Posted by: granny1947 | July 28, 2011

Granny’s freezing Thursday

Hello All.

This photo is just for Cindy.
It was my desert.
You will notice I only remembered to take a pic after I had eaten some of it.
I ordered lemon tart and that is what I got.
Four different lemony things.
Very tasty.
I don’t know what they did to the second thingy.
It is a slice of lemon(I think).
It was as hard as a rock and I,eventually,picked it up and ate it with my fingers.
I picked it up in my fingers.
I didn’t eat it AND my fingers.

I can’t believe how our weather has changed.
Cold and raining.
Poor sulking Jasmine.

Mex’s daughter is back home.
Her radiation levels are still high so they had to send the kids to her mother.
She has to sleep in a separate room.
Use a different bathroom to her husband.
Sounds good to me!

That radiation pill still intriques me.
How the hell does it know WHERE to go?
For that matter how do headache pills know where to go?
How do ANY pills know where to go.
Do they have a built in GPS?

On that note I shall leave you.
I am off to bed.



  1. That looks absolutely delish!

    You ask some interesting questions. You make me want to Google ‘stuff’! 😉

    • Hi Yada…It comes naturally…I spend half my life being vaguely puzzled about something or other!

  2. Sad stuff, radiation pills and sending kids to Mom’s because you’re radioactive. I’m glad you’re having some fun to keep your spirits up. Blessings to your DIL.

    • Hi Bud…nothing wrong with my spirits…one kid is 15…nice to get a break from teenagers sometimes. 🙂

  3. I feel so bad for Mex’s DIL. How awful to be dealing with such a serious condition AND be ostracized from your family.

    On the positive side, your dessert looks FABULOUS! Lemon anything is my favorite dessert….well, it’s at least equal with dark chocolate anything…. 😉

    • Yes RD…if you look to the right of my dessert you will see my pal had a chocolate thingy.

  4. Yum…

  5. Delicious looking dessert.

    I’ve wondered the same thing about pain pills . . .
    How do they know where to go?

    Hope Mex’s DIL surprises everyone with a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks NR….me too…she is such a lovely bubbly person…am very fond of her.

  6. Oh, Granny, if I am ever diagnosed with the “C” word, I believe I will have to forgo radiation, chemo and other inhumane “cures”. Of course, I’m not a wife or mother so it’s easy for me to say that! Hope she comes through this without too much discomfort!

    • Hi Souldipper…I have often wondered how I would react….hope I never find out!

  7. Thank you for the picture, I love you.

    When part of your body is injured, special nerve endings send pain messages back to your brain. Painkilling drugs interfere with these messages, either at the site of the injury, in the spinal cord or in the brain itself. Many painkillers are based on one of two naturally occurring drugs: aspirin and opiates. Aspirin uses a chemical found in willow bark, used by the Ancient Greeks to relieve pain. Opiates all work in a similar way to opium, which is extracted from poppies.

    • thank you Cindy…I can always count on you to solve the little things that puzzle me!!!

  8. It is cold here too, Gran. Hooray for heaters!

    • Hi Adee…I am too mean to use my heater!!!

  9. Favouritism!!

    What’s Cindy got that I haven’t, besides great culinary expertise?

  10. Hope she gets well and there is no relapse. I like the way you talk about it , as casually as if its a flu or stomach upset. May be that will do the trick . Force fate to change course and race towards improvement by just refusing to be subdued. I’m sure you must be transferring your energy to her.

    • I do hope so. She needs loads of positive energy. Wish I lived closer to her.

  11. Bundle up, Granny!

  12. Was it radio active iodine?

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