Posted by: granny1947 | September 17, 2011

Granny has a whale of a time

Hello All.

So I picked up my granddaughter yesterday.
And we saw whales on the way home.
Boy did we see whales.
Loads of them.
Or should I say tons of them.

I could have spent an hour watching them.
However,P kept asking how much longer we were going to be.
Teenagers have no appreciation for nature.

Then, this afternoon a grandson(who shall remain nameless) asked me about sex.
Whether quantity or size would make a difference.
How to make sure it is GOOD sex.

I kept a straight face.
No,really, I DID.
In my mind I was going Eeeeeeeek.
Then I took a deep breath and told him.

I LOVE that he feels comfortable enough to ask me.
I think.

It has been a glorious day.
Jasmine and I had a wonderful walk.
I am sure you would rather hear what I told him.
My lips are sealed.
Unless you pay me!

Tomorrow we are expecting rain and gales.
Perfect weather to do some cleaning.
Need to steamclean the carpets.
The renting agent is coming around after work on Monday.
A bit of dusting wouldn’t hurt either.

On that Spring note I shall leave you.
Have a great weekend.


How did a search for three sides and no roof find my blog?



  1. Three sides and no roof? Too big to fit? So size does count, eh?
    Love you xxx

    • Hi Cindy…I cannot think of a single thing that would have pointed them to my blog.
      Did you know there is porn site called Granny1947…the mind boggles.

  2. oh I missed the fact that this is a porn site. I am blonde!

    • Hi Sidey…so you didn’t see the baboon?????

  3. HAHAHA! There is also a porn site for brownie girl……thats why I had to call mine browniegirlblog in the url…..The whales have been amazing. Your photos are stunning esp that top one. I am sending my grandsons to you one day 🙂 Love you xx

    • Don’t even THINK of sending your boys to me Colleen!!!!!

  4. You may be the best Grandmother in the blogoshpere!

  5. How is it that teens can talk to their grandparents about sex, my granddaughter used to ask me questions and i always answered her calmly and with the truth.

    • You just answered your own question Harry!

  6. I will give you 10 leva!!!

    • And just howe much is that in my currency P?

  7. Glad you had a whale of a time . . . have fun with the spring cleaning.

    • Don’t be silly NR…fun and springcleaning in the same sentence?

  8. It’s nice that your grandson feels comfortable enough with you to ask you questions about sex that he probably doesn’t ask his parents. It’s a real compliment. What a good granny you are!

    • Not such a good granny Maire…just love the boy so much.

  9. See, nothing at all inadequate about you as a grandma, Granny…or, unless maybe you answered by saying how much SIZE matters, or something…lol Just Kidding.
    God Bless You

    • Morning Paul…you mean size DOESN’T matter?Hehehe

  10. Better ask you than some others nowadays. Heaven knows what the kids are told? Those whales are a beautiful sight! Wonderful 🙂

    • Oh good Yada…YOU can see whales!

  11. Granny, you are a big fat tease ||||||||||||) What on earth is that??? You are not going to believe me, but my fingers slipped and I do not know how that little image ended up here. Seriously! If you can tell me how that was done, please do! I’m sure the Guides don’t do pictures of penii!!

    Oh dear. Biting men and now this!

    • What on earth are you seeing Souldipper?
      My whale looks like a penis?
      Freud would have a field day with you. 😉

  12. Wow, what a lot of whales!
    I remember the teenage lack of interest in the world around – my parents were forever hoping that I would be interested in the views as we went on touring holidays… all I wanted to do was read my book!

  13. Whales later. How on earth did you manage to keep a straight face with that question from your grandson?! I would have fallen over on the ground with that one. You did good though. Really really good. Well wait, I don’t I don’t know what you told him 🙂

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