Posted by: granny1947 | July 22, 2011

Granny and the weekend is here!

Hello All.

A late post today.
I was busy.

Have another look at the above photo.
Notice the guy with the four dogs.
They were killing time.
About ten minutes.
Until this little guy strolled down the dunes to join them.

I love this dog.
He has attitude.
In your face attitude.
We could all learn from him.

Our mini summer has gone.
There is a gale blowing.
There is rain threatening.
We didn’t walk tonight.
Jasmine is annoyed.

I have a busy weekend planned.
Tomorrow is breakfast with my DIL.
Then shopping for a fridge.
For her…not me.
Sunday is lunch with friends.
Something that could be nice.
Mex’s friends.
Not mine.
I could grow into them.

I am very angry today.
Mex’s daughter in law was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid.
They first removed one half.
A week later they took out the other half.
Don’t ask me why they couldn’t do the whole thing at one go.
She had to come off all drugs so they could do a scan to see if the cancer has spread.
The results were due yesterday.
She phoned and the rooms said the doctor would phone her.
He/she didn’t.
This is SO not on.
Surely they must realise how anxious the poor girl is.
Not to mention the rest of us.
She heard today.
The cancer has not spread but there is still a bit where the thyroid was.
She will have to go for radiation.
She is only about forty.
I would love to have a face to face with that freaking doctor.

One more picture from last evening.

Now I am going to see if I have any scrabble games to play.

Have a great evening/morning.


  1. So sorry to hear about Mex’s daughter in law — hope she has a complete recovery.

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

    We are in the midst of a rain storm — it has been raining (downpour) for nearly 14 hours. Like we needed MORE rain!

    • My goodness Kathy…we NEED some of that rain!

      • We are now under a severe rainfall watch. Expecting another 20mm tonight — other parts of the province expecting 80+ mm, have been a number of lightning strikes and various sightings of tornados. Oh, summer in Alberta!

      • Have you started building an ark yet Kathy?

  2. My prayers go out to Mex’s daughter in law.

    • Thank you so much Maire.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Mex’s daughter-in-law, I will keep her in my prayers. Those doctors really can be callous toward others’ feelings; it’s just awful.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend anyway!

    • Thanks RD….I just want to smack that damn doctor.

  4. Best wishes to Mex’s DIL for a complete recovery. Such a dreadful disease. My Canadian friend’s grandson of 14 years has been diagnosed with throat cancer. I really pray they find a cure sometime soon for these terrible diseases.

    • That is dreadful Adee…so young!!!

  5. That is not a good way to treat a person…I would not envy that doctor if YOU got hold of him. On the other hand it might do him a bit of good!

    Have a nice weekend Granny and thank you for your advice. I am taking it!

    • Gee Patrecia…hope it is GOOD advice…keep us informed.

  6. at least the cancer is contained

    hope your weekend is warm

    • Thanks Sidey…our weekend is distinctly chilly!

  7. Your poor DIL; I hope they’ve caught everything.

    • thanks Tilly…there is a bit left…hoping the radiation tablet is going to work on it. I didn’t know you could take a pill for radiation!

  8. To paraphrase your comments:

    I love your posts.
    You have attitude.
    In your face attitude.
    We can all learn from you.

    Speedy recovery to Mex’s DIL.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Hmmmmmm NR…am not sure about learning anything from me…that could be dangerous!

  9. well wishes to Mex’s daughter in law.
    beautiful photo’s granny

  10. Sorry to hear about Mex’s daughter-in-law granny; I will hope and pray that the radiation gets rid of the rest. Your anger at the doctor is justified and I hope Mex tells him about not returning her phone call, knowing how anxious she would have been to know the results. Hope you never get hold of him!

    • HE had better I never get hold of him Barb….good thing they are in another city!

  11. That IS nerve wrecking! I would have also felt upset about being treated like a number when it comes to medical results such as that. I do hope that the radiation will get rid of what is left!

    Spring is on its way, granny; just hang tight 🙂

    • Thanks Yada…a big worry.
      Yep…think the proteas are going to bloom soon.

  12. Doctors are becoming increasingly arrogant, I’d like to sock that one in the face. Holding thumbs for MEX’s DIL.
    Love that little doggie!
    Love you too. xxx

    • Hi Cindy…isn’t he cute…oozes attitude.
      Love you too girl.

  13. I don’t blame you for being angry, Granny. Your DIL must have gone through hell. Hope the next step goes a little smoother. She needs reassurance, not stress.

    The photos are great – you can just see the little Scottie Dog marching out there to clean the riff-raff off the beach!

    • isn’t he so cute Souldipper?

  14. According to a book that I just read written by a neuroscientist who had a horrible stroke one should always push the bad thoughts, fear etc out of your head. You don’t want those circuts to stay and connect. So tell her to push the thought of fear and bad, scary stuff out of her mind and fill her mind with positive thoughts. Over and over and over. She said it literally takes anger and I think fear 90 seconds to rush through your body. After that it is up too you to choose whether or not it stays. She said to literally talk to your brain cells and tell them what you want or don’t and tell them thank you for the good things they do for you. The book is called My Stroke of Insight. I think the lady who wrote is named Jill Taylor. A quick, easy, but informative read. Hugs to you both.

    • Thank you Linda…am going to see if I can get hold of a copy.

  15. Muri has had several surgeries for breast cancer and although there’s been no recurrence, there have been scares and the waiting is awful, so I sympathize. Radiation was no walk in the park but it did the trick for Muri, I’ll keep Mex’s daughter-in-law in my prayers. Great pictures as usual …

    • Thank you Bud…she goes in today for the radiation pill.

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