Granny’s Wednesday Walk

Hello All.

Have just come back from a walk in the nature reserve.
The one at the top of the mountain that I come over every day.
Entrance is free this week.
Any you know how I like a bargain.
The QA manager came with me.

As we got onto the first path we saw the above little man.
And I thought…”there is wildlife here”
OK…the tortoise wasn’t noticeably wild.
But he wasn’t tame.
And he could move quite fast.

At first I took no notice of the scenery.
My eyes were out on stalks.
Any snakes?
Any snakes?
Any snakes?
Once I had satisfied myself that the area was reasonably secure I looked at the surroundings.
And now you can too.

And one without the sea.

And a plant with lovely pink leaves.
Don’t ask me what it is.
I have no idea.

Damn, I love Cape Town.

Now lunchtime is over.
I might post again later.
I have a rant that needs release.

29 responses to “Granny’s Wednesday Walk”

    • I believe our snakes are begiining to emerge.
      I have no desire to meet one of them.
      Our local paper gives a number of someone to phone if you find a snake in your garden.
      If I find a snake in the garden I will move house!!!

  1. You sure do live in a beautiful area. I love the pictures, and I’m particularly fond of turtles! I think I’d be wandering along those paths all the time if I lived there.

  2. So …let me get this straight…when the flowers are leaves they are butch, and snakes in the grass are sneaky, and Cindy is sneaking in through the spam door too try and catch herself a tortoise…granny you lead such and interesting, technicolor-filled life…and all with such wonderful photos.
    God Bless You

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