Posted by: granny1947 | July 27, 2011

Granny is BAD!!!

Hello All.

Life has got in the way of blogging.
Does this mean I HAVE a life?
Or I am just working too hard?

The friend who took me to Swaziland took me to lunch yesterday.
The above picture is taken from the restuarant.
What a view.
What a place.
I am a very spoilt granny.
I loved it.
Wasn’t that impressed with the food  but the ambience was impressive.
I had lamb shank.
Think I brought down the tone by asking for a doggy bag.
I was NOT going to leave that bone behind.
Jasmine thought it was Xmas.

Let’s give you another pic.

I played Gran’s taxi this evening.
Picked up the seven year old granddaughter from school.
She was very hungry.
So I gave her an apple.
Small problem.
No front teeth.
Her…not me.
I had to get it started for her.
It was a lovely juicy apple.
There was a great deal of munching and slurping.
YES…you CAN slurp an apple.

Another picture from the restuarant.
Table mountain in the background.

You can sit and watch boats going by.
And dozens of seals live there.
I didn’t get a picture of the seals.

I was taken with the tables.
Every one had the name of the restuarant carved into them.

Wonder if I can charge them for advertising?

To end off.
A picture of Mex’s daughter.
Taken TODAY.
She lives 1200kms north of us.
Hard to believe it is the same country.

Bet she had a cold wet butt!!!



  1. Does your friend want to be my friend? *hopeful big eyed look*

    • She is all mine and I am keeping her Sue!

  2. I could deal with mediocre food for ambiance and views like that too! Beautiful! That’s one great friend you have there. 🙂

    Oooo that picture of Mex’s daughter is making me miss winter. I love snow. We’re in the midst of a hot, humid summer and that snow is looking better by the second. Just about 5 weeks ’til September….. 😉

    • Hi RD…must say I am not keen on snow…cold wet stuff!

  3. Lovely pics. Fabulous friend!

  4. Great pics, loved that table, very posh! Somteimes you just have to slurp an apple, front teeth or not!

    • The tables really blew me away Dave…have never seen that before.

  5. The restaurant looks very swish – what a treat for you!

    • It was a great treat from a great friend Barb.

  6. That does look like a lovely restaurant. Pity you say the food wasn’t quite to your expectation, but I can see that it must have a wonderful ambiance. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I do like the tables also. Very tastefully done! Lucky Jasmine! 🙂

    Very good question to ponder right at the beginning of the post…

    • Hi Yada…the one about life?

      • Yes
        “Life has got in the way of blogging.
        Does this mean I HAVE a life?
        Or I am just working too hard?”

  7. I imagine the daughter will have a soggy sit-down-upon, indeed! People who don’t experience it much tend to forget that snow is, basically, water.

    Certainly a pleasant place to nosh at, and I hope Jasmine said shank you properly!

    • Oh she shanked me wholeheartedly Col.

  8. Nice change of pace from pizza, eh? 😉

    Loved picturing your toothless granddaughter slurping her apple.

    • You should have heard the noise NR…I was so relieved when she finally finished it!

  9. Wow – there’s the Mountain! Love seeing its different angles and the views around it. I still have to get my head around snow anywhere in Africa for some reason!

    How’s Tom doing?

    • Me too Souldipper…snow is such a novelty in this country.

  10. You ate at Reuben’s and didn’t take a picture of the food??? *stomps off in a jealous sulk*

    • OK Cindy…I took a LOUSY picture of the food!!!

  11. I was not impressed with his food in Franschoek either! Lucky Jasmine 🙂

    • Hi Tandy…I ate at the Franschoek one years ago and found it excellent so was disappointed this time.

  12. Very nice pics of the swanky restaurant — loved the tables. Other than the pic of the Mex’s daughter sitting in the snow it looks sunny and warm there — we’re finally getting around to our summer weather — FINALLY! Good for you for taking Jasmine a treat!

    • Hi Kathy…they put the bone in a baking tray thingy…am sure people who go there never ask for doggy bags!

  13. too bad the food wasn’t as good as you hoped for, but nice diggs!!

  14. Reached your blog from a comment of yours on Souldipper’s post and I’m so glad. You have me rivetted. Jasmine must’ve been thrilled. That’s a rather cute name for a dog. Does she smell good?

    • Hello Dreaming…welcome to my litle corner of the world.
      Good to have you here.
      Yes,Jasmine does smell good.
      But then…I like doggy smell!

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