Posted by: granny1947 | August 1, 2011

Granny goes to the birds.

Hello All.

Well, it is better than going to the dogs.
Or the bottle.

Don’t know what that bird is but it was HUGE.
The next one I DO remember.
A blacksmith Plover.
I am getting better.



I had a day from hell.
I swear I work with a bunch of overgrown kids.

Came home and headed for the beach.
It was glorious.
Am too tired to download today’s pics.
You will have to take my word for it.
The birds are from yesterday.

As I was saying.
The beach was stunning.
Until I was crossing the little stream that runs down to the sea.
I was concentrating on the stream.
And didn’t notice the wave.
A wave with delusions of grandeur.
It caught me almost to my knees.
The rest of the walk was soggy.
And cool.

Now one more sea pic and I am heading for bed.
Will read a little Terry Pratchett and then to sleep.



  1. sleep well

    • Thanks sidey…when are you going to let me win a game?

  2. A crane of some sort?

    • Yep…a BIRD of some sort. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pix as always granny! Sending you lots of love and hugs. Sleep well xx

    • Thanks so much Colleen…do hope you are recovered.

  4. The name may be different in your part of the world, but the first bird sure looks like a relative of our Great Blue Heron.

    Yeah, those “kids” can sure wear a person down! Glad you made it home in one piece!

    • You are so right about the “kids” Souldipper…my day started off with another tantrum…from the same guy!

  5. It looks like a crane. Hope you slept well. xxx

    • Better than a baby Cindy!

  6. Wow so pretty. I am always excited to stop by and see what you have here.

    • Thanks Jackie…that is so kind of you.

  7. I agree with Amy ~ a Great Blue Heron or its next of kin.

  8. Hopefully your time at the beach swept away the bad day you had at work!

  9. The walk must have been chilly after the wave hit.

    • Hi Tilly…chilly and damp!

  10. I would love a soggy walk on the beach *sigh*

  11. The same beach, the same person walking and yet your eyes see new things everyday . You’re wonderful Granny. And who are these kids wearing you down? Can’t you spank them?

  12. Gorgeous photos.

  13. Granny, simply LOVE your first picture – looks like something out of a magazine.

    My friend said that picture was “fixed” with computer software. He won’t believe me that it’s not. What camera do you use, and do you make use of any photographic software with your photographs or do you just “mik & druk”, download and insert in your blog post? Please help!

    • Hi Yada….no fixing…I wouldn’t know how.
      I have a Fujifilm.
      I use it on auto…have not played around with any of the other settings.
      The only thing I use is the zoom and I use that a lot to get the pic just as I want.
      So,yes, I mik and druk!

      • I’ll tell you what: you’re darn good at it so please keep on showing us your beautiful pictures!

      • Thanks Yada….that is so kind of you. I have been looking at some of the photos the guys take at work and mine are nothing in comparison!

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