Posted by: granny1947 | September 8, 2011

Granny and the weather Gods

Hello All.

Took the above pic last evening.
Looks,for all the world, as if someone has lost an organ.
It wasn’t me.
I checked.

It was an incredible evening.
Positively warm.
Jasmine and I spent nearly an hour down there.
Just look at those colours.

Today the plan is for the quality manager and me to take the Frenchman on a quick tour of our area.
I love showing off our beautiful land.
Even if he wasn’t cute.

The weather gods don’t approve of old ladies thinking young men are cute.
Today is has been pouring.
But we shall persevere.
Cape Town weather can change in minutes.
Hopefully, we shall get our trip in.
And I will have something to blog about.
And photos to show.
So hold thumbs.

Now he is about to audit my area.
You can hold thumbs about that too.
If he gives me a bad audit I might just be tempted to nudge him off a cliff.
Or tell him to pat a baboon.



  1. Take a photo of Le Frenchee!!! xxx

    • I intend to try Cindy…discretely…then I will show you lot…can you keep a secret?

  2. Who was doing the audit? The manager or the Frenchman with no name

    Surely you would not push Mr Frenchman off a cliff….

    • Don’t worry P….he gave me a good audit so he survived.

  3. If he does pat a baboon I can’t decide whether a picture will incriminate you or prove your innocence as a helpless bystander… But I hope the weather clears up so you can enjoy the day πŸ™‚

    • Hi Yada…he actually asked if he could get out of the car but I said no….I have a decent side…sometimes.

  4. LOL! Maybe you can sneak in a picture of this handsome guy by pretending to take a photo of the scenery and just happening to get him in the shot – purely by accident, of course…. πŸ˜‰

    That “beach organ” looks like a potato to me; a potato with a growth on the end. “The eye of the beholder”, as they say! πŸ™‚

    • Well RD…was I right?????

  5. Holding my thumbs…..makes the typing a bit tricky though!
    Fabulous colours in the photo.

    • Morning Elaine…thanks for holding thumbs…it worked…you have powerful thumbs!

  6. I liked the photo of the organ…I was thinking what on earth is that? and then I went on to read it looked like someone had lost an organ…it does! LOL πŸ™‚

    • Hi PIP…they are really gross looking things.

  7. Be honest, Granny!
    Tell the Frenchman that WE want to know what he looks like.

    If he asks why . . . think up something quick!

    • And now you know what he looks like NR!

  8. I had a chuckle reading your post, I love your sense of humor. I like the “lost organ” and you had to check if it was from you-that was hilarious !! πŸ™‚

    Keep the humor, your frenchman I hope gave you an A+ – your land is absolutely beautiful.

    • Hi Penny…my audit was great thank you.
      I love this part of the world so much…we have two more Frenchmen coming next week…or is it one…maybe I will get to do the trip again.

  9. Note to self…stay on Grannies good side πŸ™‚

    • He survived Princess but good thinking.

  10. Will a Frenchman be able to resist posing when he hears the eyes of the world are on him?

    • Shhhhhhhhhhh…we aren’t telling him he is on candid camera!

  11. I checked. the organ wasn’t mine either

    • I’m glad about that Sidey…it looks like a vital one!

  12. I actually hate the Weather Gods!

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