Posted by: granny1947 | September 13, 2011

Granny remembers…and rants

Hello All.

Twenty five years ago my second husband passed away.
After twenty months of marriage.
He was forty five.

Please guys…no sympathy required.
I came to terms with his death a very long time ago.
I do not dwell on circumstances over which I have no control.
However, I think of him.
A lot.
More with joy than with sadness.
He was such an incredible man.

What amazes me is the 25 years.
What happened to the time?
I remember the horror of his passing as if it was yesterday.
And yet….
Three of my kids married.
One divorced.
And remarried.
Seven beautiful grandchildren made their way into the world.

I lost my father.
I lost my first husband.
I lost my ex mother in law.
I lost my beloved stepmother.
I lost several good friends.
I lost several people I didn’t much like.
Hell, I am careless.

Oh yes…also in the last 25 years.
I married for the third time(how could I forget that?)
I divorced.
I adopted one of my grandchildren.
I moved to this wonderful part of the world.
I got retrenched.
I found another better job.
I could go on.
But I won’t.
In fact…I shall save the rant for tomorrow.

In closing.
I still miss you Trevor.
I am sure you are having a ball.



  1. He must have been quite a guy!

  2. Yours was Trevor mine was Bernard…maybe gone but never ever forgotten.
    Seems to me that the beginning years of your life drag passed but once you get too the middle it seems to fly along at a very fast pace.

    Its like climbing a slippery get to the top takes ages but coming down is a breeze.

    Much love to you Granny

  3. Yours was Trevor mine was Bernard…maybe gone but never ever forgotten.
    Seems to me that the beginning years of your life drag passed but once you get too the middle it seems to fly along at a very fast pace.

    Its like climbing a slippery get to the top takes ages but coming down is a breeze.

    Much love to you Granny

    • I know just what you mean Patrecia…right now the weeks seem to go from Monday to Friday in a flash.
      Pity the weekends do the same thing!
      Love to you too.

  4. That is weird, it came out twice..maybe one for Trevor and one for Bernard

  5. Your life has certainly been interesting, Granny.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    Hope people are talking to you now 😉

    • Hi Tilly…you didn’t listen….no sympathy!
      Yes…I am feeling loved again!

  6. Love you granny. You forgot to say…….you started 2 blogs and met some awesome friends 🙂 Sending you a warm hug from my sick bed….you can be very grateful its just a cyber hug….I need to pass this forward now hehe!! I just took a walk on the wild side by looking at your photos xx

    • gosh, you are right Colleen…I forgot about the blogging…and is such a big part of my life now.
      Why are you still sick?
      Love you too!

  7. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat reading this, Granny. I know you said you don’t want sympathy but I feel so sad for your losses. When you put them all together like that, they can feel so overwhelming.

    Trevor sounds like he was an incredible man. Even though your marriage was so horribly short, it’s wonderful that you got to share a piece of your life with such a wonderful person, even if only for a little while. It’s a great testament to you that you remember him more with joy than sadness. And it’s a very “Granny” thing to recall all your joys to balance out the sorrows; you seem like more of a “glass full” type of person to me.

    I wish I could give you a big hug. I’m sending a cyber hug to you instead, and much love. Like Trevor, you, too, are an incredible person. xoxo

    • Awwwwwwww RD…now you have given ME a lump in my throat!

  8. Kathy, you have a wonderful outlook on life. I wish I had your optimism and sense of learning to live through the pain.

    • Hi Maire…I think the secret is to maintain a sense of humour.

  9. But you have wonderful memories of them all, Gran!

    • Well, MOST of them Adee!

  10. Ja Granny I relate – it is 21 years since my first hubby passed away and I still think of him often too – in a nice way – I only get sad when I look at my daughter and think how I would have longed to see the pride on his face for all that she has achieved!
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Chris…then you know just how I feel!

  11. ~hugs~ super granny!

    • Thanks Bren…I must come over and look at your new site.

  12. Ah so your name is Kathy. I’m looking at it this way. All those experiences added one petal after another to this blooming personality that you have become. What is time but a construct we have decided upon for our convenience. I think it’s all a circle are there , everbody else is there and when your revolutions synchronise , why you may be with Trevor again waltzing to love’s music.:-)

    • What a lovely thought Dreaming.
      Do you think I will be able to waltz in the next life?
      I can’t now!
      My philosophy has always been that no experience is a bad experience if you learn something from it.

  13. Not even two years… life deals strange cards sometimes… But you’re right: so much has happened since. Where does the time go?

    • It is racing by Yada…very scary…I have loads to do still!

  14. Hugs to you my friend, how lucky you are to have a great love and the memories …xoxoxo

    • I Know Princess…no-one can take away your memories.

  15. How wonderful to have known such a great man and I bet he’d say the same about you. I always think the people that pass through our lives are always there for a purpose – good or bad and we learn (hopefully) from each and every experience! May you be blessed dear Granny with a life full of fabulosity 🙂

    • Fabulosity….I love it…now…just to remember it!

  16. You ARE careless! 😉

    I’m wondering about the statistical relationships between blogging and marriage partners since you, Cindy, Patrecia (Miss Whip Lash), Cecelia, etc., all seem to have had more than your “fair share” of husbands.

    While the next generation of blogger is still looking about for Mr. Right (perhaps in all the wrong places).

    Hmm . . .

    Glad you enjoyed some happy memories of Trevor and the intervening 25 years. Times flies.

    • Hmmmm I am on my third also. Certainly didn’t happen intentionly, just made some very stupid mistakes.

      • Don’t we all Linda?

    • Good Morning NR. I can’t blame blogging for my marriages.
      Had never heard of it until a few years ago.
      Oh…do you mean the sort of personality who blogs?
      Nope, that wouldn’t make sense either.
      Am sure there are plenty of bloggers on marriage number one.
      Hmmmmm…food for thought.

      • I can’t remember if I am on number 4 or 5, I think he’s 4 … hugs, I love you, please don’t lose me!

      • Hi cindy…good thing this is not a competition…I don’t want another one.
        Love you too.

  17. You have been one very busy lady. Sorry to hear of your loss. Glad you are able to handle it so well. I think the same thing all the time, where on earth has time gone? How could it dissapeared so fast? How can we slow it down?

    • If you get the answer to that one,let me know. Feel as if I am on a runaway train.

  18. Granny, you have enough good souls looking after you that it’s no wonder you sail through all those &*$^# audits!

  19. Nice trip down memory lane, Granny.

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