Posted by: granny1947 | August 20, 2011

Granny’s Productive Saturday…Not

Hello All.

Does that look like a happy dog?
17 year old granddaughter came with for this morning’s walk.
She has broken records for shotput and discus.
Granddaughter not Jasmine.
She threw sticks.
A long way.
Jasmine is exhausted.

Before we could go to the beach I had to shoot to the chemist.
Get my bloodpressure pills.
There has been a mix up with my medical aid.
I had to pay for them.
That shot my reading up a few points.

Then I drifted around with a duster.
Looking busy.
DID clean the toilets etc.
Which I felt my was job done for the day.
I am NOT a housekeeper.

Then I went for a nap.
Which turned into a three hour deep sleep.
Damn this is all SO boring.
I am starting to sound like facebook.
I have just had a cup of coffee.
Who cares????
I haven’t just had a cup of coffee.
In case you were wondering.
This is wine time.

We have new neighbours.
They can only be better than the girl screaming at her mother.
I haven’t met them yet.
Here’s hoping they are great.
The house on the other side has been sold too.
I believe, to a young couple.
Two other young couples have also moved in across the way.
They introduced themselves.
I have forgotten their names.

Now…if anyone is still awake….have a great weekend.


  1. That DOES look like a happy dog!
    And who says your day has to be productive?

    • Not me Hook…three hou naps are just down my alley!

  2. Jasmine must be in good shape even at 17 years to still be able to chase sticks..Well done jasmine but do be careful, don’t overdo it..

    Have a good weekend Granny love, and have a rest. Hope you got your pills sorted out.
    that is the trouble when you get older, all the pills for blood pressure, ,indigestion pills, pills for sleeping, pills for headaches.
    Regular old pill popper!!!!

    lots of love Patrecia

    • NO P…the granddaughter is 17!!!!

  3. Your posts are a fair sight (or should that be far sight) better than most FB status updates:

    I have a hangnail.
    I’m going to take a bath . . .
    No, a shower . . .
    No, a bath.
    I can’t decide.
    I need input.
    I don’t know how to think for myself.
    Which do your prefer?
    I’ll follow your lead.
    That’s what lemmings do best.

    You, my dear Granny, are not even close to being a lemming. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thank you NR but I am boring myself at the moment!

  4. Granny is grumpy. More wine time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Tilly…are you trying to confuse me?
      Or is this your hubby’s post?

  5. Hello! I’m back from my wanderings and trying to get caught up on what’s been going on in everyone else’s lives. Glad to see that most things have remained the same. Never fear, you could never be as dull and mundane as Facebook.

    • Hey Kathy…welcome back…I must come over to see what you have been up to.

      • Trust me — not much so far — I’m playing catch-up with all the stuff I left unattended while I went galavanting!

      • Just relax Klrs…you will get there.

  6. Yes, she looks like a very happy dog. I wish I’d had a champion discus thrower around when my dog was younger – she’d have loved it!

    • Hi Elaine…oit is just as well she got so much exercise yesterday…today is cold,wet and miserable!

  7. good to have children to do the busy stuff for you

    i also have new neighbours

    • Morning Sidey…let’s hope we both have nice ones…my last lot were from hell.

  8. Great pic of Jasmine enjoying herself on the beach.
    Take it easy granny – you need a rest!

    • Hi Barb…I think I need to retire…wish I could!

  9. Enjoy your Sunday, Gran… Jasmine is looking great!

    • Thanks Adee…I shall tell Jasmine!

  10. Lazy days are great!!! Have a wonderful Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Princess…I could do lazy today but I need to get the vacuum cleaner out of mothballs!

  11. A happy dog indeed. Good and quiet neighbours are very important for one’s blood pressure.

    • Tell me about it Gobetween….the last neighbours were horrific.

  12. Some days we are queens, Granny, and there are other days when we just breathe in and out like everyone else! Coming here is like visiting a sister.

  13. Some days we are met to just relax, be lazy and just let things flow !!

    Nice picture of Jasmine on the beach, he is definitly on a mission !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Penny…she was having so much fun!

  14. None of my two dogs or my daughters dogs will fetch anything. So the only exercise they get is a walk and that is not always easy for me to give them. My son’s dog will catch a ball until your arm will fall right off from throwing it. My daughter’s boyfriend’s dog a daschund will play frisbe for a long time. It makes me laugh so hard to see him running with a frisbe in his mouth.

    I hope your new neighbors will make you laugh and not cry.

    • Thanks Linda…me too.
      Jasmine will fetch but is not very good at giving back!

  15. Any chance we may be seeing your granddaughter in the Olympics one day? How wonderful that she’s accomplished so much in her athletic field! I envy her muscle and stamina!

    Sounds like your neighborhood is going through quite a change!

    • No RD, I don’t think so…she has done so well but is not really interested.

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