:30pm.
Maybe I should wait a while.




  1. American or UK billion? … I think they have a different number of noughts

    • Hi Pseu…devide three billion by seven and a half to get $….still a hell of a lot of money and still rising!

      • “A billion, in America, is a thousand million. That would be written like this:

        If we wanted to make a book with a billion dollar signs, printed 1000 per page as before and with pages printed on both sides, our book would be 500,000 pages long.Now that’s a very long book!

        Interestingly, in England, the British define a billion as a million million. That would be 1,000,000 times 1,000,000 which would be written like this:
        1,000,000,000,000 ”

        That’s what I was driving at!

  2. Three billion! I wouldn’t mind that just about now… if only I wasn’t so darn honest! haha

    If there is one thing that irritates me though, incompetence! The stupidity that sometimes flow so freely from some lips… What I usually do is to smile and say thank you. Then I ring off and phone again, hoping to speak to someone else in the service center – not telling them that I just spoke to someone else – hoping that they’ll give me a different answer. More often than not it has worked rather well πŸ™‚

    Nope, no luck on the 2nd picture showing…

    • Damn Yada…wonder what I have done wrong now re the picture…I deleted it and reloaded it three times!

  3. It made me feel better that even though you are thousands of miles away , you too had problems with your computer.
    I have had a whole day of it, and I keep thinking it is me, so I fiddle then I don’t know what I have fiddled with so cannot remember how to undo it.

    Like you I shall be glad when today is over… Yes Granny I DID MISS YOU

    • You are brave Patrecia…I am too scared to fiddle for that very reason!

  4. 3 billion, now my blood pressure is 3 billion high!

    • Want one of my pills Sidey?

  5. Welcome back to computer land.

    • Thank you Maire…I still don’t have much to say!

  6. Oh I HATE dealing with SP reps! The last time I had a major email issue, I called and was connected to someone in India who thought he could fool callers by using an American-sounding name. With a strong Indian accent, he swore he was located in the US but couldn’t put anyone else on the line who could communicate better. Right. Then he answered a question I never asked. I told him so. I told him what I needed to know. He said, “Will that be all for today?” I said “You didn’t deal with my problem at all.” He said “I’m glad I could be of help.” For this I sat on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a rep? I was at my wits’ end and got a bit abusive out of frustration, which I never do, then hung up. Finally fixed the problem myself, but it took days to figure it out. They all hire idiots.

    You were in a bad mood? I can’t imagine you ever being in a bad mood!

    Billions of rand through fraud, eh? Do you think they’ll fix the problem or just learn how to do it better next time so they won’t get caught? πŸ˜‰

    • Oh My word…RD….I don’t think they actually listen…just read from a list of replies!

      • p.s. RD…it is like our police stats…they announce that attempted murder has decreased…yeah right…now they have perfected it and it has become murder and NOT attempted murder.

  7. Send him a raspberry from your e-mail account:


    Or, better yet, send him 2:

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    • Morning NR…I would have sent him one if I had his name.
      Or his e-mail address.
      Or…if I thought he would understand the irony.

  8. The service provider guy sounds a right eedjit!
    Raisingdaisy is right, they will just keep at it until they don’t get caught. Hope you slept well, love you xxx

    • I slept like a log Cindy.
      Love you too.

  9. Hey I call what you were in a “funk” and I am over mine’s like every month I get into one. I think it’s the older we get. Either way we both will get through them. Have a delightful day. Jackie πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Jackie…a funk…what a lovely word.

  10. Is Granny feeling a wee bit tetchy today? xx

    • Oh…so you noticed then Tilly…it is Friday…the mood has improved.

  11. I hate having to phone my service provider, or anything technical. I’m sure they have special training in deliberately misunderstanding the situation!

    I have linked to you in a post – I’d love to read your ‘Fours’.

  12. Don’t you just love modern technology !!!! πŸ™‚ We have to keep a sense of humor about it all or we would go mad !!!! πŸ™‚

    • Too late Penny…I am there already!

  13. You are so funny, wish we lived next door to each other.

    • wouldn’t that be great Linda…we would never get anything done!

  14. Way to go, Granny. Mighty good feeling to resolve the problem oneself! Laughed myself silly about it being too early to go bed! I’ve sometimes done the same thing, then noticed it’s 2:00 a.m.! Ye Gads.

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