Posted by: granny1947 | August 19, 2011

Granny is thinking…seriously

Hello All.

This is not a last evening picture.
There are no last evening pictures.
I draw the line at walking in the rain.
It has been raining on and off all day.
There might be no “this evening” pictures.
Don’t panic.
I have about 5000 back-up pictures.

Why am I thinking seriously?
I’ll tell you in a minute.
Once again don’t panic.
I can’t stay serious for too long.

All my working life….if I have not been happy in my job..I left.
Right now I am NOT happy in my job.
And I can’t leave.
Damn…old age sucks.

On a lighter note.
Oh good grief…there must BE a lighter note.

17 year old granddaughter is coming for the weekend?
Nope….don’t think so.
18 year old grandson is coming to play on my computer on Sunday?
Nope….don’t think so.
I have hardly had a thing to eat today?
Maybe…well….it should make ME lighter.
But…probably won’t.

Back to the weather.
Yesterday was 27 degrees.
Today is 13 degrees.
How are elderly bodies,with faulty thermostats, supposed to keep up?

Talking about age.
I have started snoring.
Mex has not complained.
He can’t.
HE snores.
I am complaining.
I am snoring myself awake.

I think the lack of food has gone to my head.
I am now talking such shyte.

Catch you over the weekend.



  1. Why are you not eating? Have you tried the “snore strips” or they are called something like that…….At my age I am still trying hard to find a job……so let that be your lighter note today. Here where I live….there are no jobs. Just trying to cheer you up…but worried about your eating…Love, Me

    • Hi Toomuch…It does not happen often…just got busy.
      Jobs are really tough in this part of the world too.

  2. RETIRE!!! Let someone else have the hassle

    • Oh gee Patreicia…how i wish I could….starving is not the way I choose to go though!

  3. Why didn’t you eat, silly girl! Go to the chemist, they sell a sort of clip-thing that stops you snoring. Love you xxx ps: check your email!

    • Hehehe Cindy….it is not worrying me that much…am just a bit surprised.

  4. I’ve been known to snore here and there when allergy season is in full swing – drives me crazy. Like you, it wakes me up. Makes me hate to visit distant friends for overnighters!

    Eat something! Sometimes being empty can bring you down psychologically too; maybe things won’t seem as bad on a full tum.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    • Hi RD…you too love…is hubby back?

  5. Not being able to leave is a tough one … but not eating is a choice (and a bad one)!!
    Snoring – ah, well, at long last you’re able to take revenge on Mex!! 😉

    • Hello there Blondie…great to see you again.
      Everyone moaning about me not eating…I got too busy and forgot…I have plenty of spare blubber!!!

  6. Sweet zzzzzz’s! 😀

    • Thanks NR…don’t think I snored last night but I did drool!!!!!

  7. OhI Granny! I relate….I snore….so loud my dear husband has moved into the family room to sleep – it makes me sad! I remember when I was working, always so busy never remembered to eat….now I’m home taking care of my grand-daughter and all I do is eat!

    I am sure the pressure at work, the cold and the rain don’t much help you!
    Neither does your age – which is the same as mine!

    • Good Morning Jan…yes…for the first time I am feeling my age…having a fulltime job is hectic…especially a stressful one.

  8. Snoring? Now it’s pay-back time! hahaha!

    • Hello Barb….revenge is so sweet!

  9. I’m going through major jaw relocation thanks to my dentist. I used to wake up choking – from snoring I presume. Since this work has been underway, I am not doing that. Hope it is quelled. I MAY have a bed partner again one of these days. Other than Duc la Chat!

    • You are braver than me Souldipper…I really couldn’t face the thought of a new relationship!!!

  10. Whilst we were at the beach a few weeks back my husband almost video taped me snoring. He said he wanted to prove it too me once and for all. He knew that I would kill him. Just pretend you don’t here or see a thing I said and all will go well for you.

    • Hi Linda…I am glad you said he NEARLY taped you…I would definitely have killed him!!!

  11. LOL snoring. I also snore myself awake. But it’s worse it’s when I fall asleep on aeroplanes!

    • Hehe Piglet…fortunately I only do short flights and manage to stay awake.

  12. Workplace woes, snoring and old age? You’ve got your hands full, Granny!
    Good luck!

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