Posted by: granny1947 | September 1, 2011

Granny is calmer

Hello All.

You might have noticed I was a wee bit cross yesterday.
Today my anger is down to manageable levels.
A walk on the beach helped.
Though there wasn’t too much beach to walk on.
The tide was high so it was more a matter of picking my way through smelly kelp.
And beach flies.
When I got back to my path I sat below a dune and just listened to the sea.
And watched the sunset.
And felt better.

At lunchtime I went for a,much needed, haircut.
I came out of the hairdresser and it had just started to rain.
I got that wonderful scent of newly cut grass.
Which was strange.
I was in the middle of the parking lot.
Not a blade of grass in sight.

I bought the drops for ticks on Monday.
As I took the packet out of my bag Jasmine’s ears went down.
Her tail went down.
I swear her bloody fur retreated.
She slunk out of the lounge and stood peering at me throught the glass door.
With really sad eyes.
I think she was under the impression I couldn’t see her.
How did she know what was in the sealed packet?
Why does she hate the drops so much?
Do they hurt?

And, on that puzzled note I shall leave you.
I will answer all your very kind comments from home.


  1. Ah, there’s nothing like a short relaxation on the beach to calm frazzled nerves. The ocean sounds always have that wonderful soothing effect. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

    That’s really funny about Jasmine’s reaction to the drops! I wonder if they sting? She’s one smart pup!

    • I am going home to tell her you called her a pup…she will be chuffed!!!

  2. It is good to be is easy to make rash decisions when you are mad. I can understand your anger and I would have felt the same. Now that you are calmer..think of the solution.

    i don’t know about tick drops..they do have to sink into the skin to get into the blood dtream so I suppose it may sting. It puzzles me though because if that is what happens..why is it that when you lay soakjing in the bath, why does the water not soak into your skin!

    Anybody any ideas on that one?

    Keep smiling Granny, we all love you to bits, even when you are cross and grumpy

    • Hehehe…just as well P….I am often a grumpy granny!

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit calmer today. A good walk and some fresh air can work wonders.
    Maybe Jasmine recognised the sound of the packet coming out of your bag!!

    • I don’t know Elaine…if it had been a packet of sweets she would have had her nose in my bag.

  4. my two freak out with the flea/tick stuff

    • I feel better sidey…so it isn’t just my dog…Tom does not seem too concerned about it.

  5. Glad you’ve simmered down. I think the animals don’t like the smell, I sure don’t. Sleep tight. love you xxx

    • I think you are right Cindy…

  6. I agree with Cin. Their noses are more sensitive and the smell is repugnant to them.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Granny.

    • Hi NR…I got a whiff of it…not very pleasant.

  7. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for – Jasmine or you! How do you override those sad eyes?

    • Hehehe….it isn’t easy…and boy…can she sulk!!!

  8. Oh I didn’t read that bit about your angry mood. Will do that after this. Anyway glad I got to read this one first..:-) About the tick drops, may be Jasmine is quite attuned to all other living things. May be he treats them ticks as friends. Who knows , they may be having quite a converstion going about the crazy woman in the house all the time:-)

  9. Animals have all kinds of senses we humans lack, even you, Granny!
    Great post!

  10. Sorry to read about your granddaughter’s problems, but she is so very lucky to have you in her corner. Glad you’re calmer today.
    I think Jasmine has figured out how distressed you get when having to administer the tick drops. That’s probably what causes her ‘sulking’.

    • Nope…Kathy…I don’t stress about putting on the drops!

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