Posted by: granny1947 | July 25, 2011

Granny goes HUH????

Hello All.

And,yes, this is my blog.
And,no, this is not a seascape.
Or a mountain.
Winter has returned.
With a vengeance.
This evening I will have to dress VERY warmly and brave the elements.
Or Jasmine might just turn on me.
From disappointment.

We went out for lunch with friends yesterday.
Which is where I saw the peacock.
Gorgeous colours.
I wasn’t impressed with the pizza.
Maybe I am pizza’d out.
Is that possible?

I started this post at work.
Then I got busy.
Now I can’t remember why I went HUH.
Oh yes it has come back to me.

A friend of mine went to Absa bank on Saturday.(a large local bank)
She wanted to open a bank account for her daughter.
She is a single mum with two kids.
The woman at the bank wanted a rates account as proof of residence.
She explained she rented a flat and didn’t pay rates.
Asked if she could bring in a copy of her lease agreement.
The woman said no.
Said she would have to get an affidavit from someone who lived with her.
My pal explained that she lived alone with her two kids.
Who are too young to sign any affadavit.
She asked if she could get an affadavit from her landlord.
Or her boss.
Or one of her neighbours.
No said the woman.
It has to be from someone who lives with you.
Again she explained she did not live with anyone.
She asked the woman to phone someone and ask what to do.
The woman refused.
My friend left without opening an account.
And they walk amongst us!

Today she phoned the customer service.
Discovered the woman was talking complete bullshit.
A copy of her lease will suffice.
How do some people manage to hold down their jobs?

So…now I HAVE been for a walk.
A very cold one.
And quite a short one.
So you get a seascape.
You can thank me later.

OK….I lied.
Not much sea but one of my favourite views of the mountains.

Upcountry there is heavy snow.
If I get a chance I will post a picture tomorrow.

Now let me get ready for bed.

Cheers all.


  1. What a beautiful peacock. Hope it doesn’t catch cold.

    • Hi Maire…that is a thought…wonder if they can catch colds?

  2. well done on the chilly walk

    • Not so sure about that Sidey…think my cold is coming back!

  3. In this day and age it is a fierce battle between common sense and BS. You know the saying “BS baffles brains.”? The secret is to not be baffled because you’re using your brains 😀 When I hear nonsense like that I always go for a second opinion. With regard to that bank: I would never bank with them. Their bank fees are WAY to high. It makes me think of “one for you, FOUR for me” dealing cookies amongst toddlers. That is just no fair! Stay warm, k?

    • Hi Yada…I bought my first husband a T.shirt saying that…it was SO apt.

  4. It’s freezing hey? Tell your friend to go to Capitec bank.
    Love you, love those houses in the bottom pic, I want one. xxx

    • Morning Cindy…we are about the warmest place in the country so I hate to think how you guys feel up there!

  5. Beautiful shots and “funny” story ~ some people should NOT keep their jobs. 😀

    Stay warm.

    • Morning NR….staying warm is not easy here at the moment…our homes are not geared up for the cold.

  6. Do you ever get the feeling that the customer now serves the agency? Sometimes I chuckle. Someone is going to make a fortune by putting service back into business.

    • Hi Souldipper…especially civil service…they seem to forget who pays their salaries.

  7. i used to be a Civil Servant in the Inland Revenue..that was in the days of excellent service…given my your’s truly. I loved my job but now when I contact government offices there is no kindness or humour.They seem to go out of their way to be very awkward and unhelpful.

    Funny to think of you in cold weather whilst the rest of the world seems to be sweltering.


  8. Gorgeous pictures, Granny! I can see why the second picture is one of your favorite views.

    I can definitely relate to what you said about that customer service idiot. We just had a similar situation with our cell phone provider. They called and said they’ve been undercharging us and would raise our rates $22/month. DH said NO, this is what I contracted for and this is what I’m paying. Customer Service said sorry, but your rate will be hiked; we can only offer you one free month to make up for it. DH went into the local branch and demanded an explanation as to how they can get away with a bait and switch scheme (this is the largest cell phone provider in the US). They apologized, returned our rate to what it was and gave us TWO free months as an apology. Why do they put the idiots on the front lines and keep the informed people hidden away, only accessible by customers who are willing to challenge the company?! (I think we all know the answer to that one, and it all has to do with the almighty dollar….which is not so “almighty” anymore….)

  9. I can’t imagine your friend’s frustration — or, wait a minute! yes, I can. Dolts are everywhere. I sure hope she manages to open the account, but, wondering? should she maybe choose another bank? The peacock is lovely.

    • Hi Klrs…think she has it all sorted out now…I would have gone to another bank!

  10. We get the same it Portugal. It’s worse when the shite is in a foreign language. Great to hear she got it sorted thougH.

    • How do you vent in another language Piglet? That must be SO frustrating.

  11. My daughter has a problem at a particular bank where she has some a loan. They actually don’t want to take the payment without some really stupid specific piece of information that she does not have and is not privy too. They always give her gab about it. Yet the always end up taking the payment. I am going to tell her to go straight to the manager next time and have him explain to the idiots how it works. Never take no from a stupid person, always go to the manager. Some people are just lunatics.

    • Hi Linda….we have a website called hellopeter…works like a charm on the banks.

  12. What gets to me is that the moron will probably not even get a slap on the wrist.

    Lovely view, indeed, and I also like the birdie.

    • I think she did Col…my friend went onto their customer service and complained!

  13. Peacocks are beautiful, but totally annoying, I had a neighbour that had them, UGH…the are a nightmare..

    • Hi Princess….have a great weekend…from the grumpy old woman.

  14. The mind boggles, Gran. There are people working who don’t deserve their jobs and people looking for work who probably deserve to find it. I have just experienced an employee who, if left to her own devices, will see the firm collapse.

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