Posted by: granny1947 | September 15, 2011

Granny is seeing things(and a rant)

Hello All.

Where shall I begin?
The rant or the sighting?
Let’s get the rant out of my system.

Believe it or not we have a minister of unhealth.
His name is Dr Aaron Motsoaledi .
Don’t try to say it.
You might discolate your jaw.

Our previous minister drank herself into a liver transplant.
Jumped the queue to get it too.
She then proceeded to drink herself into death.
She was also a convicted thief.
She banned smoking advertising.

Along comes Aaron.
To give him his due he took over a health department in a dreadful state.
Our state hospitals are horrific.
Shortage of good doctors.
Shortage of equipment.
Shortage of medication.

You have to take your own bedding.
Your family have to bring you food.
Babies die at an alarming rate.
Go into one of our hospitals and you are sure to come out with more germs than you went in with.

So what does this good gentleman do?
He intends to ban alcohol adverts.
I don’t have a major problem with this.
I don’t like whiskey or brandy.
Come to think of it I don’t like spirits.
No amount of advertising is going to change this.

HOWEVER…he has said he is prepared to reimburse the S.A. Broadcasting company to the tune of 400 Million rand for loss of revenue.
The man has 400 million rand floating around?
Why isn’t he using it to fix the frigging hospitals?

Oh no…that would mean doing the job he is being paid to do.
Far too much like hard work.
Oh yes…he is also talking about banning fast food advertising.
When did he become my nanny?

OK…rant over.

So, Jasmine and I went to the beach after work.
We spotted the normal things.
The odd bluebottle.
Pieces of jellyfish.
One dead seal(let’s not go there).
People with happy dogs.

I was sitting on my thinking rock.
Looking out to sea.
And thinking.
I glanced at the beach and thought WHAT?
Or words to that effect.
This is what I saw.

Do you think these guys  were watching a series about the North Pole?
Thought..”that looks like fun”
They had seven dogs pulling ,what looked  like, a piece of an old motor car.
My second reaction was hell no…this is not right.
Then I looked at the dogs.
They were smiling.
Looked as if they were having loads of fun.
My third thought was how the devil can they afford to feed that lot?

Should I put one more photo on?
Just for luck.
Talking about luck, I haven’t checked the lottery results.
Hold thumbs.


  1. Mush, mush???

    • Ten out of ten MissChris….can’t even think of a comebck to that…where is Col when I need him?

  2. Apparently the Huskies love to ‘work out’ like that and get depressed if they don’t. Phone me if you win the lotto. No, book my flight first, then phone me to tell me what time I should be at the airport. love you xxx

    • Hi Cindy…not even three numbers…guess I am going to have to work for the rest of my life!

  3. I love seeing happy dogs too! Those huskies looked happy. Perfect photos on your blog – you must have a great camera. Oh, to live by the beach again…. Love your stuff!

    • Hi Words…love the way you write…am still trying to figure it out….is it fact or fiction?

  4. That sounds like corruption! Money better spent on the hospitals, as you say.
    Not a very good start to his new job!

    Love the pics Granny and sorry about my food blog yesterday

    • Hi Patrecia…is it safe to venture over to your blog today?

  5. So sorry to hear about the sate of your hospitals. They certainly sound worse than ours. The problem with ours is that no one can afford them.

    • Hi Maire…our private hospitals are very expensive but are also,slowly,going downhill.
      Now there is talk of a NHS.
      It is going to be a disaster.

  6. Granny the minister needs to be sacked and i thought your hospitals were first rate, sorry to here that they are so bad.

    • Hi Harry…our state hospitals are a complete disgrace.
      The powers that be do not believe in maintenance of any sort.
      Hence the problems we are having with electricity and water and roads etc.etc.etc.
      The only province that is up to anything is the Western Cape(where I live) and that is not run by the ruling party.

  7. Corruption seems to be the catchword in your government; it’s prevalent everywhere these days, but some of your leaders seem to actually rub it in the face of the public with these ridiculous decisions of theirs. Is there any country today where you can find even ONE reputable politician and a happy citizenry? Sometimes I have to give myself a day or two break from the news here just to give my spirits a chance to rebound. And you know what? I find that I’m usually happier during those breaks.

    Ack, enough negativity. That was quite a dog sled sighting on your beach! How unusual! I hope you see them again, maybe you can find out what the story is! 🙂

    • In our goverment it is all about how much can I scam while I am still in power..sigh.
      If I see the dogs again I will certainly find out.

  8. Oh my stars, that’s truly one the most curious beach sightings I’ve ever seen. lol The dogs do look happy though. I can just imagine what a good chuckle it was to see such a cheerful sight.

    • Put it this way EC…it was unexpected!

  9. Sounds like everyone who’s ill from something that is in no way related to cigarettes, alcohol or cheap take-away will continue to suffer the health system 😦 He might as well have not been appointed at all. How sad…

  10. Granny, I’ve just about soiled myself. I’m dyslexic and have been going through untold dental procedures to get my jaw to behave so I can bite properly. (Must be a man coming into my life! 🙂 ) Anyway, I am going to tell my Dentist that my SA friend has diagnosed my condition. My jaw is not dislocated. It’s discolated! I really am sitting her laughing like blazes. It’s so right on!

    Huskies are one of my favourite breeds. Cindy’s correct – they love to work. However, whoever is keeping them has to know about their personalities – pecking order, etc. Very important. Raising a husky is like having a 2 year old for about 8 years. Cheeky little devils! Guess that’s why I like them. Those guys in your photo look very healthy and happy.

    • Good Morning Souldipper…you are going to bite a man? Does he know?
      Discolation is MUCH more serious than dislocation!!!

  11. Quite a sight to see at the site at which you sit.

    (Say that 3x fast . . . and your jaw will be colated again).

    • Hehe…I am never going to live this down!

  12. I’m not all that fond of proteas (flowers, not the team), but today and yesterday’s ones are delicately different, Gran.

    I am so envious of those dog owners – lucky devils!

    What else can we expect from SA health? ANOTHER dimwit shooting his mouth off!

    • Hi Adee…shooting one’s mouth off seems to go with that position!

  13. I wish I had beach to walk on right this minute. Can’t really rant like I would like but its not that bad.

    • I feel for you Linda…I am off to the beach in a few minutes.

  14. Hopefully the doggies were enjoying themselves. Great shots – again!

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