Posted by: granny1947 | August 4, 2011

Granny and the spell

Hello All.

So I had a funny spell this morning.
Maybe one of mine rebounded on me.
Beware of grannies with warts on their noses.
OK..Poetic licence.
I don’t have a wart on my nose.
Or anywhere else.

I am reading a Terry Pratchett book about the witches.
I love granny Weatherwax.
I want to be Granny Weatherwax.
Only I want to bath more often.

Back to the spell.
I was sitting here minding my own business.
Well, I WAS watching what everyone else was up to.
That IS my job.
Suddenly the room started swimming.
And I thought Shyte.

When everything had settled down I went off to Medicross.
Had my bloodpressure taken.
I have mighty fine bloodpressure.
Pseu will confirm.
137 over 77.
Bloody marvellous for someone my age.
Bloody marvellous for someone of any age.

The sister suggested I see my sexy Doc.
I thought why not.
Then I found he was fully booked.
They said I could make an appointment for tomorrow.
I might be better tomorrow!!!!

Mex is taking me out for Pizza tonight.
I am not really talking to Mex.
I am not really talking to anyone I don’t HAVE to talk to.
It should be a fun evening.

It is cold and wet so there will no exercise this evening.
The pizza will head straight for my hips.
And stay there.
I don’t really care.
Grannies should be cuddly.
Not so????

Now it is time to head for home.

Have a great evening all.
I will try to answer comments before I go out.
Or when I get home from supper.
If I am not too full.
Overeating hampers my ability to type.



  1. I have them turns every now and then. They are simple brain farts, Granny. I prefer them to be at that end of my body.
    (Hope doc says all is okay and enjoy the pizza. Who wants to talk while eating out anyways. Hehe)

    • Yes please Madmom…let them be high up!!!

  2. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

    • Hi Maire…am not too fussy…as long as there is plenty of garlic!

  3. I am sure it was what Madmom called it, I also have them. Enjoy the pizza, wish I was getting pizza …

    • The pizza was excellent…luv you!

  4. Might it just be low blood sugar? I remember once when I was a teenager and we were on a road trip; we stopped along the road to eat something quick. I remember standing next to the car and feeling a bit woozy. Next thing my legs were shaking so badly I couldn’t stay up. Next thing I found myself on my knees on the gravel – don’t ask me how I got there. It hurt. I’ve had one or two of those spells since and realized that it was way too low blood sugar for some reason. Usually eating something – maybe fruit or something else sweet (Coke has been a good quick fix on the way to something more healthy) – has solved that quite quickly. In other words, low blood sugar doesn’t sound like much but it can make you feel funny, woozy ‘stuff’.

    Anyway, I hope it is nothing major. Enjoy the pizza in the meantime!

    • Hi Yada…it is a conspiracy…my body is trying to get me to eat too much!!!

  5. i get them, horrid aren’t they?

    • Hi Sidey…I hate the feeling that I might be losing control!

  6. You just enjoy that pizza and get a good night’s sleep. You can always pretend you’re feeling tizzy, to get that doc’s appointment and then after seeing him tell him that being close to him has made you fit as a fiddle again!:-)

    • Hi There Dreaming…think I will give my sexy doc a miss this time…save it for when I really need him…the pizza wa great and I feel full and fine!

  7. Granny Weatherwax is a goddess! Doesn’t matter if you’re okay tomorrow or not, any excuse to see a sexy doc!

    • Hi Dave….I adore her…a lot of people probably had no idea what I was talking about!

  8. Maybe you just needed a nap? I have been napping alot lately, what is up with that in the middle of summer?

    • Wait till you get to my age Princess…I can nap in any temperature.

  9. I hope you were just tired and will feel better after a yummy pizza and a good nights sleep. My positive healing thoughts are with you. 🙂

    • Thanks so much EC…much appreciated.

  10. Hey granny hope you are OK?
    A good Piza though works miracles!

    • Hi Pip….Yep…pizza can do that for one.

  11. Can’t beat a good pizza! Seriously, hope you are feeling better today.

    • It was a GREAT pizza Barb and I am feeling fine thanks.
      It is Friday!!!!

  12. Hope you are feeling better – and were very careful driving home.

    • Hi Tilly…I am doing great today…thank you.

  13. I’ve had that happen a couple of times and my BP is fine! Maybe it could be pressure in your ears…

    • I have pressure in my ears Adee?
      Damn…another thing to worry about!

  14. I’m so behind in commenting, Granny…by the time you get this, you’re going to be jumping tall buildings and adding nuclear energy to the Granny Weatherwax broomstick!

    • Don’t you just love her Souldipper?

  15. Oh my gosh you are so funny! I had a dizzy spell last month and it was a bad one. I tried to go to the doctor and they next week. I thought what if I am about to die people?! It took so long at the quick clinic and the forms to fill out aggravated me so much that I just left. As you can see I didn’t die. I can ony assume it was my body trying to adjust to my high blood pressure pills, I don’t have good blood pressure. Well now I guess I do.

    • Hi Linda…that is just how I felt…I am sick NOW damnit!

  16. BP reading sounds excellent.
    New BP tabs can cause this. 24hour BP monitoring may be an idea to see what the variance is over 24 hours – may show if you are dropping BP too low at times.

    Other causes of dizziness are many including inner ear problems. Transient dizziness should be checked out as it can cause falls, which can be bad news.

    • I am fine Pseu…just had a little wobbly….

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