Posted by: granny1947 | September 16, 2011

Granny’s Friday Fathomings

Hello All.

On my walk,last evening, I looked inwards.
Not into my mind you understand.
That is a bit too cluttered.
Inland i.e. away from the beach.
For the first time I really took notice of the housing estate nearby.

These are multimillion rand homes.
They are huge.
They have spectacular views.
I counted eight of them all closed up.
Holiday homes for the rich and famous.
Eight from where I was standing on the beach.
There are probably loads more of them.

What do their other homes look like?
They must be incredibly wealthy.
Or hugely in debt.
But it is not the value so much.
It is having a stunning home like this and visiting it once or twice a year.
Are they living in the ratrace of Johannesburg, fighting to make more and more money?
How much money is enough?
Do they plan to retire down here?
Washed out and braindead.

In other, not important news, it is my middle grandchild’s birthday today.
I had to work it out.
He is,indeed, the middle one.
There are three older and three younger.
He is 17 today.
That is the downside of not being on speaking terms with his mother.
I miss him and his brother.
He DID,however, reply to my e-mail.
It made my day.
Happy birthday Josh.
Love you very much.

My boss appears to be in a very bad mood.
I am avoiding him.
It seems to be working.

I am fetching 17 year old granddaughter on the way home.
She is coming to me until Wednesday.
A dogpoop picker upper.
Jasmine is going to be a happy pooch.
She adores her.

OK…that’s it folks.
I have the Friday feeling.
Brain is already shutting down.

Oh wait….

One more photo from the reserve the other day.



  1. I hope you get to see more of your grandson even though you and his mother are not on speaking terms. I know how that is.

    • I can’t see it happening any time soon Maire.
      If I leave Cape Town next year I will be unlikely to see much of any of my grandkids.

  2. Happy Birthday Josh!

    Have a great weekend Granny, Jasmine and Mex and grandaughter

    • Thanks Patrecia….you too love.

  3. I’m so glad your grandson answered your email. You know, he may just start talking to you regularly once he’s an adult. Lots of times kids see how wrong their parents are in these situations and bypass them to begin a new relationship with the grandparents. It just might work out in the long term. You’re doing the right thing by keeping in touch with him, even if it’s just for special occasions. He won’t forget that.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kathy. 🙂

    • Thanks RD…you too love.

  4. raisingdaisy has a point … Josh will soon be 18 and allowed to make his own decisions. Love you xxx

    • I know Cindy but I miss them NOW!!!
      Love you too.

  5. Have a good Friday evening.

    • Hi Pseu…I was asleep at eight thirty…does that constitute a good evening?

  6. A home like that costs a pretty penny, I’m sure, but they are very nice. Pity they are not enjoyed that often 😦 Would be sad to own a home like that and not be able to afford to get there regularly.

    • I don’t think they can’t afford to go there Yada…I think they are just too busy.

  7. Oh, so you don’t live in one of those houses on the beach?? 🙂
    It seems such a waste of a house if it is only used a couple of times a year.

    • Hehehe Elaine…I live in a shoebox! And, it isn’t even mine!

  8. It’s ridiculous to own ONE McMansion . . . let alone TWO or more . . . that you rarely even visit . . . when others are living in slums.

    The world is mad.

    • I hear you NR but how do you draw the line?

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  10. My comment mirrors Nancy’s. We have homeless people here and all those beach ‘cottages’ sit empty through the long wet winter months.
    Anyway, enjoy the weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Judith…a touchy subject indeed…looks like I started something!

  11. Beautiful shots. Nice work, Granny!

  12. Maybe the 3 sides, and no roof search was bouncing toward this entry, instead of the latest one…you mentioned these houses all (closed in ) or something…heh, that web crawler can be a slithery thing at times.
    God Bless You

    • I wonder if that was it?
      Same to you Paul.

  13. Same here, Granny…we have those houses, too. Seems the staff look after these places. They have to be protected from folks who are inclined to think “if you aren’t using it, it must mean I can!”

    One man, whose house is around 2.5 million dollars, has six other houses in the world. He has a new “arm candy” wife , yet he behaves as miserably as can be. Think he needs to run into the feeling that there is actually someone in life who is not out to use him.

    • He has SEVEN houses?
      That is just obscene…not one of them can be home.

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