Posted by: granny1947 | August 11, 2011

Granny’s Thursday Thoughts.

Hello All.

We went down to the point this evening.
It was freezing.
It is,however,a birdwatchers paradise.
I think the guy above was people watching.
Couldn’t spot his camera.

Mex has a rotten cold.
Sympathy from everyone please.
For me…not him.

I am under huge stress at work at the moment.
Too involved to go into any detail.
I am seriously considering packing up work in February.
Even though they might offer me a contract.
Even though I can’t afford to give up work.
Even though the alternative is leaving my beloved Cape Town.
And looking after my parents.
Even though it will mean leaving all my kids and grandkids behind.
Hmmmmm…that could be the upside.

I have no idea what is wrong with me this week.
I have always thrived under pressure.
Laughed when things got really tough.
Slightly hysterical laughter.
But laughter.
This week I have had a total sense of humour failure.
Well, not total.
But close.

Just got a scrabble.
That cheered me up!

Have a great evening all.

Oh what the hell.
One more photo.


  1. Sympathy for Mex – men don’t get colds they get Man-Flu

    Your options for giving up work don’t sound to grat – hang in there granny!

    • Thanks Piglet…he has already gone to bed…5:30pm…must be feeling really bad.

  2. Oh poor Mrs need a big big cuddle (((()))))..there does that feel better.
    Don’t be downhearted. Work , job, employment is only a very small part of your life ..IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE.. when you are long gone, the firm will still be trading and you will be forgotten..
    So Granny take it easy, stay cool, don’t get your knickers in a twist, it doesn’t do your BP any good.

    love Patrecia xxxxxx

    • Awwww thanks love…that feels much better.

  3. Oh I was so wrapped up in your work problems I forgot about your man.
    Get well soon Mex!

  4. Seems many of us are being ‘real’ about our feelings. It better be true that it’s because we are evolving!

    Granny, I hope your decision is so right for you that it feels like a no-decision.

    • Hi Souldipper…will be over just now to hear about your feelings.

  5. You and Cindy seem to be sharing a bad case of the blues. It could be the time of year ~ or the time of life.

    Hang on to your sense of humor . . . you’re going to need it.

    If we didn’t laugh, we would go insane.

    • Thank Heavens for a sense of humour NR…keeps me going.

  6. Poor Granny. Hope it’s just a blip.

    • Hi Tilly…the blip is over!!!

  7. Big hugs to you Granny. It’s rough when several negative things hit at once, which is probably what’s bothering you. Is Mex like most men when he’s sick? They usually act like it’s the end of the world and expect to be catered to. It’s easier to have the cold myself!

  8. Sympathy for you not him, thats funny. Slow down, sit down, remember to breath. Then smile. 🙂

  9. Those are just no fun, granny. Hope Mex feels better soon – for both of your sake 🙂

  10. Lots of love coming your way Granny , all the way from India. Please come out of your blues. Not used to this mood of yours. It’s not fair, I know and we expect too much. But c’mon , nit everyone has the capacity to make another smile , the way you do. 🙂

    • Hi Dreaming….thank you so much…have never had love from India…it feels good.

  11. Don’t be warmhearted, and keep down! Erm, that didn’t come out quite right …

    Deepest sympathy to you re his cold.

    If you stop working in February, maybe you could get a job working in March – as a professional activist. You would need to toyi-toyi as well as march, though.

    • Hehehe…are there any videos available to teach one to toyi toyi?

  12. P.S. Jasmine would seriously object to a move from CT.

    • We will have to comfort each other Col.

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