Posted by: granny1947 | July 29, 2011

Granny’s Frantic Friday

Hello All.

I saw this photo on one of my guy’s computer.
I just had to share it with you.
I have never seen Cape Town from this angle.
It almost looks as though the small mountain in the middle has been added to the photo.
It really is there.
It is called Signal Hill and Lion’s Head.
I am sure Souldipper is going to love this shot.

I remember,as a child,(yes I can remember that far back) going for picnics on Lion’s Head.
One year a man had gone missing and there were search parties out looking for him.
I recall being very worried I would find him.
His skeleton was only found MANY years later.
Looking at the photo it is hard to believe they didn’t find him.
It doesn’t look all that overgrown but there are gullies etc.

You wouldn’t think it but I AM actually very,very busy.
It became so hectic I just thought “what the hell”.
I needed a little break before my brain exploded.

The day is promising to be hectic all round.
After work I have to pick up 17 year old granddaughter.
She is coming for the weekend.
Yippee…no dishes for me tonight.
Then I have to stop to buy electricity and ice-cream.
Then I have to get home and start supper.
Friends are coming over.
Stew and dumpling on the menu.

Mex will start the stew for me.
Then he will hover.
Saying things like:
Why are you putting that in?
You won’t taste it.
Have you put enough water in?
Why don’t you add some curry(he likes to add curry to everything)
Eventually I will sweetly ask him to leave the kitchen area.
And if you believe that you will believe anything.

Okey Dokey.
I think I am ready to tackle all the stuff on my desk.
NO…not all but  some of it.


  1. Poor Mex 🙂

    • Morning Tilly…if I ever do him in there will be mitigating circumstances.

    • Por Mex … pffft, Tilly, you haven’t met the man … (hope he doesn’t read this blog …)

      • Hehehe Cindy…he has improved since he started doing mosaics.

  2. It is a stunning photo, I was forced to climb Table Mountain once, never again.

    • I cannot hink of one single way anyone could force me to do that!!!!

  3. What a magnificent photo! Thanks for posting it.

    • Hi maire…isn’t it great?
      Wish i HAD taken it!

  4. LOL Aren’t men an interesting breed? 😉 The men in my family like to wait until I’ve been cooking for at least an hour and things are settling down before they say, “Can I help?” Very clever….

    • Hi Rd…I am lucky…Mex does quite a bit of cooking.
      I NEVER interfere!!!!!

  5. Wonderful perspective on Cape Town!

    Have fun tonight.

    • Thanks NR…the stew is stewing!!!

  6. Good luck with the pile, Granny!

    • Thanks Hook…it grew while I wasn’t watching!!!

  7. I’m a little bit like Mex… 😉 Hey! Thanks for the tidbit on Lion’s head; interesting. Hopefully finding the skeleton had helped someone to get closure on their loss of a loved one.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Yada…I must google it…I think his surname was Rose.

  8. Beautiful photo granny. Hope you get that pile of work done !!!, its amazing how getting one little task completed can make us feel like we have accomplished something !! 🙂

    • Isn’t it lovely Penny? I was blown away when I saw it.

  9. You are totally on board with this one, Granny. I opened the blog and just sat here saying, OMIGOD about five times! This is awesome. I’d love to share it with some of my Soul Journers so I’ll be getting this link off to them. Many thanks.

    • The minute I saw it I thought of you Souldipper.
      I have it on my computer at work.
      If you like I will e-mail it to you on Monday?

  10. When I was flying out of Cape Town, I was trying desperately to have just this sort of view! The enlargement is fabulous. Sure has a hold on me!

  11. Lovely photo, Gran. Hope the dinner went off well. Enjoy your weekend…

    • Hi Adee…it has been good.
      I am so pleased you are going to be mobile again!

  12. Beautiful. I think it’s neat to see places from above like that.
    I hope you & your granddaughter have a fun weekend.

    • Thanks EC…have just taken her home…it was great having her.

  13. We climbed those when we visited SA… fantastic!

    • Hehehe Pseu…you have done more than me!!!

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