Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2011

Granny’s body is revolting

Hello All.

The picture might be a repeat.
My brain is fuzzy.

English is a great language.
As in revolution.
Or disgusting.
Both are pretty apt when describing me today.

My brain appears to have lost control of my bodily functions.
Well, some of them.
My nose is running a marathon.
And winning.
My eyes are crying without any warning.
And I am not even sad.
People are giving me concerned/curious looks.
Depending on how much they like/dislike me.
My tummy has forgotten to get hungry.
This is VERY unusual.
I am sneezing.
This means I have to keep going to the loo.
Old age is NOT for sissies.

Otherwise…I am doing great.

Now I have to run around to try and find a computer chess game.
It is my step-dad’s birthday next week.
They can’t find one in Port Elizabeth.
Hope I have better luck here.

Have a great day all.



  1. Sounds like gran flu to me 🙂

    Feel better soon.

    • Hi Tilly…wish I could say it was flu but think it is just a head cold!

  2. Your headliners are very definite..Granny is revolting!!! I wondered what you were revolting against at your age(NO,,I did not mean that you were old)
    instead of running around looking for chess thingumys you should be in bed like a Good Granny..getting better a Good Granny.
    That’s IT I AM DEFINITELY ON MY WAY!! Watch out for the flying broomstick

    Get better soon

    • Awwwwwwwwww Patrecia….I want a broomstick too!

  3. Deep sympathy.

    There are quite a few good chess games against the computer free on the net – but I suppose that wouldn’t be a gift. Only, the fact that they are there …

    • Thanks Col…have sent my Mom a link…don’t know if she will know what to do with it,though.

  4. Feel better soon.

    • Thanks Maire…I am getting there.

  5. Poor Granny – suonds like you have “Man”flu..just joking! Hope you feel better soon.

    • Oh I am sure I will be fine by tomorrow Piglet!

  6. When I’m as sick as you, I can’t go anywhere. My body just stops giving me energy and forces me to lie down. You need some pampering until this thing passes! Feel better soon! ❤

    • Thanks RD…feeling a tiny bit better.

  7. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Go to BED! I have just had my project further impacted by two more people packed off to hospital with this ‘flu

    • If I had seen this yesterday Sidey I might have listened!

  9. Time the flu flew.

    • Hi Pseu…and the runny nose runs!!!!!

      • 🙂

  10. Ooh, doesn’t sound like fun at all! Hope you get feeling better soon.

  11. Your headline grabbed my attention!
    You need some rest – get better soon granny!

    • Morning Barb…think I should be over this by tomorrow…hell…I hope so.

  12. I thought you meant, “Granny’s body is revolting” (to look at) . . . and I was heading around to ARGUE with you.

    But you’ve convinced me that your body is engaged in a full-scale revolt to quell the cold virus which has invaded your head.

    Here’s to battening down the hatches against germs.

    • Don’t waste your breath NR…I have a mirror…the body IS revolting!

  13. Just love LOVE the picture! Hope you find that special present and hopefully you can overtake your nose to the finish line 🙂

    • Morning Yada…today the nose is leading…by a nose!

  14. I hate having a cold…actually I hate being sick period…

    • Join the club Princess…I take it very personally when i get a cold!

  15. Sorry you are ill. For some odd reason as soon as I got into bed last night my nose starting running nonstop and I sneezed a lot. I was up a lot needless to say. And yes old age is a pain shall we say. If I live to be 100 (I why would I want to) I will have to walk around with a bucket between my legs!

    • Oy Linda….I am going to battle to get that image out of my mind now!

  16. The photo is stunning repeat or not.

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