Posted by: granny1947 | September 12, 2011

Granny’s Monday Meanderings

Hello All.

Any rugby fans out there?
I thought not.
OK…a few.
Probably mostly South Africans.

Yesterday, South Africa played Wales in the rugby world cup.
We played like idiots.
Wales should have won.
We scraped through by one point.
I have decided that watching international rugby is bad for my health.
Towards the end I went through and scrubbed the toilet.
I couldn’t handle the tension.
I got back to find we were one point in the lead.
Spent the last two minutes of the match yelling…blow the bloody whistle.

The daisies look pink,don’t they?
They are actually white daisies but the under parts are pink.
They were pointing away from me.
End of Botany lesson.

We were supposed to be having another important audit this week.
It has been postponed.
The week just got brighter.
I cleaned my desk for nothing.

Now for a photo from yesterday.

Taken at eight o’clock in the MORNING.
Well, I had to make up for staying in bed nearly the whole of Saturday.
Also,Jasmine came in and gave me a big wet kiss on the face.
Today is grey and threatening.
Another coldfront on the way.

I did warn you this was meanderings.
If you were expecting a stimulating and intellectual post, you came to the wrong place.
Wait, most of you know me.
You would never expect that.

Now I am going to desist from talking absolute rubbish.
And leave you to get on with your day.




  1. Meanderings they were! I liked it though, and loved your photos. Granny!

    • At last Words…I could not get you out of my spam at work but it worked from home!

  2. The Boks were crap, your photo’s are fab, we’re in mid audit – bleugh! Happy Monday 🙂

    • Lol….bandsmoke…hope the day improves!!!!!

  3. you can meander all you want Granny just as long as you go on doing it!

    South Africa won did they? Don’t say much for the Welsh then!

    • No P….Wales played better than us…we were lucky!

  4. Yes granny, your team played like a second rate team, if that penalty had been allowed ( it was good ) Wales would have won the match.

    • I agree Harry…we didn’t play well…but…we won!

  5. What, was there rugby on? How could I miss that … hahahaha!

    • That is pretty much how I feel Pseu!!!

  6. Laughed out loud at:

    Any rugby fans out there?
    I thought not.

    Perfect pitch, delivery, set-up, and execution!

    • Hehehe NR…I am guessing you are not a rugby fan???

    • Never watched a match . . . just seen glimpses in movies and such.

      • Hi NR…it is rough and tough…our guys are all too old to be playing.

  7. Yes, I’m a rugby fan! I haven’t been able to watch much of it so far, but for the last one we had tickets for quite a lot of the matches and had a fantastic time in Paris. The atmosphere at the matches was terrific.

    I love your 8 o’clock in the morning photo.

    • Thanks Elaine…I love the early morning light…can’t wait to walk at six in the morning.

  8. Great photos – I can feel the power of the wave in that first one.

    DH started watching rugby this weekend. Just what we need – yet another sport in the house. He hasn’t started yelling at the TV yet, though. Give him time. 😦

    • Hehehe RD…he will start yelling…just wait for it.

  9. Your meanderings are what we visit you for. Please don’t toe the straight line. That would make it utterly boring. Lovely, lovely photographs. That wave looks magnificient.

  10. I used to watch amateur rugby regularly when the aussies, kiwis and canucks played each other in Calgary – so we would all have a good excuse to have a party!

    I love the All-Blacks! When they play SA, you and I will have to be rivals, Granny.

  11. Your cyberhome is like a free trip to the beach!

    • I am so pleased Hook.

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