Posted by: granny1947 | August 5, 2011

Granny’s Friday Feelings

Hello All.

Meet Winchester.
A really beautiful and pedigreed cat.
A cat with more than nine lives.
He has taken a liking to my outside store.
Where we keep our packaging material.

He lives in a very upmarket housing estate about half a kilometre from here.
His owner knows he is here.
Apparently, he comes home every three days or so.
To get to his home he has to cross a really busy highway.
I hope to God he is doing this late at night.
Or his lives are going to be running out.

I wonder where he is doing his ablutions?
One of my guys could be in for a nasty surprise.

So this weekend I have two granddaughters coming to stay.
I waited until Mex was full of wine and pizza before I broke that bit of news to him.
Hopefully the 17 year old will look after the 6 year old.
Or am I being optimistic?

I heard on the news that we are experiencing very big waves.
I hope I can get home soon enough to take some shots.
I need to pick up the two girls.
At different places.
Stop at the supermarket.
For milk etc.
Get a lottery ticket.
Stop and pick up 6 year old’s clothes.
Hmmmm….somehow I don’t think I am going to make the beach.

Now you lot have a grand weekend.


  1. What a beautiful cat. Hope your weekend goes well.

    • Isn’t he stunning Maire…and very affectionate too.

  2. He only goes home only every three days?? I don’t think I want to know what he’s eating on the days that he’s out and about….

    Have a great time with the grandkids! 😀

    • Hi Rd…hehe…don’t fret…one of my staff is feeding him but don’t tell my boss!

  3. Winchester is stealing someone’s lunch everyday, clearly a good lunchbox.
    Enjoy the weekend, maybe MEX will make himself scarce.
    Love you xxx

    • Hi Cindy…am hoping Mex is cooking supper!
      Just hasd a call from Pam…I have to drop her off at the school tonight…some play…here we go…Gran’s taxi!

  4. At least there won’t be any rats.

    Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

  5. I have such a moment of awe when I hear how women have to strategically plan announcements that will displease their partner. That is one of my fatal flaws…I naively think himself will understand that I would not do anything on purpose to displease.

    And so, Granny, you are partnered and I am not! Consequently, my strategic little mind goes in other directions to keep my little world afloat! Like how I can let the car mechanic know that I am not a dolt. 😀

    • Hi Souldipper…yes that subject is a whole post on it’s own!(the men one)
      Give the mechanic a look….a Granny Weatherwax look!

  6. Nice cat, love his name! He must love coming for a visit, hope he keeps safe crossing that busy highway; that’s a big worry.

    • Yes Barb…so far so good…maybe he only crosses late at night.

  7. Gorgeous beach picture as usual. Love it. I hate to think of cats wandering outside. They don’t know to look out for cars. I’m not letting mine outside.

  8. Have a grand weekend yourself Missy xoxoxo

    • So far so good Princess…bar the housework!

  9. You have a great weekend, too. Gorgeous cat … hope it survives its travels. You had me stumped with ablutions … Wikipedia says washing but I know you use words differently over there.

    • Gosh Bud…seems I make you work to understand my posts. 🙂
      Yes,ablutions means washing but I meant ALL the things one does in the bathroom.
      Ablutions not a common word here either.
      I was just showing off!

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