Posted by: granny1947 | September 2, 2011

Granny and numbers

Hello All.

So…how many numbers do YOU have to remember?
I think my brain is simply going to implode one of these days.

I have to remember my banking profile number.
Plus pin.
Plus password.
As I do all my banking via the internet, these numbers are firmly engraved on my brain.

Then there is my identity number.
One has to use that so often nowdays.
Fortunately,the first six numbers are my birthday.
This I still remember.

There is the number and password to logon to the receiver of revenue.
I remember this one too.
The receiver sends me more mail than any of my friends.

There is my bank account number and branch number.
I know this one off by heart.
Just in case someone wants to send me some money.

Then there are birthdays.
With two surving parents.
Four kids.
Seven grandkids.
Several very good friends.
My head is getting sore just thinking about it.
Thank God for the reminders on cellphones.

Phone numbers.
Funnily, I am quite good at remembering landline numbers.
Cellphones are a different story.
I only know my own.
Which is pretty useless.
I have never phoned myself.
Well, the line would be busy anyway.

I read an article yesterday.
About a guy somewhere or other.
Who was caught with several snakes stuffed in his pants.
And a few tortoises.
I have heard of a trouser snake.
Thought it meant something else.
I live and learn.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. You remember a lot more numbers than I could begin to imagine. I have to look up almost everything except my bank information that I can do online. I even have to look up some birthdays of my great-nieces and -nephews. There are getting to be too many.

    • Hi Maire…I test myself every now and again by going through all the birthdays in my head.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! Your last paragraph really made me laugh!

    I know what you mean about the ridiculous amount of numbers we have to remember. I’m starting to twist them up in my mind; I think my brain is rebelling. I’m not going to let it implode, though, I’m going to share the joy and let it explode. 😉

    Have a great weekend Granny!

    • Damn RD….I don’t remember what I wrote…oh yes now I do….hehehe

  3. I have a little book I write the numbers in, else I’d be lost.
    What if one of the snakes or a tortoise woke up and wanted to go walkies? eeek!
    Have a great weekend, can’t believe how the week has flown. xxx

  4. I am ashamed to say that as far as possible all security passworsds that I use are exactly the same word.
    There is another one for my ban account but they all have to be written down as my memory just cannot cope with remembering so many things.
    Birthdays are on a list in front of me here ..all written out in months so I just look at October and I can see whose birthday it is.
    Appointments are always made on a Monday and at the same time 11am that way I see it on Sunday.
    Life gets bogged down with numbers, dates and all the other rubbish.
    As for my own mobile number I have that written down in my purse.

    I loved the bit about snakes and tortoises!

  5. see….even my typing is no good

  6. Granny, Granny you are a riot.:-) That last bit was too funny.:-)
    It’s not much of a problem if one doesn’t numbers as one can always write it down somewhere. I’m having a real difficulty remembering names and mind you , some of them , I’ve known for a long time. The mind just goes blank for a few moments..Sometimes for longer. It’s embarassing sometimes.Ah!! as long as one can laugh about it!!

  7. too many numbers and you’d also keep animals in your clothes?

  8. Watched an interesting little article the other day about how much of our knowledge is stored on internet and electronic devices that we don’t practice our memory any more like we should. Interesting that you mention that cell phone numbers: one of the ways that we just hit a speed dial or search for a name, hence our never learning the actual phone number 🙂 But you’re right: there’s quite a few to remember. I also often think about all the passwords for all the gazillion places where you can sign up and log in. It can get a bit much sometimes.

  9. It’s all the 4 digit codes I have trouble with – our alarm code at home, the code to open the external door at work, the second code to open internal doors at work, my pin codes on bank and credit cards when I want to use them for shopping… Sometimes there’s quite a pause before I remember which one I am supposed to be using. My head is spinning even now when I’m writing about it!

    • Hi Elaine…yes that reminds me…I have a six digit number to get into my office.

  10. Well, I keep all the phone numbers I need to know in my cell phone and all my passwords/PINs in a secure utility on my computer. For some reason, I seem to be able to remember nonsense random PINs but not phone numbers.

    Trouser snakes are one thing … trouser tortoises are something else entirely. Beware the trouser tortoises!

    • Especially snapping turtles Bud!

  11. My friends are going to pounce on me if I give them another snake story from Cape Town! The last one is still bouncing around here!

    • Oh be a devil Souldipper…let them pounce!

  12. Wicked Granny! I do love you, you know.

    • Hehe Tilly…thank you!

  13. Numbers is my daily ritual, passwords, acct numbers, phone numbers, adding totals, the list goes on and on !! and we are each numbered !! 🙂

    Have a great day granny !!

    • Hehehe thanks Penny…you too.

  14. Trouser snakes! Snort! What kind of a ding-dong smuggles snakes and tortoises in his pants? The world, I tell you.

    As for numbers — I have to keep a log book for all the numbers we now have — the catastrophe should it ever get lost!

    • A REAL ding dong Kathy…braver than me!

  15. I’m developing a system
    Financial passwords are all unique
    Business passwords all the same
    fun passwords, different from the business ones, but all the same
    communications (sim) passwords, all the same

    I stand a chance of keeping them straight ;-}

  16. I love your easygoing, smooth style and good-natured humor, Granny!
    Well done!

  17. Oy, I often think I am going to drown in all the numbers we are supposed to remember!

    • I know that feeling Adee…especially after you get back to worrk and need to switch your computer on!

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