Posted by: granny1947 | August 9, 2011

Granny’s Tuesday confession

Hello All.

17 year old,Jasmine and I have just come back from the beach.
What a day.
And a public holiday to boot.

So what inspiring thing did I do today?
I got out of bed at eleven o’clock.
OK…I’ll be honest.
I got out of bed at half past eleven.
How slovenly can one granny get?

I borrowed a Nora Roberts book from DIL.
It is called The Secret.
I couldn’t put the damn thing down.
I just HAD to finish it.

It is a sort of murder story.
The main character,Fiona, trains search and rescue dogs.
It was absolutely fascinating.
I think Barb and RD would love it.
I am looking at Jasmine with new eyes.
Well, I DO have new eyes.
New lenses anyway.

I am considering whether I could teach her to hunt for bodies.
Nah…scratch that idea.
What would I do with them?

Maybe I could train her to look for sugardaddies?
For me to find a sugar Daddy he would have to be 100 in the shade.
Scratch that idea too.

Now I need to paint my nails.
I hate painting my nails.
Get impatient while they are drying.

Then I have to take granddaughter home.
A granny’s work is never done.



  1. Hehe, your delightful style of writing makes my day, Granny!

    • Awww thanks Madmom…that is so kind.

  2. 100 in the shade, wealthy and adoring you. sounds about right!

    • 100 and probably drooling…eeeeeeeeeeek.
      It’s your turn to play!

  3. I read that wrong … Jasmine isn’t 17 … it must be Pam!
    Waiting for Tandy and her hubby to arrive, will raise a toast to you later. xxx

    • Cheers Cindy.
      Wish i was there too!

  4. What an awesome granny you are!
    Well done, good woman!

  5. I missed you too Granny so it’s good to get back to normal..

    Jasmine is 17, my word that is a good age, and still has all her faculties and still goes for walkies.
    Let us hope that Granny can keep up with her….sure you can!

    love you Mrs G

  6. I missed you too Granny. It is good to be back to normal..

    Well I’ll be blowed, Jasmine is really 17…still in fine fettle and still with all her faculties and still want to go for walkies..she is doing well.

    Love to you Granny

    • Hey Patrecia…great to have you back.
      NO…Granddaughter is 17.
      Jasmine is eight!

  7. Thanks Granny, I’ll have to check that book out! The only Sugardaddy I’d consider is the chocolate one that comes on a stick….do they even make those anymore? Maybe I’m dating myself….. 😛

    • Hi RD…I reckon dating one’self is the way to go!!!!

  8. I’ve only partially read one of Nora’s books but they were a little too steamy for me (if you know what I mean). I can’t think of the title of it right now but was the one you read anything like that? I know you said it was about dogs but some people find a way to weave that into just about everything (or am I the only one who’ve noticed… 😉

    • Hi Yada…there are a couple of steamy scenes but they are incidental to the plot.
      Then again…I like steamy!

  9. Shame on you staying in bed till 11.30 – where was Jasmine? Why didn’t she pester you to go out for her walk?
    I love Nora Roberts but haven’t read “The Secret” and you are right, it sounds like my cup of tea (how well you know me granny!)

    • Hi Barb…if you find it let me know how you enjoyed it.
      Jasmine popped in and out my room like a yoyo!

  10. Those dunes kinda look a little like snow capped mountains shot from a long way off. Ace photo again Granny!

  11. Granny has managed her world well if it lets her have a lie-in that long! 😀

    • Hi Souldipper…the world kept popping in to see if I was EVER going to get up .

  12. Reading late . . . sleeping later.

    Aah . . . that’s the life.

    • Morning NR…I didn’t manage the sleeping later but it was all good!

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