Posted by: granny1947 | September 19, 2011

Granny has a steam bath.

Hello All.

So, there I was last night.
Minding my own business.
And waiting for the steamcleaner to reach it’s right temperature.
And thinking…hmmmmmmm…it’s making more noise than usual.

I was standing right next to it and was enveloped in steam.
I stood transfixed.
Waiting for some pain.
I only moved when water started dripping on my head from the ceiling.
I hadn’t intended cleaning the ceiling.
Just the carpet and the kitchen floors.
But,hey, we now have a nice clean ceiling too.

P, by the way, nearly wet herself she got such a fright.
Wouldn’t go within ten feet of the thing.
Which was difficult.
We have a very small lounge.

Jasmine didn’t give a damn.

A couple of people of have shown interest in the talk I had with the teenager on Saturday.
They want to know what I told him.
OK…I will spill the beans.
I told him there is no such thing as sex.
That the stork brought him.

I had a dreadful start to my day.
My cellphone alarm went off at five thirty.
There is only one button that turns off the snooze.
What are the odds of hitting that ONE button with your eyes closed?
Mex woke me at twenty to seven.
I flew out of bed and into the shower.
I HAD to wash my hair.
Somehow, I managed to dry my hair,put on make-up,get dressed,drink my coffee,get my breakfast ready and leave by five past seven.
My brain has still not caught up with my body.

I sent the Frenchman a picture of the whales this morning.
To show him what he missed.
This is what I got back.

Ou la la.


Please say to the whale I come back immediately!





He is sweet.

Now my lunch is over.
Catch you on the flipside.


  1. I also wanna come to the cape to the whales 😦
    Good answer to grandson!!

    • Hehehe MissChris…somehow I don’t think that answer would have done the trick!

  2. I’m glad the Frenchman liked the whales. I’m also glad you weren’t hurt by the steam. I hope your brain catches up with the rest of you after the morning.

    • It’s getting there slowly Maire…my rumbling tummy taking over!

  3. LOl — sorry you got wet, but that is funny! And the note from the Frenchman? Nice.

    Hope your week becomes less frazzled.

    • Hehe thanks Kathy…I am quite laid back right now.

  4. so glad you only got wet and not burnt

    • Thanks Sidey…just a little steamed. πŸ™‚

  5. I bet you looked a sorry sight with water dripping from the ceiling..but what a laugh!

    Poor Grandson now believes storks bring babies..what about all the fun he will be missing waiting for a stork!

    I hope you wrote back to Mister Bruno and when you do stick a couple of kisses on it from me. I am very fond of French cuisine and I feel sure that he and I could rake up quite a dish!

    • Patrecia!!!!
      You don’t really believe I told him that????
      No…I know you don’t.
      I didn’t reply to the cutie…maybe I should.

  6. Uh…of course you should reply πŸ™‚ I hate getting ready to go in a hurry, it totally messes up your whole day…

    I checked on your subscription to the new site too Granny, it says you have to validate your email for it to complete, and what browser are you using? Bren said that could be why it is super slow, I think I have all the kinks out, well for now anyway. I also put up a way to add it to your wordpress feeder that is really easy on my wordpress blog, there is a link to it on the last post, let me know how you make out!! xoxo

  7. You got ready for work in less than half an hour?! I KNEW you were Superwoman!!

    Funny story about the steam cleaner! I’m glad you weren’t burned by the steam.

    Little does the Frenchman know that we’re all saying Ou La La about him and not the whale…. πŸ˜‰

  8. Cleaning house is dangerous. Glad you survived the steam bath.

    Ou la la!

  9. Hey, I didn’t know there were others like me… stork babies… hmm haha

  10. I’m glad you told the teen the truth πŸ™‚

    Make sure you catch my third post today.

  11. Did you blush upon realizing the Ou La La was for you?! πŸ˜€

  12. Ou La La Granny, you’re quite a happening woman!! I’m so glad the steam did do you any harm.

  13. Ok Granny, I put up a new post! πŸ™‚

  14. Grief, thank goodness you didn’t get injured. Please be careful! xxx

    • Nothing like an adrenalin rush Cindy.

  15. I need to borrow your steam cleaner and steam all my millions of wrinkles away – or maybe I should use the steam iron? I must really look a sight – prob dehydrated like a prune, lol!

    • My solution Adee….don’t look in the mirror!

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