Posted by: granny1947 | September 5, 2011

Granny and a bit of monkey business

Hello All.

We saw this troop of baboons on the way home on Friday.
This is only a small portion of them.
There must of been at least fifty of them.

The alpha male amused me.

Sorry the photo is a bit dark.

As he walked away from the gate he gave it a hefty backward kick.
Opening it sufficiently for the rest of his family to get through.
He did it almost disdainfully.
And without even checking to see if anyone was in the way.
He has,obviously,done it many times before.
I hope this crowd don’t come visiting my garden anytime soon.

On Saturday I had to go to a high tea.
Part of my granddaughter’s hospitality exam.
She baked a great chocolate cake.
On Friday night she did a practice run.
I don’t want to see a chocolate cake for a long time.
I am not a cake person.
But one feels honour bound to partake.
As you can see the six year old granddaughter enjoyed the cake.

After the tea my DIL took the little one for an audition for the movies.
After she had washed her face.
She has been called back for a second audition.
Apparently,if she is chosen my DIL will have to cough up R30,000 to take her over to the states.
Colour me cynical but I think this sounds like a scam.

Now let me get back to work.
We have French auditors coming tomorrow.
I don’t mind auditors but I can never make out what this crowd are asking me.
Must be the sexy accent that distracts me.


  1. Let me start by saying that your grand daughter is very very cute and I love that multi-coloured bright sweater that she is wearing.and the cute butterfly clip on her hair.

    Granny , you must be having a tough time resisting temptation.You seem to be swamped ..first it was the dentist(did you finally make that visit?) . Now it is the French auditors. Heaven help you!:-)

    • Hi Dreaming…there is no dentist sexy enough to make me want to visit.
      My Doc is another story!!

  2. Carry on Granny, you are doing a grand job. I love your posts always so descriptive…. and funny sometimes,,,and sad sometimes but always interesting

    • Thank you Patrecia….sometimes I think they are SO boring!

  3. I adore chocolate cake.

    • A pity you weren’t here then Maire…it was a lovely moist cake.

  4. If the French auditors have voices like Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek Captain) they could talk to me all day!

    You’re right the movie thing does sound like a scam — if they like her, they should be paying her way.

    • I agree Kathy…about the scam.

      • not about Jean-Luc?!

  5. Mais oui, mademoiselle!

    The R30,000 sounds a bit fishy.

    • Sorry NR…the written word just doesn’t do it for me!

  6. Don’t let her be taken for a ride. Genuine agents and the like take it from the earnings, not up front.

    • That’s what I thought Tilly…I bet everyone gets chosen!

  7. Nice post granny, chocolate cake yuk, i see you still have not got round to the blogroll ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh wow…Harry….a man who doesn’t like chocolate cake!
      I have a blogroll(you are on it) just have not figured out how to display it.

  8. So that’s two chocolate cakes in two days, yes? Well, the first might have been rather wonderful. The second… hmmm… too much of a good thing maybe, but then again, does one HAVE to eat it all the day it was baked, or can you have just a little piece of heaven over a few days, or maybe even have a friend over..? I like licking the spoon and bowls!

    • Hmmmm Yada…come to think of it….I wasn’t invited to the bowl licking!

  9. The baboons are kind of scary.

    • From a distance I love baboons Linda…from a distance.

  10. A wonderful chocolate faced smile. Good on you for eating it even when you’re not a cake person ๐Ÿ™‚

    • One does what one has to do Pseu. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What a lot of baboons. I think I would feel a bit worried about such a large group – they look a bit menacing!

    Great chocolate cake photo.

    • I think you would only need to be worried if you were carrying some food that they wanted.Elaine.

  12. :Yeay Granny – keep that intuition rolling. She looks as sweet as chocolate!

    About those baboons. What an attitude! It looks like humans would scurry, not the baboons.

    Oh, boy, I share being a sucker for a French accent. Our French Canadians do not have that smooth silky Parisienne French accent so I’m fairly safe around here.

    • Hi Souldipper…I stay in the car when they are around but they seem to be fine.

  13. I’d also say it’s a scam… lovely big eyes she has!

    • Thanks Adee…DIL also thinks so.

  14. Your granddaughter is ADORABLE! But your DIL should definitely double and triple check that acting outfit – scams always work like that. They feed the ego and then take tons of money for nothing in return. Hopefully it’s the real thing, your little one certainly is cute enough to get into movies or modeling. But acting and modeling scams are BIG business, so she should make extra sure these people are for real. That’s a heck of a lot of money that could go toward this little cutie’s college fund.

    Those baboons are so funny! I don’t know what it is about the pictures you post of them that makes me laugh – I know how intelligent they are and all – but still…. Maybe it’s the way you talk about them that makes the pics so funny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Again RD…DIL is very intelligent…don’t think she will be taken in…she googled the company and couldn’t find anything.
      I love the baboons…they have SUCH in your face attitude.

  15. What’s with all the baboons! Do you live on the Planet of the Apes?
    Great shots though, human and otherwise!

    • I think the damn things are stalking me Hook!

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