Posted by: granny1947 | August 26, 2011

Granny has a yucky start

Hello All.

Tom has been missing in action for four days.
For those who don’t know,Tom is my ginger cat.
Rescued,as a tiny kitten,from the factory grounds.

Every now and again the feral comes out in him.
He goes out into the bush.
Camps out.
He,normally, doesn’t stay away more than two or three days.

Yesterday was day four.
I was getting very worried.
Had decided to phone the animal resue places today.

Early this morning he arrived home.
Bellowed to be let into his room.
Just before I left for work I went to say hello to him.
Oh my word.
He was covered in ticks.
I had a hasty deticking session and will have go over him from head to toe tonight.

Ten minutes after he got in the heavens opened.
It came down in buckets.
My cat is NOT stupid.

First stop tomorrow is the vet shop.
I will be frontlining both him and Jasmine.
Maybe I should do Mex and me?






  1. Poor Granny. Not nice. FIL had tick bite fever and dog died of it; don’t hang about.

    • Hi Tilly…bought some very expensive stuff today…will dose them both tonight.

  2. Tick bite fever is NOT funny Gran, and nor is billiary! I hope you get rid of the nasty little pests asap.

    • Hi Adee…hoefully,by tonight they will be history.

  3. That was always Himself’s job when Kitty got ticks, I can’t deal with them.

    • You are lucky Sue…Mex would run a mile.

  4. Yuck! I hate ticks..they are nasty horrible creatures with no proper possible use as far as I can see except spread illness. I have not yet come to any conclusion as to why God made them but I suppose they are like flies.

    When our Stumpy disappeared he came back covered in ticks and fleas and with a mouldy leg. Now that he is a three legged cat, does it stop him? Of course it does not. He is still off exploring and staying out all night.

    But we love ’em!! Ticks can live on humans Granny so keep a look out!

    • Don’t worry P…found one crawling on my hand,yesterday, have been imagining them all over!

  5. Oh ick, I hate those nasty bloodsuckers! I’m glad he came home, though.

    We are busy preparing for Hurricane Irene, which is supposed to hit our area as a Category 2 storm tomorrow and Sunday. The ground here is already saturated with all the rain we’ve had lately, so flooding is a definite, as well as power outages. We’ll spend today making whatever preparations we can. I just hope no windows get broken during the storm. I hope to be back online by mid-week next week. Ugh.

    • My thoughts are with you RD.

  6. Busy here too-preparing for Irene-hope everyone is safe ! I will be living at the hospital–on duty at the hospital all weekend. I see lots of tick bites-they can be nasty !! hope Tom has recovered……….from the ticks !

    • You have ALL been in my thoughts Penny…do hope all is well.
      The ticks are probably in more danger from Tom!

  7. I’m relieved to hear that Tom came back home, albeit covered in ticks; they are disgusting, horrible little things and I can see no reason for them. Make sure you get them all off granny – I don’t know about over there, but here in Oz, ticks can be fatal.
    Yes, Frontline Jasmine as well. Let us know how things go with Tom.

    • Hi Barb…I waited until today to get the stuff…the vet shop near work sells an excellent one…expensive but good.

  8. Beautiful photo and very interesting.

    Ticks are so very disgusting. What use can they possibly serve? Ugh. So glad Tom is home. I would be so upset if my cat went missing. She stays inside though.

    • thanks Linda…nearly time to head home…yippee.

  9. I was horrified todiscover you can get lymes desiese from tics (is that the right spelling)

    • Thanks Piglet…something for me to stress about!!!!

  10. Oh dear – all those ticks! Rather you than me. Glad Tom came back though.

    • Me too Elaine…am very fond of the bugger.

  11. Yuk – ticks are creepy. That’s another reason I don’t have a cat door. Funny how those little buggers ended up living everywhere around the world! Along with bed bugs. Ewwww.

    Tom lucked out the day you found him!

    • Hi Souldipper…and he KNOWS it too…such an affectionate(if demanding) cat.

  12. Ticks are nasty beasts.
    Glad Tom’s back home.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi NR…as you see…had a lovely weekend.

  13. Thank goodness he is home…ticks are yucky though…

    • Ticks are just GROSS Princess.

  14. Glad you got your cat back. It’s nerve wracking when the go AWOL like that. Ticks — yuck! We used to have to comb through our dog’s hair daily when we were kids and my mother would patiently remove them with a hot needle. The dog never flinched. Seemed to understand it was in her best interests.

    • HI kathy…I don’t use a needle but I have long nails and get down as deep as I can…normally come up with a handful of hair too!

  15. It’s been busy here in Socal so I haven’t been by for a while but when I read you cat was missing, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read more. I’m so glad Tom came home, ticks of not. By the way, cats in general aren’t stupid.


    • Hi Bud…Tom is very intelligent…he has me so well trained!

  16. Aaah, glad he’s back! Hope you got them all 🙂

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